engage_logoThese videos are a catalyst for you to explore what it means for you to have a relationship with God as your Father. While a personal friend would be far more effective, these videos are offered both to encourage people on their own journey as well as to equip people who want to help others.

We affectionately refer to this as the anti-discipleship approach because so many people have the idea that discipleship is building a relationship with God.  In truth, discipleship isn’t about you building a relationship with God; it’s recognizing how God wants to build one with you.

Rather than blitz through these videos, you might want to go more slowly giving you and God time to explore the content of each one. Watch it, then talk about it with God for the next week or two as you let that perspective begin to shape your own relationship with God. You’re welcome to participate by posting comments or questions on the blog, or even sending them by video so we can answer them on future episodes.

These videos are offered free of charge and you’re welcome to enjoy them as our gift. They are available due to the generosity of others who have contributed to the work Wayne and Lifestream do in the world.

These videos are now available with Portuguese captions.