To Trust or Not to Trust

To Trust or Not to Trust by Wayne Jacobsen BodyLife • February 1996 Sara and I had spent almost a week among them. Invited to teach, we were also learning as we watched the simplicity of fellowship, worship and [...]

Going to the Root

Going to the Root By Wayne Jacobsen BodyLife • June 1996 Talk about intimacy with God for very long, and the conversation almost always turns to how that is lived out in church life. Most people seem to recognize [...]

The Father’s Delight

The Father’s Delight By Wayne Jacobsen BodyLife • November 1996 What greater sound is there than that of children laughing? I’m still hooked on it and mine are in their mid to late teens. As their father, nothing touches [...]

What About Him?

What About Him? By Wayne Jacobsen BodyLife • January 1997 “When you grow old… someone else will dress you and bring you where you do not wish to go.” The words Jesus used were precise and abundantly clear. No [...]

What’s In it For Me?

What’s In it For Me? By Wayne Jacobsen BodyLife • May 1997 Over the last few years I’ve shared a meal or two with some incredible brothers and sisters. All of them had been involved in successful vocations or [...]

Welcome Home!

Welcome Home! By Wayne Jacobsen BodyLife • July 1997 The warm lights of the dinning room spill out through opened curtains into the growing darkness of the yard. The alluring aroma of dinner, tender conversation and cheerful laughter drift [...]

The Nut Test

BodyLife Archive • September 1997 By Wayne Jacobsen “You mean I’m not nuts!” No statement has been spoken to me more often by such a wide variety of people than this one.  Sometimes it’s a question. Sometimes it’s spoken [...]

Why Are You So Afraid?

Why Are You So Afraid? By Wayne Jacobsen BodyLife • November 1997 From out of no where it seemed the storm had charged across the lake and threatened to sink the small boat and the disciples. Terrified they finally [...]

Every Day, Every Moment

Every Day, Every Moment By Wayne Jacobsen BodyLife • May 1998 There was never a moment in the last seven days of your life when Jesus wasn’t present with you—fully aware of everything you were doing. Now, what do [...]

By Every Word

By Every Word By Wayne Jacobsen BodyLife • July 1998 Isn’t it amazing what people will do in God’s name and never think twice about it? I stood in a beautiful cathedral in Albi, a small city in the [...]

Getting on Father’s Page

Getting on Father’s Page By Wayne Jacobsen BodyLife • September 1998 He was used to people clearing their schedule for him. After all, he was a writer for Time Magazine, and who wouldn’t be flattered enough by his request [...]

Painting Outside the Lines

Painting Outside the Lines By Wayne Jacobsen BodyLife • November 1998 Remember the old paint-by-number sets? Collies stretched out on a hillside. Fly fishermen casting over a forest stream. Autumn trees and distant mountains. Somewhere inside me must be [...]

Rekindling Passion

Rekindling Passion By Wayne Jacobsen BodyLife • January 1999 Can you remember the last time you awoke in the middle of the night, not to anxiety or fear, but to Jesus’ invitation to spend some time with him? Or [...]

Signposts On The Journey

Signposts On the Journey By Wayne Jacobsen BodyLife • May 1999 You haven’t really had an adventure until you rent a car and drive alone through the backroads of New England. The roads twist and turn in directions you [...]

The Hen and Her Chicks

The Hen and Her Chicks By Wayne Jacobsen BodyLife • November 1999 The forest fire had been brought under control, and the group of firefighters were working back through the devastation making sure all the hot spots had been [...]

The Same Old Story

The Same Old Story By Wayne Jacobsen BodyLife • January 2000 How quickly the Galatians had lost sight of it! According to Paul, they had had a clear revelation of the crucified Christ and the glory it produced. They [...]

In Exactly the Same Way

In Exactly the Same Way By Wayne Jacobsen BodyLife • March 2000 He didn’t keep it to himself. It might have been impossible – even for God! To hold something so beautiful for himself was unthinkable. He had enjoyed [...]

The Deepest Freedom

The Deepest Freedom By Wayne Jacobsen BodyLife • January 2001 The familiar voice on the phone brought back incredible memories of the friendship we had shared, even though it had been almost two years since we had last spoken. [...]

Questions About Body Life

Questions About Body Life By Wayne Jacobsen BodyLife • August 2001 Sharing the journey has always been an important part of BodyLife. I am continually amazed at the people that God allows to cross our paths who are also [...]

Lessons from the Rubble

Lessons from the Rubble By Wayne Jacobsen BodyLife • November 2001 Last Saturday I stood with my wife and son at the place in Manhattan now known as Ground Zero. The massive buildings that had been the World Trade [...]

