Simple Church

Sometimes it is easy to miss the forest for the trees. I’ve spent a lot of time lately with people that are really excited about ‘Simple Church.’ I’d be excited about it too if it weren’t capitalized. I’m all [...]

Catching up

The last two weeks have really been a joy. It was great to get home and reconnect with family and finding out I’m going to be grandpa around Thanksgiving time next year. Sara and I also got to take [...]

Follow up to “Living in Two Worlds”

[Originally posed on Lifestream site on April 9, 2004] A few interesting circumstances fell together during my last day in Ireland that made God’s life a bit more real to me. I woke up on the on my 12th [...]

Home Again

If you want to read the Ireland journal in order, scroll down to March 24, 2004 and read up the blog to this page. Last night I arrived home from my 12 day stay in Ireland, exhausted but overjoyed [...]

From Dublin

We have come to the last stage of our journey, and I doubt I will have time to add more before I return. I do appreciate those who have prayed for us during this journey. We ended our time [...]

From Drogheda

Patrick (that’s him and me at left on the bluffs outside Kinsale) got in on Saturday night in Tralee and we spent the evening continuing our discussion on the cross and met in the morning with some of the [...]

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