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We never intended to be a conduit to needs overseas, preferring that people have their own relationships with which to share their resources with others. But the expanding reach of some of Wayne’s books has put us in touch with people and ministries overseas that are doing some wonderful relational outreaches. These are ministries we give to regularly, and if would like to help us help them, please use the button below to make a donation. If you have a preference for where you would like the money to go, please specify on your donation form and we will honor your request. We take no administrative costs out of these donations. Every dime you give will go to the people who need help.

akenya18The Needs in Kenya

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After clicking the “Make A Donation” button above, if you wish to specify how your donation is used – Orphans, Widows or Spreading the Gospel – please do so in the field provided on the donation page “Comments”.

Wayne’s books have opened a door with a large network of pastors and churches based in Kenya, but also reaching beyond into Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and other countries in the region. Encompassing over 9 million believers the International Gospel Equipping Ministry are dealing with an incredible societal breakdown following the tribal violence of 2008 following disputed elections in that country. Wayne visited Kenya in February of 2010 to see firsthand the need, to meet the people involved and to help them understand the simple power of learning to live loved by the Father, which proved to be a revolutionary message in this part of Kenya. Wayne’s continued input is helping re-shape IGEM’s mission, moving away from traditional religion to embracing the priority of relationship to God as Father and each other as brother nd sisters. As part of its mission IGEM oversees orphanages to help care for children who lost parents in the tribal violence, to help widows from that same violence many of who are now infected with AIDs due to being raped when their husbands were murdered, and helping spread the gospel of love in a nation that has only heard the “gospel of punishment”.

If you prefer to specify your Kenya donation for orphans, widows, or spreading the gospel, we will pass it on accordingly. Their specific needs are:

  • Spreading the gospel of Father’s love throughout Central Africa by helping existing churches break the bondage of religion and help people learn to live relationally.
  • Orphanages that care for over 700 children in 19 different locations. It takes $30.00 per month to support an orphan overseas, including school fees and medical care.
  • Helping widows find healing and a way to make a living for themselves and their children.

ntzumaAIDs Care in South Africa

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Wayne has often shared Penny Dugan’s story about caring for her ex-husband while he lay dying of AIDs and how that act of love and obedience grew to an international ministry of compassion to people living with AIDs. Penny has established a ministry in Ntuzuma, a township of Durban, South Africa with a population of 500,000 people, 47% of which are infected with HIV. They help those living with AIDs, both in a live-in care center, and by providing food, health care and other resources to those living with AIDs in that township. This includes many orphans and widows.

You can give to them directly through their website, or you can use the donation button above to give through Lifestream.