Torn Between Two Titles

I’m finishing up my newest book, which I have tentatively called The Phenomenon of the Dones. I’ve written these chapters as part of my blog over the last two years and posted the last chapter, To the Saints Scattered…, a few weeks ago. Now I’m going through and revising all the chapters as well as rearranging them to make it flow better. I hope to have it available early in 2018 as an e-book and printed book.

But lately I’ve been reconsidering the title. Since “The Dones” as a term has not really caught on in the wider faith culture, I’m considering switching the title to Beyond Sundays.  So, I want to use my readers here as a focus group.  Do you have a preference, and if so why?  Reading your thoughts and comments, either here on the blog or on my Facebook page will help me sort out the best way to go here.

So, which do you think would be most helpful to find it’s audience?

Option 1:

The Phenomenon of the Dones
Why Those Giving Up on the Traditional Congregation May Not Be Bad News for the Church


Option 2:

Beyond Sundays
Pursuing a Life in Jesus Outside the Traditional Congregation

Thoughts, anyone?

I’m torn between the two, so I would appreciate hearing how these hit some of you.

129 thoughts on “Torn Between Two Titles”

  1. edwin and ellemieke

    We prefer:
    Beyond Sundays
    Pursuing a Life in Jesus Outside the Traditional Congregation

    a. Because it makes us wonder what the rest of the book will be
    b. it makes us to be curious to read something about a life in the real world in stead of the bubble of church life
    c. because we are not done with faith, life etc but done with the fixed mindset of church

    hugs and love

    edwin and ellemieke

  2. Hi Wayne,

    I prefer The Phenomenon of the Dones, with the tag line “Pursuing a Life in Jesus Outside the Traditional Congregation” from the second title. For me this is more clear upon first glance what I may find in the book.

    When I first saw the Title Beyond Sundays I immediately thought it was going to say what else you do during the week to keep whatever you heard on Sunday in Church to the forefront of your mid or life etc.

  3. Dones is not a term I am familiar with so it has a downside straight away.
    I think option 2 – is more open and positive, it is a title that as a follower of Jesus I would want to read to further my own journey.

  4. I like Option 2. It seems to be looking at the positive side that we aren’t “done” with Jesus…we’re just looking for something beyond Sunday.

  5. I love the Beyond Sundays because it encompasses those who have walked away from the traditional Sunday “event” AND those of us who still attend regularly or periodically but are learning to live a much freer life with Jesus the other 6 ¾ days of the week.

  6. I’m more drawn to the second option. It draws me in and doesn’t feel as condemning. You put a label on people in the first title. The second one has me more curious of what exactly pursuing a life in Jesus outside of traditional church really looks like. I want to know more.

  7. Definitely “Beyond Sundays” conveys hope and encouragement for life with Jesus outside of the traditional “norm”.

  8. I like #2 for the reasons already stated above. It just seems more inviting. The first one comes across more like a study for those who do church growth research.

  9. I like #2 because it implies I am still pursuing God and it has a more positive spin to it. #1 has a negative feel to it and feels more desperate (giving up on..). I can hardly wait to read it! Maybe you can create a Google form or a SurveyMonkey to complete this survey and you won’t have to read all of the comments. Thanks for being a pastor-type outside of the walls! Blessings, Shannon (aka prechawife)

  10. I really connect with the “Beyond Sundays” title. And I think that will especially grab the attention of many who, like me, have experienced what you are passionate about – being a Jesus follower outside the walls and confines of “the church” that so many believers are today. Being a Pastor’s wife for the last 30 years, I find that your books are telling the true story of so many people we know and love… including my husband and I. So thankful for you, and all those who share such compassion and wisdom for those who are searching.

  11. The Phenomenon of the ‘Dones’ – too negative a connotation.
    Beyond Sundays – well, this applies to traditional congregations too, so is non-specific.
    What about amalgamating them into:
    Following Christ beyond the Boundaries: Why Those Giving Up on the Traditional Congregation May Not Be Bad News for the Church

  12. Beyond Sundays – the other sounds like a particular generation that someone may or may not belong to, so I think people might skip past the book if they’re skimming a shelf of titles.

  13. Honestly, neither of them really jump out at me. Beyond Sundays sounds too predictable and traditional to me, and The Phenomenon of the Dones sounds too much like other books that are out there on the same topic. If I may offer another possible angle…the phrase “gone but not forgotten” came to mind. As it pertains to the Dones, could it be something that conveys the same kind of idea?

    How about something like…

    Done but not… (Maybe just leave it at that, or maybe there’s another word, which I can’t come up with. LOL!)
    When giving up on the traditional congregation doesn’t mean giving up on Jesus

  14. Hi there – Whenever one gets into a “binary conflict” (torn between two options), it is helpful to come up with a third option! This broadens the perspectives one has on the first two options.

