My Ukrainian Adventure

My oldest brother, Rod, went to college with such a passion to be a missionary to the Soviet Union that he double-majored in Russian and in Biblical Studies. When the iron curtain finally fell, my brother was so hampered [...]

Off to Europe at the End of the Month

This trip has been in the works for some time, but we wanted to make sure Sara was recovered from her surgery and able to safely handle things around here. Fortunately her recovery continues well and we sense it [...]

A World Full of Love

It was an interesting flight home from South Africa on Ethiopian Airlines. Because their movie selection wasn’t the greatest I found myself on my iPad most of the way home with the interactive map playing on my TV screen. [...]

South Africa Is Up Next

I’m over half way through my east coast trip that began near Boston, took a swing up to northern Vermont and then arrived last night in Pennsylvania.  Today I head down to Maryland and some interesting gatherings over the [...]

Why I Travel, Part 2

The letters I get from people after being i in a meeting with them often blow me away.  I shared one a few weeks ago after my visit to the midwest. Last week I got one from someone who [...]

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