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Wayne’s Blog – Updated every few days, this is the latest encouragement, news and commentary from Lifestream and from Wayne’s own personal journey. Don’t forget to check back through the blog archives as well.

Wayne’s Podcast at The God Journey – Wayne’s weekly podcast facilitates an ever-expanding conversation of those learning to think outside the box of organized religion.

Books and Audio Collections – Many people have found Wayne’s books and audio recordings to be a helpful resource in learning what it means to live deeply in Christ and to share that life with other believers and the word. Many of them are available free as PDF downloads. Our two most important series, Transitions (audio) and The Jesus Lens (audio and video) are available for free download and will give you a complete overview as to what this site is all about.

Living Loved – This Lifestream’s regular newsletter designed to encourage people in this incredible journey. You can subscribe to it be email and read back through past articles either in the chronological order in which they were written, or find the articles that cover topics that interest you.

Wayne’s Travels – Only so much can be learned through reading books and listening to teachings. Often, face-to-face interaction can be so helpful for individuals and groups to find greater freedom and joy in living out this journey. You can look here for more information on connecting with Wayne’s travels. You can also sign up for Travel Updates if you want to be notified if Wayne is coming to a location near you.

The Lifestream Community – this email list, hosted by Yahoo, allows people who are sorting through the kinds of issues prominent on the Lifestream site to interact with me and with each other.

If you want to know more about me, check out About Wayne Jacobsen; and if you want to know what fuels the things we do and places I travel check out Our Passion. If there is any way we can encourage you, and the believers you hang with, to love God more and live more authentically please don’t hesitate to ask us.  My real joy, however, is to facilitate more interactive sessions where we spend some time together over a few days discovering what might be doing and sorting out the real issues that you’re confronting. I’d be happy to pray about any connection God might want to make that we offer mutual encouragement in his life. If you want to see where my travels take me and if I’ll be in your corner of the world anytime soon, you can check Wayne’s Travels.

We maintain a page listing Favorite Books that can encourage people in relational Christianity, with links to Amazon.com. Finally, we use a page on this site to help people find opportunities for fellowship outside organized religion. Our Connections page includes some email addresses for people in various cities. Though many of those listed there I know personally, there are many others that I don’t. We make no attempt to authenticate whether or not these people or groups are accurate portrayals of relational Christianity. Please don’t be afraid to ask questions and look with a discerning eye to see if what God might be doing among them.

Enjoy the site. We’re glad you came visiting and pray that God will use some of what’s here to encourage you on your own journey.

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