So much of religious thinking preys on our fears of God or others thinking of us as selfish. That fear,...

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To the Eclipse and Beyond . . .

Sara and I will soon be packing up the RV and heading out again with our two dogs—the first trip for our new puppy. The total solar eclipse on April 8 is the catalyst for this trip. I saw one in 2017 with my son in Wyoming as I was helping him move to Denver.…


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Tragedy in Kenya

A few years ago we helped five starving tribes (over 100,000 people) in North Pokot each to develop a water and agricultural project to give them life. They had no water and had to travel overnight to the nearest well and bring back water to survive. We drilled wells, provided the infrastructure for people... Read More

We Are Following the Lamb

As Sara and I were walking our dogs through the neighborhood a couple of weeks ago, we noticed the license plate above on the front of an oversized pick-up truck. We've lived in this neighborhood less than a year and it's pretty clear where the angst-driven people live by their bumper stickers and yard... Read More

Losing our Consciousness of Sin

It is horrifying that we took the beauty of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and used it to construct a sin-management system. Instead of freeing us from the power of sin, it only made us more captive to its longings and temptations. I was preoccupied with my sin and failures most of my life,... Read More

The Last Lesson . . . , Part 3: A Deeper Faith

(Note: This is the third and final of The Last Lesson My Father Taught Me. You can read Part 1 here, and Part 2 here.  Or, you can download a PDF of the entire article here. )   To a Greater Freedom  I told you that this lesson in unmerited rejection would prove to... Read More

The Last Lesson . . . , Part 2: Unmerited Rejection

(Note: This is the second installment of a three-part story entitled The Last Lesson My Father Taught Me. It begins with a great tragedy before God turns it into a story of redemption and freedom, though not in the way most would think. .  You can read Part 1 here and Part 3 here.  ... Read More

The Last Lesson My Father Taught Me

(Note: Today, I am posting the first installment of a three-part story that is intensely personal. It begins with a great tragedy before God turns it into a story of redemption and freedom, though not in the way most people would think.) My dad was one of my greatest heroes. Not only was he... Read More

Misunderstanding the Atonement

Today, Sara and I head off for some gatherings in San Diego this weekend. We are looking forward to what Father has there.  Let me leave you with this as we go: One of the greatest misunderstandings people have of Scripture is that God needed a sacrifice to love us. Jesus came in his... Read More

Trying to Protect Jesus

Last week, my friend Luis had a dream he shared with me that has left a mark in my heart as well. Here's how he recounted it to me: Luis was in the mountains engaged with a hoard of wicked beasts who were trying to devour people around him. These were not animals, but... Read More

Opportunities to Explore Together

I am truly blessed by the people God has related me to and the conversations I get to experience with people who are passionately exploring God's reality in their own lives. I have tasted of the manifold wisdom of God as it is scattered in the body of Christ throughout the world and I... Read More

When That Love Touches You...

"Peter, do you love me?" Why would Jesus care about being loved by Peter? He is Almighty God enthroned in the presence of thousands of adoring angels. He can command obedience simply because he is the greatest power in the universe. Why would he be seeking Peter’s love? We seem to be far more... Read More

Connecting with my Nineteen-Year-Old Dad

During the Christmas break, I spent some time with my nineteen-year-old dad. Our family recently discovered letters my father wrote home to his parents when he went off to join the army during World War II. They begin with his basic training and follow his journey through Texas to Maryland to England, to the... Read More

The Best New Year's Prayer

I have some of the most amazing friends all over the world. Yesterday, I woke up to this New Year's greeting in my inbox from a good friend in Ohio: Happy New Year!  I hope all your plans for the coming year are completely thrown off wack and blown out of the water by... Read More

May Your Heart Be At Rest

There is nothing like a heart at rest in the Father's love beneath the soothing glow of his goodness, especially when everything in your life tells you not to rest. It's easy to do when your circumstances are pleasant and joyful. Many of you will celebrate the next few days with family and friends... Read More

The Reality We Relax Into

From the day we brought Mandy, a six-week-old golden retriever puppy, into our home, she has been enthralled with our seven-year-old lab/retriever mix named Zoey. First, Mandy overwhelmed Zoey, trying to relate to her as she had with her mom and the litter of puppies in her previous home. She had no idea how... Read More

Oops, My Bad!

I completely botched the announcement for the next live, online, He Loves Me conversation. I originally got the date wrong and now Sara and I have had a shift in our schedule that means I now have to move the time up half an hour. I'm so sorry for the confusion and inconvenience this... Read More

You No Longer Need to Fear God

In the earliest days of my faith, my view of God was stoked by fear. He was a stern and demanding judge, offended by humanity’s failures, and only the death of Jesus made it tolerable for him to be with us. Fear was also a primary tool my parents used to motivate our behavior.... Read More

Grateful Even in Letting Go

For those of us in the States, today is Thanksgiving Day. Though its origin isn't the cleanest story in our history, setting aside a day to remember God's goodness despite human frailty is beautiful for all of us. But how can you be grateful when your life is wrecked with pain or your year... Read More