Wayne’s Travel Schedule

Wayne travels to help people process the themes he writes about and shares on the podcast at The God Journey.  Gatherings usually involve lots of conversation and time to get to know others from your area who are on a similar journey as well.  If you’d like to tag something on to one of these trips, or want to invite Wayne to visit your group,  contact our office.

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Grand Rapids, Kalamzoo, South Bend

September 23 - September 27, 2022

As part of Wayne and Sara's trip around the U.S., they are stopping in various places where people have expressed an interest in meeting with them and perhaps gathering with others.  This trip is not primarily about gathering big groups but on meaningful conversations with people on a God Journey, to live loved and grow in loving others. If you would like to gather with others or have some people in mind for Wayne and Sara to connect with, please contact Wayne.

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