Use the tool, don't become the tool. A new documentary from Netfilx exposes how social media and search engines are...

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Putting Some Encouragement Into Your Day

I've never had so much fun recycling. We do it, of course. We live in California, and you can't take everything to landfills. We recycle everything we can, including banana peels, which go back to making compost for Sara's garden. But my own writings? It really hadn't occurred to me even a few weeks ago…




Did You Enjoy Your Breath of Fresh Air This Week?

Last week we began a new service here at Lifestream. We started a three-day-a-week email to encourage people to take a beat and reflect on some aspect of God’s work in them and the world around them. A lady in Pennsylvania is selecting quotations from my various books, podcasts, blog posts, and articles I’ve... Read More

A Breath of Fresh Air

From the smokey haze of California, a breath of fresh air sounds pretty awesome.  To draw a deep, clean breath can clear the mind, and exhaling can refocus our spirit. "I can't breathe," has become a too-often used refrain this year whether it's black men under the knee of a racist police officer, a... Read More

Busting Up Your Bias - Going Live Today at 2 pm

How do our perceptions of people groups who may be of a different color, different faith, or different sexuality affect how we relate to them? Many people can't recognize their own biases, especially those that lead to injustice and unfairness for others. Recognizing we all have biases and learning how to manage them is... Read More

A Conversation We Desperately Need

One of the big themes for A Language of healing for a Polarized Nation is the importance of nuance. Political realities in our world push us toward one extreme or the other—binary thinking. It's all or nothing! Those narratives are killing us. Last night, I had dinner with a police friend of mine. Hearing him talk... Read More

Perfectly in Process

Remember that song I wrote about a few weeks ago, that uplifting melody playing softly in the background of the chaos going on around us? I hope you're still listening, leaning into its rhythm, and letting its lyrics soften your soul? The more I give place to that song in my heart, the more... Read More

Coming Home to the Sierras

I look forward every year to our time in the Sierras where my 95-year-old father lives. I love everything about this area—the pines and cedars, granite boulders, the blue water of an alpine lake, a starry night sky clear enough to see the Milky Way with ease, wild lupin, the crunching of dirt, pine... Read More

Finding a Refuge in Love

I don't think anyone has sent me flowers before. But yesterday, I got an email from a friend in Oregon with a picture of two bouquets of roses.  Mark Warner is a former pastor and former alcoholic who knows the dark side well. His email was titled:  Why I Take Flowers to Two 95... Read More

Cultivating Compassion - Live Today

Instead of adding more anger or fear to the turmoil of our times, what if we added more compassion? One of the attributes of a peacemaker is cultivating a compassionate heart for those who are different from us, especially those who are marginalized. Even Jesus said, that "mercy triumphs over justice." We're exploring how... Read More

The Song Beneath the Virus

Can you hear it? It's the Song of the Ages, still playing beneath the virus and all that's changed in our world. It is fresh from your Father's heart, inviting you into his reality. It's not the loudest song in the wind. Fears of the virus and daily body counts will ring louder. The... Read More

Once More, Into the Breach

We were given an incredible assignment by the Lord to help rescue 120,000 people from certain starvation in North Pokot. We announced a couple of months ago that we had completed that task, and the four villages were now functioning on their own with the resources we helped them develop. Over these past five years,... Read More

The Rudeness of Religion

I heard this from a friend the other day and loved what it unveiled about his heart. "I am only beginning to realize how rude my faith made me." I love that. As people grow more tender in his love, they begin to recognize how adherence to religion doesn't transform us. Instead, it just... Read More

Pardon Me, Your Tribe is Showing

I will be doing a live Zoom session today at 2:00 pm PDT with my coauthors of A Language of Healing for a Polarized Nation, Bob Prater and Arnita Taylor. Today's conversation will focus on themes from Chapter 3 about the pluses and minuses of tribalism and how it affects our life.  It is so... Read More

The Prayer of Faith

It is one of the great conversations I enjoy with people when I travel. What is faith, and how does it influence our prayers? Since I haven’t been traveling during this coronavirus, I thought I would respond to this email online.  First, here is the email:  I have been pondering some of the things... Read More

Don't Put Me in Your Binary Box

You will be able to understand better my blog and my podcast if you don’t assume I’m in your binary box. I reject them all. I can think beyond the false boxes politicians, media, and sometimes friends try to put me in. I think you do, too. I helped write a book about that where one... Read More

Language of Healing Live!

I will be doing a live Zoom session today at 2:00 pm PDT with my coauthors of A Language of Healing for a Polarized Nation, Bob Prater and Arnita Taylor.  Today's conversation will focus on themes from Chapter 2 and asks why we might want to learn to speak a language of healing into... Read More

There Is a Better Conversation Going On

Yes, I wanted to get your attention. I don't triple-dog-dare anyone to do anything, though I would love for you to think through the issues the author lays out in that chapter. Please don't let the media that amplifies the most extreme voices on the left and the right rob you of the important... Read More

A Fork In the Road

First, Sara and I had a great trip to Denver to be with our son and his girlfriend, Karen. We put on a lot of miles, over a thousand each way.  We took our two dogs with us in a rented RV so we could maintain our anti-COVID bubble.  It all worked out great.... Read More