"Let yourselves be pulled into a way of life shaped by God's life" is how Peter defines transformation in the...

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The Jake Colsen Book Club – Chapter 11

Taking flight is a triumphant chapter in So You Don't Want to Go to Church Anymore. After the long process of poking holes in Jake's illusions about God and what it means to follow him, Jake is finally finding his footing on a better trailhead as he begins to learn how to live out a life…





Weep with Those Who Weep

Can you imagine what it would be like to be at your lowest moment and have someone safe enough to share your deepest hurts, doubts, and fears and have them listen carefully to hear your heart and hold your emotions soothingly and safely without the need to minimize your pain, fix your thinking, or... Read More

Completing the Work God Gave Us

Fifteen years ago, God linked our hearts with a group of believers in Kenya who had been captured by the message of He Loves Me, even as they were caught in the tribal post-election violence that ravaged Kenya in 2008. When I met Michael, he had already taken a dozen parentless children into his... Read More

Don't Run from the Pain

Last week I wrote about the agony of God for the brokenness of his Creation and how our sufferings can be a way of fellowshipping with his inside of ours. Once we see that the presence of Jesus and personal pain are not at opposite poles of the universe, we can find the freedom... Read More

The Trust He Wins in Us

I've watched too many Christians struggle to trust God more as if that is something they are supposed to do. If you've ever been down that road, you know that it leads to a vast wasteland. We can only pretend to trust him more, and that will fail us when we most need it.... Read More

The Man of Sorrows

(The graphic above was taken from the cover image of A Man Like No Other, art by Murry Whiteman with text by Wayne Jacobsen and Brad Cummings) It’s hard to imagine that these words would describe the most authentic personification of love to ever live on this planet, but this is how Isaiah foretold... Read More

Off-Grid Christianity

Here's what happens when a journalist from Ireland wants to talk to me about my life outside the traditional boundaries of Christianity and asks some intensely personal questions. You can listen to the podcast here, which released yesterday. Martin Purnell is the host of this series of podcasts for those who feel disconnected from church-as-we've-come-to-know-it.... Read More

Suffering Means You're Human

Jesus promised us so much joy and victory following him that it can be disorienting to encounter enduring times of pain and suffering. I’ve known many followers of Jesus who wrestle more with the perplexity of how God could have “allowed” them to suffer than the suffering itself would have demanded. It at least... Read More

Another Israel Trip on the Horizon?

My photography site reminded me that six years ago today, I was in Israel with this team, including my daughter and my niece, a host of good friends, and some brand new people to get to know. We had a fantastic time, first in Petra with a smaller group, then ten more days up... Read More

Until His Love Overwhelms You

All of our attempts to live a Godly life will continue to frustrate and fail us until his love overwhelms us. When you know how deeply loved you are by God you will go on a journey that will continue to open your eyes to the lies you tell yourself and the truths of... Read More

Changing a Nation One Life at a Time

The new bedding has arrived. For those not keeping up with our friendships in Kenya over the last 14 years, the people who listen to The God Journey or read my blogs here at Lifestream have given over three million dollars to rescue an impoverished region of Kenya. We started by supporting a new... Read More

Trauma Conversations and Book Clubs

Manipulative people detest when they lose their power over someone else. Manipulation is a game constantly played in human relationships. We often get caught in it because we love the people playing, and we don’t want to risk losing their friendship if we don’t keep them happy. Such a life, however, will not lead... Read More

What Does God Hold in His Heart?

As I hold the Ukrainian people in my heart these days, I find myself wondering what God must feel as he watches over his children in that part of the world. Last month, I received an email from a friend in Ukraine, and I have held its contents in my heart ever since. It... Read More

You Can't Murder Hate

Profound words from a man of great wisdom who lived that reality through greater hostility than I can imagine: Through violence you may murder a murderer, but you can't murder murder. Through violence you may murder a liar, but you can't establish truth. Through violence you may murder a hater, but you can't murder... Read More

When Trauma Comes Knocking

Joy in life comes not from trying to control your circumstances but by being ready to respond with God's heart in whatever happens to you. When people ask us what we have in mind for 2023, part of me laughs inside. We rarely get to live according to our plans; life is too chaotic... Read More

Insights for Your Journey

Happy New Year, everyone. I know people make plans and resolutions, but you never know what a year might bring. For Sara and me, last year completely took us by surprise—–both in the depth of pain, an incredible process of healing, and the fruit of joy and peace that came from all of it.... Read More

When Christmas Doesn't Find You Joyful

We hope this finds each of you in a season of great joy and with a growing hope for what he might have in mind for you in 2023. Sara and I are celebrating a great redemption in our lives as this year comes to an end. Against all odds, God delivered us from... Read More

Lessons of a Lifetime

This blog is a copy of our Winter 2023 newsletter that we sent out earlier this morning. You can sign up here if you want to be on that list. Winter 2023 This past year has been quite a roller coaster for Sara and me, and we are both so grateful for all the... Read More