Wayne's back from a visit to the Sierras to spend Easter with his Father with a fresh stirring in his...

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It’s Time!

The last few months have been a strange time for me. As I was working on the new My Friend Luis podcast, I kept getting insight from the Spirit, signaling there was something ahead he wanted me to be ready for. These insights came in nudges from within, dreams and visions from other people, and…




Father's Fingerprints

I've not been posting much here or anywhere else lately because most of my time these days is spent talking to people and stitching together My Friend Luis. For those of you who have missed this, it is a new, twelve-episode, story-telling podcast of one of my closest friends and how God has worked... Read More

My Friend Luis Episode 3

Episode 3 of My Friend Luis dropped this morning. This is one of my favorite episodes of the story of the friendship Luis and I have shared, and it sets up a lot that's still to come. One incredible story told over twelve episodes in an immersive format. What it shows about God and his... Read More

For Your Consideration

First an announcement... I love hearing from so many of you how Live Loved Free Full is helping encourage your journey. Thanks for letting me know. Blue Sheep Media is providing quantity discounts for those who want extra copies to give to others. You can get ten copies for $150.00 or twenty copies for... Read More

A Chronological List of Wayne Jacobsen's Books

I get asked quite often for a chronological list of the books I've written.  I figured it was time to put it in a place I could refer to easily and that search engines might pick up when people are looking for this information. Looking over the list makes me profoundly grateful for the... Read More

What About Ananias and Sapphira?

The trajectory of Scripture takes humanity from seeing the Creator of heaven and earth as an angry, demanding deity to encountering him as a loving Father who seeks to rescue his children from the ravages of sin and shame. Knowing that will help you work through those moments in Scripture that have often been... Read More

My Advice for New Authors

I often get asked by newer writers about finding a publisher or an agent that will consider their work. I don't have a lot to help them with there. I've never used an agent and find publishing companies too committed to the bottom line to publish the kinds of things I want to write.... Read More

I Wrote This for You

Last week in the high Sierras I recorded a short video on why I wrote Live Loved Free Full. You can view it here:   We've had a tough roll-out on this book, with production delays and then internal problems at Amazon that showed our book wasn't available even though they had copies.... Read More

My Friend Luis Debut

I want to introduce you to My Friend Luis. He's a close friend of mine, and we share our story in a new, immersive, story-telling podcast that launches today. Episode One premiered last Friday on my podcast at The God Journey and debuts this morning on its own website. I've heard many amazing stories... Read More

"I Believed the Lie"

That was a headline I saw the other day of quoting a woman arrested for her part in the riot at the Capitol by Trump supporters on January 6.  I didn't read the article, so I don't know if this was a real moment of self-awakening or simply an excuse to escape the charges... Read More

A Conversation about Racial Equity

Last Sunday, I held a Zoom conversation with people who wanted to discuss some of the political climate we are in, especially as it has affected relationships with friends and family. We didn't record it, so nothing to share there, but we had a great time talking about putting our hope in God's kingdom,... Read More

Want to Zoom with Me on Sunday?

I got this email last week, and it really touched me. I know this woman isn't alone. Many have come through this pandemic and election season confused about what is true and how to deal with people in our lives who seem to have fallen prey to many of the lies that are disarming... Read More

A Life-Long Companion

I am grateful to those of you who have taken the time to review my new book on Amazon.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I hope they are helpful on people finding this book as an encouragement to the Spirit's work in them. You have no idea how much those reviews... Read More

A Dad and His Son

January 22  The father and son in the photo are obviously delighted with each other and the photo perfectly captures the joy, wonder, and affection that God wants to share with his children. “I’m a long way from that,” Glenn admitted after I had a chance to let the picture sink in, “but I... Read More

In the Eyes of a Son

January 21 “Everything God is calling me to right now seems wrapped up in this picture,” Glenn told me as he laid the black and white photograph of father and son on the table. This was the first time I had been in Glenn and Elaine’s home. We sat down for breakfast a few... Read More

Affection or Adoration?

January 20   What do you think? Would I rather sit on the couch with my children while they tell me what an incredibly awesome father I am, repeating the same words again and again so I am sure to get the message; or would I rather take a walk with them, talking about... Read More

Do You Love Me?

January 19  It makes more sense to me now, why Jesus asked Peter the question he did after the resurrection: “Do you love me?” He didn’t want to know if Peter adored him, feared him, or was ready to serve him in the face of any conceivable threat. He just wanted to know he... Read More

We Are All Beautiful in His Eyes

January 18  Though our flesh can be seduced by the adoration of others, our Father doesn’t share the same ego. I know many people who sacrifice the affection of their family for their success in the workplace, but God isn’t wired that way. I think he would treasure affection over adoration any day of... Read More