During Wayne and Sara's recent stay in Austin, he sat down to catch-up with a good friend, an occasional guest...

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Chapter 4: Who Are You to Write This?

Note: This is the fourth in a series of letters written for the Bride of Christ who are alive at the end of the age. Once complete, I’ll combine them into a book. You can start with Chapter 1 here. If you are not already subscribed to this blog and want to make sure you…


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Better Explored than Explained

No, I've not become a rapper!  That photo was taken Saturday morning in a conversation where I was trying to shield myself from the sun. But, I can wear that look! Yesterday, Sara and I left the Austin area to continue our journey to the east. We've added new stops in Pensacola, Atlanta, Jekyll... Read More

An Update from the Road

This weekend we finish up in Austin, TX before heading to a two-day stop in College Station, TX. Then, we are off to further points east, as we stay on I-10 through Louisiana and Mississippi before a ten-day stay in Alabama. We'll stop first along the beach near Pensacola, FL and then go upstate... Read More

Can You Hear Your Name?

Back in 2015, Anne, a friend of mine, sent me a poem about the Bride of Christ that had taken shape in her when reading Jeremiah. I shared it on an episode of The God Journey. After listening to a recent podcast on prayers for the Bride and my first three chapters of my... Read More

On Our Way

We took advantage of Easter Sunday to get a head start on our transcontinental trip.  We celebrated Jesus' resurrection yesterday with our family and then struck out on a rainy Sunday morning ahead of the Easter traffic and are now on the outskirts of Phoenix. This morning we are going to walk with some... Read More

Chapter 3: This Scares Me to Death 

Note: This is the third in a series of letters written for the bride of Christ who are alive at the end of the age. Once complete, I’ll combine them into a book. You can start with Chapter 1 here. If you are not already subscribed to this blog and want to make sure... Read More

Free of Shame and Full of Love

Due to the fact that Sara and I will be leaving soon, we're doubling-up on our study of He Loves Me. This weekend we'll be tackling two more chapters. Chapter 20 is about living free from shame in our relationship to the Father though Jesus's work on the cross.  Chapter 21 is about swimming... Read More

Lifestream Going Mobile - Update

A lot of you have asked about our travel plans this spring, and it seems we have a little more clarity on where we might wander.  To be honest, these are "windblown trips", without a lot of fore planning because of the spontaneous opportunities that seem to come up wherever we go. They are... Read More

Chapter 2: Is This Really Where It Ends? 

NOTE: This is the second in a series of letters written for the bride of Christ who are alive at the end of the age. I don’t know how often they will appear, but once complete, I’ll combine them into a book. If you are not already subscribed to this blog and want to... Read More

Managing Sin and Having Faith

I think we got it backwards when I was growing up. We were told relationship with Jesus depended on us managing our sin well—sincerely trying to abstain from it, meeting with accountability groups, and when we failed, we had to make sure we confessed by telling God how sorry we were and (nobly, though... Read More

The Water Is Flowing

This is a special thank you for all who gave or prayed with us to find the resource to help restore water to one of the tribes in Kenya whose solar array was destroyed by high winds and blowing debris. They had been without water for three months.  We were able to raise enough... Read More

Chapter 1: A Call for the Bride

Wayne, a couple of years ago you posted a video from the remains of a wildfire about something God put on your heart regarding Creation groaning in its futility for the sons and daughters to be revealed. What you heard was, “It’s time.” Do you remember that? I have had the same stirring on... Read More

A Life Lived in Love

This weekend we'll begin the fourth section of He Loves Me, where I wrote about what it means to live loved. It's one thing to believe God loves me with our head, and another to grow in that love as the defining reality of our lives. Knowing we're loved as a belief will only... Read More

To the Eclipse and Beyond . . .

Sara and I will soon be packing up the RV and heading out again with our two dogs—the first trip for our new puppy. The total solar eclipse on April 8 is the catalyst for this trip. I saw one in 2017 with my son in Wyoming as I was helping him move to... Read More

Tragedy in Kenya

A few years ago we helped five starving tribes (over 100,000 people) in North Pokot each to develop a water and agricultural project to give them life. They had no water and had to travel overnight to the nearest well and bring back water to survive. We drilled wells, provided the infrastructure for people... Read More

We Are Following the Lamb

As Sara and I were walking our dogs through the neighborhood a couple of weeks ago, we noticed the license plate above on the front of an oversized pick-up truck. We've lived in this neighborhood less than a year and it's pretty clear where the angst-driven people live by their bumper stickers and yard... Read More

Losing our Consciousness of Sin

It is horrifying that we took the beauty of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and used it to construct a sin-management system. Instead of freeing us from the power of sin, it only made us more captive to its longings and temptations. I was preoccupied with my sin and failures most of my life,... Read More

The Last Lesson . . . , Part 3: A Deeper Faith

(Note: This is the third and final of The Last Lesson My Father Taught Me. You can read Part 1 here, and Part 2 here.  Or, you can download a PDF of the entire article here. )   To a Greater Freedom  I told you that this lesson in unmerited rejection would prove to... Read More