Living In The Father’s Delight

Living In The Father's Delight [Audio] by Wayne JacobsenA study in 2 Timothy regarding how we live in a gospel of grace in a church world that seeks to be justified by works.

3 thoughts on “Living In The Father’s Delight”

  1. Regarding the “downloadable” audio files.
    They do not download. I have tried more than one computer of which I have several. I do have “old schools methods” to capture the live stream audio. The messages are wonderfully uplifting as they are delivered by the human that is empowered by the Spirit. A blessing indeed. May the Lord’s hand be always and strongly upon you Wayne.

    1. There is a download button under the audio bar for each one, Paul. So they do download. Ask someone to help you sort it out. I’m not sure of all the technical issues there.

  2. Also, Paul, all the best stuff that I have on this website is free of charge. Check on the FREE STUFF menu at the top of There are books, videos, audio teachings, all free of charge to anyone who wants access. Enjoy!

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