“It is very difficult for the good in people to put in place a system that can tamp down the...

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Oops, My Bad!

I completely botched the announcement for the next live, online, He Loves Me conversation. I originally got the date wrong and now Sara and I have had a shift in our schedule that means I now have to move the time up half an hour. I'm so sorry for the confusion and inconvenience this causes.…


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You No Longer Need to Fear God

In the earliest days of my faith, my view of God was stoked by fear. He was a stern and demanding judge, offended by humanity’s failures, and only the death of Jesus made it tolerable for him to be with us. Fear was also a primary tool my parents used to motivate our behavior.... Read More

Grateful Even in Letting Go

For those of us in the States, today is Thanksgiving Day. Though its origin isn't the cleanest story in our history, setting aside a day to remember God's goodness despite human frailty is beautiful for all of us. But how can you be grateful when your life is wrecked with pain or your year... Read More

Finding Church in Russia

Finding Church, my take on discovering and living in the church Jesus is building in the world, rather than the facsimile we humans try to build, is now available in the Russian language. You can find more information here. And to celebrate with our Russian friends, Lifestream is offering a 15% discount for any... Read More

The Gift of Tom Mohn

When people ask me what books most shaped my life and spiritual journey, I tell them it has never been books; it has always been people. While I've read many excellent books and been enlightened by many of them, what has most impacted my journey is the older brothers and sisters I've known who... Read More

The Tyranny of the Favor Line

The next gathering of the He Loves Me Book Discussion will take place on Saturday, November 11, at 1 p.m. Pacific Time. You can find the link for this conversation on the Group Page on Facebook, or if you are not a member of Facebook, you can write me for a link. These conversations are... Read More

The Trajectory of Truth

Sara and I have just begun a fresh reading through Romans to hold what we've been learning about trauma and sin up to the light of Paul's understanding of redemption. In the first chapter, Paul mentions "the righteousness that comes by faith," which is the theme of the entire book—how God does by grace... Read More

You Have No Idea

It's never a bad day to put some generosity in the world. A good friend wrote me this week to let me know how the October 31 reading in Live Loved Free Full inspired an act of generosity that lay before him on the very day he was reading it. The reading encouraged him... Read More

The Thrill of His Presence

It's one of my favorite epigraphs in He Loves Me. At the beginning of Chapter Five are these words: The great danger facing all of us . . . is that someday we may wake up and find that we have been busy with husks and trappings of life and have really missed life... Read More

Love Is a Pain

Sara and I are set to arrive home today from our seven-week trip across the middle part of the United States. This trip has been remarkable and challenging in so many ways, but in all, well worth it. We've shared the ups and downs with our podcast audience in the last few weeks and... Read More

Holding God's Pain

I was asked last week how I was praying about the current strife in the Middle East. That would have been far easier for me to answer a few decades ago when my world was conveniently divided into a home team and an away team. God loves the home team and those who acknowledge... Read More

Going Home!

When I traveled without Sara, my favorite day was when I traveled home. That's not as significant when she is with me because home is wherever Sara is, and right now, that is in an RV outside of San Antonio, TX. Nevertheless, it is time to head home to the place prepared for Sara... Read More

How Do You End Your Day?

At day's end, where does your mind wander? As you assess your day, do you predominantly contemplate the places you fell short or the moments that made you grateful? When I was pounding the religious treadmill, I always found myself far more aware of my mistakes than my joys. I'd go to bed aware... Read More

Life on the Narrow Road

Sara and I visited the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, Illinois, last week as part of our RV trip around the heartland. One room in the museum included scores of cartoons published upon his election, scorning and mocking him for his physical attributes and ideals. President Lincoln didn't pay them much... Read More

Where Trust Grows

Sara and I have left Little Rock and headed into South Texas, with stops in Waco, Austin, Wimberley, and Bulvedere (San Antonio) over the next 12 days. Details are on the travel page. We are having a wonderful time seeing what adventures and conversations God has for us each day. We've been talking a... Read More

Relationships that Thrive

Great relationships are some of the best treasures we get to enjoy in this world of chaos—those where you can laugh together or cry together while deeply caring for each other wherever our journey takes us, especially when they are seeing something differently than I am. Not all relationships are fantastic, however. Some can... Read More

Your Silence Was Not Absence

"I've never heard him speak to me or felt his love for me." Unfortunate words! And I've heard them a lot over the years, the frustrated feeling one has when they feel that God is silent. David expresses that pain well in the Psalms, saying he would be as one going down to the... Read More

He Loves Me - Chapters 2 and 3

Don't let the demands of legalistic Christianity blind you to the incredible friendship that a Loving Father and his Son want to have with you. The friendship Jesus shared with his disciples was the model for the relationship he extends to you. He wants to be the voice that steers you through every situation,... Read More