Emotional and verbal abuse as a young man caused Kyle to lock his heart into a deep bunker and guard...

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Control Is an Illusion

You never know how even the most casual comment can profoundly impact the trajectory of someone's journey. In the early 2000s, I visited a fellowship in Nottingham, England, on a couple of occasions within a few years. I remember those visits with a smile and enjoyed the pastor and his family where Sara and I…





When Serving Turns to Exploitation

I'm going to lift a quote from an email I wrote to my webmaster the other day about some changes being made for one of the platforms we use to get out information. "It seems all these platforms start to serve a need people have, then end up exploiting people to fill a need... Read More

Kenya Update: Gratefulness

I got some delightful news from the people we've been helping recently in Forkland and Bungoma in Kenya.  I wanted to share it with you. This young man above narrates a brief video below of thanksgiving for the school supplies purchased for the students at Forkland and the 300 youth who were abandoned there... Read More

What Is He Showing You?

My friend, Luis, shared with me a dream he had where he and Jesus were sitting on a park bench. Jesus asked him why Jonah did what he did. After Luis offered some of his thoughts, he finally turned the question back to Jesus. "Because he made it about himself." Those words have reverberated... Read More

He's Got This!

I'm going to let Hilda write my blog today. I received this email from her a few days ago: I really enjoyed the Urban Mystic podcast you were on. So much of what you said made me sit back quietly and ponder on the ideas. One of those things was “God being on the other side... Read More

In the Jaws of Destruction

I was invited to come to Ukraine in 2018 to help people explore the content of He Loves Me, which had earlier been translated into Russian. What a wonderful people and beautiful country! The picture above is off of the cover of a book they gave me in appreciation for my time there. It... Read More

A Miracle of the Father's Provision

At the end of last week, I got a painful email from our friends in Kenya, reporting on the progress of the 300 children who had been abandoned by parents and other relatives on the doorstep of a school they operate in Forkland to help children who would not get an education otherwise. This is... Read More

Kenya, and the Beauty of Silence

I almost want to apologize for the picture at the top of this blog. I know these pictures are used gratuitously to make people feel guilty and give to overseas mission outreaches. I've never done that, and that's not why I use it here. This is one of the orphans we are helping at... Read More

Generosity as Justice

I’m on my way to Charlotte this morning for time with God’s people in the area—some have been dear friends for years, and others I’ll be meeting for the first time. I’m so looking forward to this trip. I was going to post a blog about our day-long conversation this coming Saturday about learning to... Read More

A Difficult But Joyful Task

Sara and I are taking this week off for a trip to Colorado, including some time with our son. And, as soon as I get back, I’ll be headed into the Carolinas for a couple of weeks. On Saturday, April 2, I’m going to host a day-long conversation at a farm near Lake Wylie,... Read More

The Best Conversation I've Ever Had...

I couldn't fit it all in the title, but this is the best recorded conversation about my spiritual journey that I've ever had. I've been waiting to share it with you since we recorded it in late November. It just dropped this past Friday, and I'm so excited that others can now hear it.... Read More

No Better Place to Be

There’s probably not a week that goes by or a trip I take where these two questions don’t come up. This email asked them as succinctly and clearly as they’ve ever been asked. I thought some of you might also be interested in the answers. I hope that someday I’ll be able to travel... Read More

Voices from Ukraine

My post yesterday brought a load of response from people in the know about what the Ukrainians are facing and how you can best help them.  Check the comments in my previous blog if you want to hear about other places you can send funds. First, this is from Timmy, the friend who coordinated... Read More

Help for Ukraine

The picture above was taken at a gathering I was part of outside Kyiv in Ukraine in 2018. I find my heart grieving every day for this war and what it may mean for them and their families. I've written about them before and in response I've got a lot of questions as to... Read More

Not Everyone Has to Understand You

In interacting with some people about my last post on All Heaven Applauds, I realized I had left out something that's incredibly important that will help you deal with people who lie about you to discredit you.  I've added it to the original post, but I also wanted to call attention to it here... Read More

All Heaven Applauds

Have you ever been the victim of a well-placed lie? Did it cost you valuable relationships because someone spread rumors about you that others believed were true?  If you have, you're not alone. Treachery and deceit are an ever-present undercurrent of the human story. Some people think nothing of fabricating stories, exaggerating details, and... Read More

Russians and Ukrainians in Dark Days

I was in Russia in 2012 and in Ukraine in the summer of 2018. Since a few of my books have been translated into Russian, I have connections on both sides of the escalating tensions in that part of the world. Sadly, the greed and insecurities of our world leaders continue to force the... Read More

A Word of Thanks from Kenya

Last month, we were asked to help once again in Kenya with their continued drought, which has worsened this year. In response to their request for $14,000, you gave over $17,000 to help them. They have just returned from distributing the food and supplies to the aged and nursing mothers, which the picture above... Read More