You have not passed this way before. Doing what we've always done is not going to serve us well in...

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A Heavy Heart for my Friends in Ukraine

In September of 2018, I was invited to Ukraine and met many incredible, passionate believers there. When I see Ukraine in the news, I don't think of a country over there somewhere; I think of those people I got to know during those few days. I sat with them at meals, worshiped with them in…




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Feb 04 - Feb 06, 2022

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Drought Once Again Ravages Northern Kenya

For those of you new to Lifestream, we have been engaged with a group of people in Kenya since Wayne visited them in 2010 in Kitale. In addition to their own needs, they have been helping tribes in North Pokot through a prolonged drought that has destroyed their way of life. We sent nearly... Read More

"You Won't Find Me Here"

I love how God works to invite us into his reality, even over the course of years of frustration and pain. I get emails like this because something I wrote or said plays into it, but I am more excited about how Father finds us and draws us into his life, even if it... Read More

Living on the Edges

Sean Kennedy, an author, and friend from the UK, wrote me about my most recent podcast with Mary, a new believer finding her legs on a relational journey against the religious voices that want to draw her into the captivity of guilt and obligation. He wrote about living on the edges in a way... Read More

A Difficult Day Ahead

Today I say my final goodbye to Dave Coleman, a close friend for over thirty years. I wrote about him and our work together in a previous blog when he passed away. His family has asked me to facilitate the celebration of his life at a memorial service today, and I have no idea... Read More

Seven Attributes of God's Glory

The Incarnation did not end when Jesus ascended from planet earth after his resurrection. He was only its beginning. His work on the cross was to begin a new creation—where men and women become so transformed by his love that they reflect his glory in the world—God with us. Don't just celebrate the first... Read More

Watch What God Will Do

One of the reasons I post stuff like my It’s Time video or the blog on Joyfully Sober is to listen to what else the Spirit of God is whispering in people’s hearts around the world. Paul indicated that the best any one of us sees is like looking through a dimmed mirror (I... Read More

Joyfully Sober

(Note: This is a copy of newsletter I sent out quarterly-ish out to my email list. If you you're not on it and want to be you can sign up here.)  First, I want to express my gratefulness for the rain that has fallen on Southern California this month. We've been in a severe... Read More

A Distant Fire

I got this email a couple of weeks ago from Jack, a good friend in South Carolina. He describes so well what religious obligation can do to destroy the great adventure of engaging the transcendent God of the universe and learning to follow him through the brokenness of this age. Life in him is... Read More

Best Use of The Jesus Story

Two things happened yesterday, almost back to back. First, I read the following email from Chelsea, a friend in Idaho: If you remember my 7-year-old son was very much struggling with going to church, and it's become clear these past few weeks that I will be staying home with him and having intentional one-on-one time on... Read More

When Spiritual Panic Creeps In

'Tis the season to be panicked....” OK, not really, but that’s how it feels for many people. Meeting all the expectations for a meaningful holiday season, navigating the toxic people in your family, or marking the passing of another year without the changes you had hoped to see in your life, can draw our... Read More

Dave Coleman Is on the Incredible Journey

For those of you reading Live Loved Free Full, on November 30, you read an exchange I had with Dave Coleman that graciously changed the trajectory of my life. Dave passed from this life and began the incredible journey for which we are all destined on that same morning. I love the way Father... Read More

It's Not About Boxing

Yes, Luis does look fierce in the ring as he trains them to recognize and deflect any attack.  This is him helping a local gym of MMA hopefuls perfect their boxing technique. Most of the time, he's with far younger kids in the corner of an abandoned church parking lot. I'll be honest; I... Read More

He Reveals; We Respond

I was a guest on a podcast yesterday recorded by two South Africans, one still in his home country, and the other recently moved to Holland.  What a delighful conversation. They asked me questions about my journey that pulled things out of me in ways I had never shared before. I saw some of... Read More

A Compass for Your Heart

I just received word that my new devotional, Live Loved Free Full, has just been released in German.  I'm so happy to let my readers there know it is now available in their language. It's called "Loved Throughout the Year, with the subtitle "365 impulses to live loved, free, and fulfilled".  The Publisher is... Read More

So Sweet to Be Home

When you travel as I do, you don't always get to choose your ride!  I found this old truck on a Christmas Tree farm, just out the front door from the home I was staying in near Orlando. No, we didn't take a ride in it; we just had some fun with it. I... Read More

The Changes His Love Brings

I receive some of the most amazing emails in my inbox, detailing people’s stories and how intersecting some of my books or podcasts has helped affirm what the Spirit had already been speaking into their hearts.  I don’t always get to meet those who write them, though. On my most recent trip, I got... Read More

Can Institutions Be Redemptive?

I got this email from a young seminarian who feels called to work within the Methodist church, even beyond the split many anticipate in the next few months. I’m sure others of you would be interested in this exchange: One of the reasons I wanted to talk to you is because of your view... Read More