The Narrow Road

Living Loved • Winter 2013        Current Issue I had just spent the weekend in a country home talking with a group of people about living in the Father’s love. Afterwards two of them drove me to the airport nearly [...]

Betrayal, Forgiveness and Reconciliation

By Wayne Jacobsen Living Loved • Spring 2012 The world does not need one more example of people who claim to be Christ-followers while they blow up close friendships for whatever personal gain they may seek. We have too [...]

The Church Jesus is Building

By Wayne Jacobsen Living Loved • Winter 2011 “What do you think the church is going to look like ten years from now?” I get asked that question almost everywhere I go. People assume that my travels and correspondence [...]

Quiet Lives of Profound Consequence

By Wayne Jacobsen Living Loved • Autumn 2011 They are all over the world. I’ve met them everywhere–men and women who have been seasoned with the joy of living loved and are capable in the simplest of conversations to [...]

How Do I… ?

By Wayne Jacobsen BodyLife • March 2010 “How do I…?” Probably 80% of the questions I get begin with those three little words. I shudder now when I hear them, though I don’t always show it. Believe me, I [...]

Bait and Switch

By Wayne Jacobsen BodyLife • May 2009 Trading the Vibrant Life of Jesus for a Ritualistic Religion Called Christianity. I saw the sign a year ago in Georgia: Live Free for Three Months. It was a developer’s marketing strategy [...]

The Power of Living In Love

By Wayne Jacobsen BodyLife • June 2008 Life has taken some crazy turns for me since the last one I wrote in September. I will still continue to do these from time to time, but they will not be [...]

Windblown: What Life in Him Looks Like

By Wayne Jacobsen BodyLife • February 2007 He was a religious leader who sought Jesus out in the dark of night. He knew Jesus’ miracles were proof that God was with him and he wanted to be part of [...]

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