Would You Want to Come With Us to Israel?

My trip to Israel in 1997 proved too far more impact on me than I ever thought it could. I promised someday to take Sara there. I wanted her to walk this land where God made Himself known in the world. The time has come to make good on that promise! And you are invited to come along with us and explore the land where love was first revealed.

I had no idea what it would mean on a personal level: to stand on the shore in Galilee one evening, while the water lapped at my feet,to climb Mt. Carmel where Elijah confronted the prophets of Baal, to be surrounded by 2000 year old trees in Gethsemane,to experience pitch-black darkness in the very dungeon that held Jesus the night before He was crucified. Time in Israel gave me a different dimension of understanding for God’s work of redemption. I was drawn closer to His heart. I had touched the earth where He had walked. I had been given a first-hand look at the sky, hills, valleys, and waters where He lived out His physical life. I had experienced His earthly home!

We’re making room for forty people to come with us.  As we journey, we’ll walk through the Scripture story. I’ll be sharing some thoughts at key sites designed to stimulate personal reflection. And as we go along, we will enjoy a joint conversation about how God is revealing Himself in us.

The Israel Tour Company, known for intimate tours that allow people to absorb the culture and history of the land, is planning our time. They hosted me years ago, and I am happy to be working with them now. We’ll even have the same guide that I enjoyed so much when I was there all those years ago.

We have chosen to travel in February since the weather is comfortable in the desert locations. There aren’t as many tourists in the country at this time. And we can take a smaller, more intimate group more affordably. The length of the trip is designed to move us through the highlights of the country, still allowing time for reflection and a free day in Jerusalem.

I hope you can join us for an awesome time – one that will forever change your perspective and understanding.

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