The Jesus Lens – Introduction and the Gospels

We’ll begin the story of Scripture at its climax: the Incarnation of Jesus Christ who was the exact representation of the Father. Below you’ll find links to either watch the video presentation, or to listen or download the audio version as they become available. If the links are inactive, it’s because they are not ready yet. For each section you’ll also find Powerpoint slides in PDF format to help you follow the audio and a set of study notes to accompany the presentation.

If you’d like to get the audio as it is released, you can subscribe to the Lifestream Currents Podcast through the iTunes store. When the audio and video are complete all the links will be active. For those who would prefer to own the set of audio discs or DVDs of the videos, those packages will be available for sale through Lifestream at that time.

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Session 1: The Starting Point

What does it mean that Scripture is inspired by God after the way it was written and assembled? How do I know I can trust Scripture to reveal God’s truth to me?

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Session 2: Who is God Really?

Why does it seem that God’s character shifts so much from the Old Testament understanding of him as the God to fear to the New Testament view of God as an Abba to love and trust?

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Question and Answer on Sessions 1 and 2

After the second session Wayne engaged the audience in a dialog about the material already presented.

Session 3: The Story of Redemption

We can understand the shifting insights of Scripture only as we read it as a progressive revelation of God to people who were thoroughly lost in the darkness and not as a rulebook we must observe.

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Session 4: The Jesus Lens

The climax of Scripture is found in the person of Jesus and only be reading all of it through his eyes can we understand the revelational flow of Scripture that gently guides us to the reality of who God is.

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Question and Answer on Sessions 3 and 4

After the fourth session Wayne engaged the audience in a dialog about the material already presented.

Session 5: The Word of God

When we started calling the Bible the “Word of God” we unwittingly substituted a book and its principles for a vibrant relationship with the Risen Jesus and following his rules became more important than following him.

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Session 6: Beginning at the End – The Gospels

Getting to know the Jesus of Scripture through the Gospels is critical to understanding the rest of the Bible. See how he lives, what he says, and how he interacts with others he encounters.

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Session 7: The Gospels, Part II

You can begin in Mark with a quick overview of the life of Jesus then view more of the details in Matthew and John. Finally read Luke to complete the narrative. Read them over and over again until the Jesus of Scripture becomes a real person.

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12 thoughts on “The Jesus Lens – Introduction and the Gospels”

  1. Wayne, I am really enjoying this series. Thank you for including the link in your email re When Scriptures Terrify Me! I have one question/comment on Session 2. When you are discussing the “negative” fear scriptures in the NT, you come to Romans 14:7, in which you say was directed to unbelievers. You then conclude with: “only one of them work and it really is aimed at unbelievers and not believers and not at people whom God wants to redeem.” Do you really believe there are people whom God does not want to redeem or was that misspoke? I hope that you don’t find this question too picky, I don’t mean it that way, just a sincere searching after the truth of such a crucial issue.


  3. Dear Wayne, after carefully weighing each of the 7 Jesus Lens sessions (and thoroughly enjoying each one) the only thing I must take issue with is your liberal use of the illustration about the sometimes nice, then sometimes abusive & violent husbands. The beaten down empathic fathers & ex-husbands in our local “Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse Peer Support Group” could teach you (and many therapists) a thing or two about female on male violence. Google Johnny Depp Lawsuit for a high profile example of this kind of abuse. Thanks in advance for seeking balance in your presentation of the truth. Steve Nelson – Boise

    1. I appreciate your comments about the Jesus Lens and glad you were enjoying them. I’m sorry my illustration of AN abusive Father was a hurdle for you. I realize there is female on male violence, but that’s not the illustration I was using. My apologies for the disconnect that provided for you.

  4. Christopher Weigel

    Hi Wayne,
    I am experiencing a bit of a problem. I’ve been trying to access the Jesus Lens on my iPhone. Getting to the audio is no issue on my desktop computer. I’m posting from the page right now. However, when I get to the Jesus Lens on my iPhone (Free Resources/Teaching & Equipping/Jesus Lens), the page that appears speaks as though the compilation of the audio files is still a future event and no audio files are available for download. Perhaps a bad link? Anyway, I wanted to let you know.

    Please keep up the fine work. You are performing a vital service to the Body of Christ.



    1. Thanks Chris, for alerting us to this. I’ve got my web guy looking into it. Somehow the links in that section of the website are a bit goofy. My apologies. I know how frustrating that can be. We will get it fixed as soon as possible.

  5. Hi Wayne
    Pls is it possible to get a link through which I could download the videos of “The Jesus Lens?” I personally enjoy receiving the messages via videos.

    Your works have set me out on a quest to exit religious territory, and journey into Father’s reality. I have lived my life mostly in the throes of depression, but hope beckons now, through this radical subject of God’s love.

    Thanks for being that vessel.

    1. You can go to and search on The Jesus Lens and with each episode, there is a download button. Sorry, that’s the easiest way I know of to do it. There’s an audio download button on the Lifestream page for each one.

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