"There is nothing more confining than the prison we don't know we are in" is an adaptation of something William...

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Relationships that Thrive

Great relationships are some of the best treasures we get to enjoy in this world of chaos—those where you can laugh together or cry together while deeply caring for each other wherever our journey takes us, especially when they are seeing something differently than I am. Not all relationships are fantastic, however. Some can be…


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Your Silence Was Not Absence

"I've never heard him speak to me or felt his love for me." Unfortunate words! And I've heard them a lot over the years, the frustrated feeling one has when they feel that God is silent. David expresses that pain well in the Psalms, saying he would be as one going down to the... Read More

He Loves Me - Chapters 2 and 3

Don't let the demands of legalistic Christianity blind you to the incredible friendship that a Loving Father and his Son want to have with you. The friendship Jesus shared with his disciples was the model for the relationship he extends to you. He wants to be the voice that steers you through every situation,... Read More

The Roads We Go Down

The ground Sara and I have traversed this year is extraordinarily beautiful, and I mean that in multiple ways. Not only are we learning more about Sara's trauma and what freedom looks like for her, but we are also seeing things about God's heart and freedom for lost hearts that are rocking our world.... Read More

Learning a Life of Love

Why is it easier for us to believe that God doesn't love us than to rest in the reality that he does? And why are we more easily dragged into the obligation of religious performance than we are drawn into a growing trust in God's love? Both have much to do with the nature... Read More

Where Freedom Grows

For frequent God Journey listeners, you’ve heard Sara, Kyle, and me discuss the possibility that God may look at our sin quite differently than we do. Even mentioning the word ‘sin’ in a blog post is a risk since most people will tune out at the mere mention of the word. Especially in religious... Read More

The Conversations that Matter

Years ago, I heard a mission statement someone had crafted: “I want to have conversations that matter with people who care.” When I heard it, I knew instantly that this was the part of my life I treasured most. Above any recreational pursuit, athletic competition, or entertainment option, what I enjoy most is having... Read More

Responsible to Obey, or Free to Love?

In an email exchange with a friend, he made this observation: “If there are no other species out there (in the universe) unless created by Father, we are responsible to obey him. That’s our responsibility. He will bring the end of the age in his time.” Reading it, I felt a ping in my... Read More

Triumph Out of Tragedy

  Mark is a former pastor before his addiction caught up to him. He’s been writing me from the Portland area for a few years. I want you to hear how Jesus has taken a shipwrecked life and shaped it into a treasure others can be touched by. I’ll let him tell his story... Read More

Finally Home

He is finally home. If you’ve read my books and listened to the podcast, you know the impact my dad had on my life and faith. Last Saturday morning, at 98 years of age, my dad passed from life in this age to life in the full-on splendor of Jesus,  something he has been... Read More

Excruciatingly Beautiful

The phrase "excruciatingly beautiful" first appeared in an email from a friend in Ohio. He told me he had been through a painful betrayal and that God was teaching him how to forgive. "It is excruciatingly beautiful," he wrote. I've never seen those two words used together anywhere. When I typed 'excruciatingly beautiful into... Read More

Shocked Again at Father's Timing

I love the way Father weaves himself into the fabric of our day. I hadn't seen the notes pictured above for decades. I forgot I even had them until I picked up a tablet off my desk, and there they were sitting beneath. Look at the date: "2/12/75." How they got there, I have... Read More

A White Rainbow

I didn’t know such a thing existed until I saw it in the wild. Even then, it was difficult to believe my eyes. It looked like a rainbow, but it was completely white. It even had a fainter, secondary rainbow beneath the full one. The picture above doesn't do it justice. I found it... Read More

Life Under the Mountain

What a joy to know that Father always watches over us no matter what life throws at us. He is a refuge as certain as the rising sun and as steady as a granite mountain. One of the things that drew us to this neighborhood was the breathtaking views of Mt. Boney (just over... Read More

He Is Enough

Come away, my beloved! There! Did you hear it? Maybe it was just a few notes, but even a bit of it will begin to breathe hope into your exhausted heart. You’ll recognize it as the soothing melody inviting you beside his quiet waters where peace and tranquility will wash over your fear and... Read More

The Melody in the Wind

Can you hear it? It is the Song of the Ages, still playing beneath the stresses and strains of this world, fresh from your Father’s heart. Regardless of all that’s going on around you, it invites you into his reality. It’s not the loudest song in the wind. Fears and anger will scream louder.... Read More

Letting Jesus Fight for Us

If you haven’t listened to our current podcast about Vengeance, Mercy, and Justice, it’s something I’ve been noodling on for a few weeks. It started with this quote from Adam Smith, “Mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent.” Too often, our society “lets off” those who are well-connected at the expense of... Read More

Waves of Joy

It has been a while since I have had the chance to post some of my thoughts. The last month of settling into our new home has brought a host of challenges, decisions, and work. I’ve managed to keep up with The God Journey podcasts because I greatly enjoy those conversations. We just posted... Read More