As promised, Kyle and Wayne revisit the two podcasts they aired at the end of last year with Stephan Vosloo...

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A Dad and His Son

January 22  The father and son in the photo are obviously delighted with each other and the photo perfectly captures the joy, wonder, and affection that God wants to share with his children. “I’m a long way from that,” Glenn admitted after I had a chance to let the picture sink in, “but I know…




In the Eyes of a Son

January 21 “Everything God is calling me to right now seems wrapped up in this picture,” Glenn told me as he laid the black and white photograph of father and son on the table. This was the first time I had been in Glenn and Elaine’s home. We sat down for breakfast a few... Read More

Affection or Adoration?

January 20   What do you think? Would I rather sit on the couch with my children while they tell me what an incredibly awesome father I am, repeating the same words again and again so I am sure to get the message; or would I rather take a walk with them, talking about... Read More

Do You Love Me?

January 19  It makes more sense to me now, why Jesus asked Peter the question he did after the resurrection: “Do you love me?” He didn’t want to know if Peter adored him, feared him, or was ready to serve him in the face of any conceivable threat. He just wanted to know he... Read More

We Are All Beautiful in His Eyes

January 18  Though our flesh can be seduced by the adoration of others, our Father doesn’t share the same ego. I know many people who sacrifice the affection of their family for their success in the workplace, but God isn’t wired that way. I think he would treasure affection over adoration any day of... Read More

He Has Chosen You

January 17 Nyssa was adopted into her family. Her parents first laid eyes on her when she was eleven days old and knew her entire condition before they threw wide the doors of their home and invited her in. Jim told me he was initially reticent to adopt a child with so many special... Read More

A Girl and Her Daddy!

January 16  “Majesty, worship his Majesty . . .” The familiar words rolled off my lips as I sat among a group of believers from all over the western United States who had gathered to share their experiences in relational church. It was Sunday morning and we were just beginning with a chance to... Read More

The Fatherless Epidemic

January 15 “I think my dad hates me,” she said through her sniffles, choking back the sob that hung in her throat. Then she detailed the fight they’d had the night before. Her dad was upset about the provocative way she often dressed, and she was certain he had no respect for her choices.... Read More

Where to Begin?

January 14  What do you think? Do you want a relationship with God based on fear or the endearment of his own character and love? If you don’t know how to do that, find someone who does and ask him or her if they will help you. Don’t look for someone to tell you... Read More

Seven Characteristics of the Deluded

No one wants to live inside of lies. All of us are doing the best we can with what we believe is true. But what if the light we think we have is actually darkness.  Jesus warned us that when you treat the darkness in you as if it is light, that darkness will... Read More

The Most Engaging Invitation

January 13  Far from being the kill-joy that religion makes God out to be, or the excuse for our injustices to others, God becomes a valued companion in this journey called life. When you know who this amazing God is, “Be holy as I am holy” is not the most onerous command in Scripture,... Read More

Three More Reasons

January 12  Let’s continue yesterday's reading with three reasons that you might want to follow God that don’t include fear of the afterlife. The third reason for me is because navigating successfully through a broken Creation is beyond my best resources and wisdom. Self-indulgence leads to the corruption and injustice that not only diminishes... Read More

Two Fearless Reasons to Follow God

January 11  Some Christians tell me that people will not serve God unless we terrify them with the possibility of hell. I disagree. I can think of five great reasons anyone would want to follow God that have nothing to do with fear. Let’s look at two of them today and three more tomorrow.... Read More

What If?

January 10  I sat on a deck in the High Sierras surrounded by pine and cedar trees with a young man who did not grow up with any kind of spiritual influence in his life. He and his fiancée had asked me to marry them, so we were talking about what kind of involvement... Read More

God, the Rescuer

January 9  Many people misunderstand the Old Testament—they conclude that God is the executioner in the redemption story. Stories like Noah’s Ark, Sodom and Gomorrah, and Canaan’s Conquest are enough to convince people that God is a terrifying presence out to destroy in anger the world he created. Nothing could be further from the... Read More

A More Compelling Reason

January 8  So, back to our question of a couple of days ago: Would you want to follow God if there were no hell? Fear of hell was just about the only reason people got saved when I was young. No one wanted to jump through all those religious hoops unless the consequences of... Read More

Fear or Shame Won’t Help

January 7 In the early days of my journey, fear and shame were constant if unwelcome companions. I was constantly afraid I wasn’t doing enough for God to like me, and I was ashamed of my sinful desires. My shortcomings and failures were always before me since he commanded us to be as holy... Read More

Why Follow After God?

January 6  “Would you follow God if there was no hell?” Someone asked me that a few years ago, and my immediate reaction was, “Of course I would.” If he had asked me that when I was younger, I doubt I would have answered with such certainty. Back then, my relationship with God was... Read More