An Update from the Road

This weekend we finish up in Austin, TX before heading to a two-day stop in College Station, TX. Then, we are off to further points east, as we stay on I-10 through Louisiana and Mississippi before a ten-day stay in Alabama.

We’ll stop first along the beach near Pensacola, FL and then go upstate to Anniston for a weekend with some good friends, and an open gathering on Saturday, April 27. You can get details here or from my Travel Page.

Also, I want to let you know that Sara is my guest on this week’s podcast at The God Journey, as Kyle is still on hiatus due to some family needs. Sara talks about the tools she has gained over the last two years to help her unrelenting passion to find the truth about what happened to her, why she reacts to circumstances the way she does, and how God’s truth is transforming her to let her become all that Jesus created her to be.

I love this story so much. I’ve had a front row seat to miracle after miracle as Jesus’s light has found its way into the nooks and crannies of Sara’s heart and mind. And I’m incredibly proud of the courage Sara has demonstrated not to shy away from this process at all even though it has been deeply painful at times.

From the darkness into the light is what salvation really means. It’s not about heaven and hell; it’s about Jesus saving her from the cruelties of a dark and broken world.

5 thoughts on “An Update from the Road”

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  2. I believe salvation is just that. Being rescued. We are all born on the wrong side due to Adam swapping sides at the start. Jesus was punished for all of us so all we need to do is swap sides. However Jesus helps us to face a hard cruel world as we travel through life. My Wife has Ben miraculously set free from an aggressive form of cancer but still has much garbage from her past that is preventing her from receiving God’s best
    It seems that this is harder to fight than terminal illness.
    Dave Musson.

  3. A friend mentioned that she attends institutional church to have a covering. I used to think I couldn’t do what God has called me to do without a pastor. I recently watched a video entitled Spiritual Covering on YouTube. Now, I am frustrated to the point of tears. I don’t like being involved with “institutional church.” Is a covering a construct of religion or am I missing something?

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