The Jesus Lens

the_jesus_lens_logo1Confusion abounds about the Bible and what it intends to say about God. Is he a demanding deity, or a tender Abba? How do we reconcile the Old and New Testament depictions of God and come away from reading the Bible inspired to greater trust in the Father rather than condemned in our failures? Many have given up reading Scripture because they are either intimidated by its content or confused about how to interpret it. However, by looking at the whole of Scripture through the revelation of Jesus we can see that it was never intended to be a book of rules, but an unfolding story to show us who God is and how he thinks. In this series Wayne Jacobsen wants to help you read the Bible through the lens of Jesus that not only makes it easier to understand, but also resolves the seeming inconsistencies in its message and content. For 40 years Wayne has been a student of Scripture mining it for wisdom, encouragement, and insights that helped him follow God more accurately and he hopes you will find the same treasure in its pages.

These recordings were completed in May 2011 in Indiana. It is available by free audio from the Lifestream Currents Podcast through the iTunes store, and will soon be available online by video or through purchase of our 3 DVD set.


THE JESUS LENS material is excellent. Fresh, relevant and anointed.
– David, retired teacher in Ashford, Ireland

I love everything about it, especially what it says about the Bible being a love letter. This has breathed new life into my Bible reading!
– Julie, mother of three in California

These sessions opened up a fresh way of looking at the Scriptures as God’s unfolding love story through the lens of His son, Jesus.
– Barry, retired military in Virginia

I feel like I’ve been handed a missing piece of my heart. (The Bible has often been just another source of shame. Now I can see how God is restoring it to its proper and useful place in my life.)
– Susan, former slave of shame

THE JESUS LENS is an incredible look at the Scriptures. Having read the Bible all of my life, this teaching has endeared me in a whole new way to the amazing story of my loving.
– Dawn, a member of the studio audience

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