The Joy of Letting Go

The Joy of Letting Go By Wayne Jacobsen BodyLife • April 2002 When my daughter Julie invited me to go kayaking with her around the Channel Islands Harbor, I thought it would be a leisurely afternoon. As soon as [...]

The Third Road

The Third Road By Wayne Jacobsen BodyLife • June 2002 My father woke us up at 5:30 in the morning. We crawled out of our sleeping bags into the cold mountain air, ready for a fishing trip of a [...]

It’s So Worth It!

It’s So Worth It! By Wayne Jacobsen BodyLife • September 2002 Sara and I heard it over and over again as we struggled up the trail to Hanging Lake outside Glenwood Spring, Colorado. The trail winds uphill 1,000 feet [...]

Sharing the Journey

Sharing the Journey By Wayne Jacobsen and Clay Jacobsen BodyLife • July 2003 Isn’t it interesting that you can spend all day wandering through the busy streets of Manhattan without anyone noticing you, and yet anyone you pass on [...]

Living in Two Worlds

Living in Two Worlds By Wayne Jacobsen BodyLife • February 2004 I can’t begin to comprehend what it would be like to wake up tomorrow morning and find myself free of everything that hinders or distracts me from life [...]

Breaking Free

Can someone try too hard to walk with God? Absolutely! I know that sounds odd, but relationship with the Living God cannot be earned by human effort, even extensive human effort. And sometimes those trying the hardest to make [...]

A Couple Struggles with Pornography

This is the exchange I had with a young wife and mother struggling with her husband’s addiction. I think it is important for all sides to see how this is not some victimless pursuit and how couples can work [...]

The Struggle for Sexual Freedom

These two letters come from brothers I know personally and i thought their stories might be an encouragement and help to others. I know that God does not have a process for this kind of freedom that fits everyone, [...]

Feasting on the Tree of Life

By Wayne Jacobsen with David Hebden and Paul Young BodyLife • August 2005 For those who don’t think we truly died that day in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve chose the knowledge of good and evil [...]

Tree Town – A Parable For Our Times

By David Hebden* and Wayne Jacobsen BodyLife • November 2005 There was a town much like any other town, except it had no trees. A disease had wiped them out so long ago that no one living today even [...]

Reveling in the Freedom to Follow

By Wayne Jacobsen BodyLife • July 2006 To be honest, most of the mornings I lived bogged down by the demands and agendas of religion, I woke up defeated. I’d look at the clock dreading what the day might [...]

The Language of Community

By Wayne Jacobsen & Dave Coleman BodyLife • September 2006 I’m currently reading So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore into audio files for a soon-to-be-released CD. [Edit: We have finished the audio book. You can find [...]

Windblown: What Life in Him Looks Like

By Wayne Jacobsen BodyLife • February 2007 He was a religious leader who sought Jesus out in the dark of night. He knew Jesus’ miracles were proof that God was with him and he wanted to be part of [...]

The Power of Living In Love

By Wayne Jacobsen BodyLife • June 2008 Life has taken some crazy turns for me since the last one I wrote in September. I will still continue to do these from time to time, but they will not be [...]

Bait and Switch

By Wayne Jacobsen BodyLife • May 2009 Trading the Vibrant Life of Jesus for a Ritualistic Religion Called Christianity. I saw the sign a year ago in Georgia: Live Free for Three Months. It was a developer’s marketing strategy [...]

How Do I… ?

By Wayne Jacobsen BodyLife • March 2010 “How do I…?” Probably 80% of the questions I get begin with those three little words. I shudder now when I hear them, though I don’t always show it. Believe me, I [...]

Quiet Lives of Profound Consequence

By Wayne Jacobsen Living Loved • Autumn 2011 They are all over the world. I’ve met them everywhere–men and women who have been seasoned with the joy of living loved and are capable in the simplest of conversations to [...]

The Church Jesus is Building

By Wayne Jacobsen Living Loved • Winter 2011 “What do you think the church is going to look like ten years from now?” I get asked that question almost everywhere I go. People assume that my travels and correspondence [...]

Betrayal, Forgiveness and Reconciliation

By Wayne Jacobsen Living Loved • Spring 2012 The world does not need one more example of people who claim to be Christ-followers while they blow up close friendships for whatever personal gain they may seek. We have too [...]

The Narrow Road

Living Loved • Winter 2013        Current Issue I had just spent the weekend in a country home talking with a group of people about living in the Father’s love. Afterwards two of them drove me to the airport nearly [...]

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