Seminars and Visits

wayne_seminars_and_visitsWhile my books, articles and audio resources are designed to encourage and help equip you to live this journey, we know that there is often no substitute for a face-to-face relationship. Although I cannot get to every group that would like me to come, I do try to go where God sends me knowing that there is nothing like a personal connection to help people move find greater life and freedom in Christ.

The opportunities I treasure most is to have a weekend among a group of people who are disillusioned with organized religion, but still passionate for God. Sometimes these people have recently spilled out of a painful experience and sometimes they’re just freshly sorting out what it means to live as God’s people in the earth. I enjoy spending a few days with such groups, hanging out in someone’s home and seeing what Father will do to help people sort out the pain of the past or recover their passion for his ongoing work in them. Wayne has done this for groups as small as half a dozen and as large as 40 or 50. It may not look like teaching, but it such groups the most extraordinary learning opportunity imagineable.

Wayne also shares with home groups, churches, universities and home groups on themes of spiritual intimacy, relational life with other believers, our families and the world. Themes for these workshops or seminars can be drawn from any of Wayne’s books or teaching audios:

  •     The Transforming Power of the Cross (See Crosswalk Below)
  •     A Relationship With Father Like You’ve Never Imagined
  •     Relational Church–Living Together as God’s Family
  •     Letting God Grow Your Trust
  •     How to Follow God’s Leading
  •     Healing Broken Relationships
  •     Relational Life Between a Husband and a Wife
  •     Letting Go: How to Build a Lifelong Friendship with Your Children

While I am happy to come alongside a group for a brief period of time to share insights and listen to God together with those who want to discover vital expressions of relational Christianity, I do not look for any formality to that relationship, other than the friendship God gives. He does not provide any ‘covering’ or ongoing supervision for any group of people, believing that is Jesus’ place as the Head of his church.

If you would like to make arrangements for Wayne to visit with you or your group…

Please know that I do not come among a group of people as an expert, but as a brother. I don’t have a plan to sell or a model to implement. What I do is help people sort out what God is doing among them, helping them connect with him enough to know. In this kind of situation, I do far less ‘speaking’ than I do conversing as we discover together God’s magnificence and what he might be doing among you folks. If I come, you are welcome to pick, probe and question to your heart’s content, take what seems to make sense for you and set aside the rest. He is the Lord of his church after all, and our whole focus must be on learning to trust him to build his way instead of our trying to build something for him.

For that, it seems to work best if we just ‘hang out’ together with folks who want to, asking questions, sharing insights and looking to him. Of course if you feel more comfortable scheduling some specific meeting times, or planning a workshop with a specific content, I’ll be happy to work with that. But I find in the simply dialogue of sharing our journey’s together as people have time to that weekend, we’ll cover all we need to cover.

How much does it cost to have me come? I get that question a lot. I do not charge anyone when I come on a trip like this. If anyone feels impressed to give anything that would help cover travel expenses and my time in being there, that is always a blessing. But I go where I sense God is calling me without any thought as to how we pay for it. As long as he asks me to do this he will find ways to pay our expenses and cover my time for being there. If you can help with those expenses we’re always grateful, but I know God has other ways to provide for such things. Thus you do not need to make any financial commitment when inviting Wayne, just a willilngness to pray together about God’s timing and his provision.

We do respond to direct invitations, and if you sense God wants to put this together, it helps greatly if you can give us some suggested dates for that. We cannot always accommodate specific dates, but they are always helpful to the conversation. The way we figure it here, we will know when we both know and that will help make God’s timing clear. If you’d like to contact me about a proposed visit you can contact me.