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Learning To Live Loved: Part One

This is part one of a two-part, lengthy interview done with some documentary filmmakers in Indiana. We spent an hour and twenty minutes by a campfire, on a late summer’s evening, talking about my life and writings, and learning to live loved.

Learning To Live Loved: Part Two

The second of a two-part, lengthy interview done with some documentary filmmakers in Indiana. We spent an hour and twenty minutes by a campfire, on a late summer’s evening, talking about my life and writings, and learning to live loved.

Engage: Letting God Build a Relationship With You

A video and audio series desinged equip and encourage people to explore their own relationship with God. Unfortunately, many people who want to know God default to religious ways of trying to connect with him, but get discouraged when those attempts don’t work. I realize that a video series is not the ideal way to do this and that it would be far better to have the love and conversation of an older brother or sister near them who is enjoying the journey and willing to help others do so as well without loading them down with a bunch of religious rules and rituals. But for those who don’t know anyone like that it was on my heart to offer these short video encouragements to help others on a relational journey of knowing God. My hope is that it would also provide an example for others who want to help people on this journey but haven’t known how to do it.

For all the videos and audio, check our Engage pages


Embracing His Glory

Embracing His Glory - Audio SeriesEmbracing His Glory was originally a Tuesday morning series at The God Journey with Wayne sharing how God lets us experience his glory in our life and then how we reflect it to the world around us. Paul wrote that, “…Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit.”

Listen to a Short Introduction to the Embracing His Glory Audio Series

For the rest of the series, visit the Embracing His Glory page.

Sharing In The Father’s Affection

This video presentation was recorded in the Fall of 2005 at a more traditional congregation that asked Wayne to speak on relationships. Though it is not Wayne’s favorite venue, it is the content that undergirds almost everything written and said on this website. Without discovering the depth of our Father’s affection for us and how to live in it, nothing else here makes much sense. You can also order a DVD of this presentation from our Audio Collections page.

Trying to Earn Points With Someone Who Is No Longer Keeping Score (5 minutes)

This is an mp3 download (5.5 MB for 4:48) of a reading from the new Audio Book version of He Loves Me! Click here to download the first part of Chapter 17.

Relational Christianity (20 minutes)

What does it mean to love God as he wants to be loved? Just what is this relationship with him meant to be like and how can you grow in it every day for the rest of your life? Find out how Jesus personified all that was in God’s heart concerning you and the relationship he desires with you.

The Prodigal Son (19 minutes)

A fresh look at a parable we’ve mislabled, for this is less about two sons than it is about an incredible Father, who loves his two children with a love that almost defies our ability to comprehend it. Listen and see what Father holds in his heart for you and how you can experience his love in all its glory and fullness.

Living Loved In Marriage (2 Parts)

Wayne and Sara share from their 35 years of marriage and how they’ve found a way to grow closer together through the twists and turns of life and each other’s journey. (Recorded at the Christian Life Center in New London, PA. The audio has some flaws in it, which are in the original master. We apologize for the problems, but knew many people wanted to hear us share this part of our journey.)

Part 1:

Part 2:

What is the Gospel of Jesus Christ? (62 minutes)

Recorded in October 2009 at a retreat in South Africa, Wayne shares about the Gospel of Love that God communicated in the Son so that we could share a relationship with the Lord of Glory.

What Do I Do with Scriptures that Make God Scary? (57 minutes)

Recorded in October 2009 at a retreat in South Africa, Wayne seeks to unravel the two seemingly contradictory depictions of God in the Bible and shows how reading Scripture as the progressive revelation of God’s nature, that reaches its fulfillment in the Son Himself – the Word made flesh – resolves those contradictions.

The Reality of Living Loved (62 minutes)

I am often asked by people what can they do to live loved. I am becoming increasingly convinced that learning to live loved is not a doctrine to learn or a discipline to follow, but a reality Jesus wants us to relax into. I’m convinced that’s what he was sharing in the Sermon on the Mount recorded in Matthew 6 and Luke 12. I shared about this in June 2009 at a Because of Jesus convention in Tulsa, Oklahoma and think it can help you if you’re wonder what you must do to live loved.

Father’s Process of Transformation (49 minutes)

This teaching is connected with The Journey part of our website which is designed to help give people sort out what Jesus is doing in them at this season of their lives to draw them closer to himself and transform them more in his image.

A Conversation with Wayne About THE SHACK (Video – April 2009)

This conversation covers so much of my own journey and writings, my participation in the publication of The Shack, and some of the current challenges in my own life. The organizers of the event, Lives Transforming, video taped the event and have made it available on their website. We are considering making this into a CD so small groups can use it to stimulate their own discussions about their spiritual journey and how these books have touched their lives. We’ll have more on that down the road.