  15. I rather like a remix of the two:
    Beyond Sundays : Why Those Giving Up on the Traditional Congregation May Not Be Bad News for the Church

    Title is totally accessible and offers hope while touching on the Sunday-is-special (religious) taboo, while the subtitle offers a positive outcome to a potential negative in the minds of those addicted to the ‘traditional congregation.” ideal.

  16. I like title #1 with subtitle #2.
    About 10 years ago, I came across a paper you wrote dated 1991 on the subject. Hard to believe you have been at this for 25+ years. Anyway, your treatise was part of my journey of starting to see things I had never seen before. It sure seems that God is bringing a renewing reformation with continued revelation and clarity to the church. Thank you the your helpful articulation and insights.

  17. My first reaction to “Beyond Sunday” was that this is only meaningful if one associates Sunday with attending an institutionalised church service, while the concept of “dones” incorporates more than just the Sunday church service. Personally, I would consider a combination of the two titles: “Done with Sunday Church” – it suggests ongoing faith and fellowship without the trappings of the buildings and structured programmes of contemporary church today.

  18. Greetings, Wayne!
    I can’t tell you how excited I am to know that you will be publishing this soon in print! I want to buy so many copies for so many friends!
    I really prefer the second option: Beyond Sundays. To me the whole “Sunday as Sacred” idea is so deeply ingrained in the Christian psyche that it is almost the crux of the whole matter, and I think a title that dares suggest that there is life beyond that idea will be very enticing to many who secretly wish it to be true.
    God bless you for being a voice for so many of us.

  19. #2 is more positive and recognizable and more likely to get people who are still in church culture to read, but it might seem to those who want to leave or have left as a “How to Do Sunday All Week” type of book, and won’t pick it up. I agree with a prior poster who combined the #1 title and #2 subtitle. Or maybe a variation on #2.

  20. Hi, Wayne. I agree with Cris Shapiro! I think Beyond Sundays sounds like how to add to traditional church services, not take them away. But I do like the second subtitle. It helps clarify what “Dones” are.

  21. Wayne –

    I like the second option for a couple of reasons. One, I think the cover looks better (not as crowded). Two, the first title to me suggests more of a research, Barna-esque approach to the subject vs. the second title which sounds more story-like. I think that second title might appeal to a broader audience and seems a bit more clear to me.

  22. I like the Phenomenon of the Dones, the second makes me think of all the work ahead in a crazy life to continue what I have heard on Sunday! So, I prefer the first as I am done with the traditional Sunday!

  23. Definitely “Beyond Sundays” ! That title is so much more engaging and full of life. “The Phenomenom of the Dones” sounds flat and lifeless in comparison, like the end of a story instead of the beginning of something new and fresh. Go for it!

  24. I like option 2 better. The first comes across as a rebel while the other seems more open…

    My husband’s favorite thing to tell people when asked about what church do we go to is Jesus church and that he follows Jesus all week. He also tells them he’s a minister of the gospel, “what church?”, “oh I don’t get a paycheck for it”.

  25. I think “Beyond Sunday’s” is better
    Dones is to negative !
    I think initially a potential reader might see the book as a futher Journey rather than done with one road and going totally another way !

  26. Option 1 I like. I love how it puts in context Church and congregation as many think the building/congregation is church. I think this will not only get the “dones” readership but also those who are/were against the dones or think it’s wrong for the Body. The things I don’t like is that it’s not “may be” …the truth is that it isn’t bad:) BUT the “may be” part invites those who are currently against the dones. The dones term is labeling which I don’t like but it’s using what culture has said so fine.

    Option 2 hit me to be something that would be another book about how we are not just Christian on Sunday but the whole week…and the excerpt below hit me to be something that may further turn off those who are admomant about traditional congregation which they equate to their term “church”.

    So depends on audience…I think option 1 is for more people and will help the Body more as a whole and option 2 is for just the dones but they might miss out on it as the title has been used much for talks of how one needs to be Christian not just on Sunday’s.

  27. Hi Wayne, I like both but I feel that option 2 might not work for those inside the organisations because it could come across as ‘he is bashing us again!’ I like the concept expressed in option 1 as it sets a challenge to explore the thinking behind those leaving the traditions.

  28. Hey there Wayne – my preference is Beyond Sundays. Regarding the first title – my visual brain first reads “The Phenomenon of the DRONES” ! Then I read, DONES and think – what does that mean? cheers

  29. Wayne….can’t wait to get the new book and read it.
    I’ll be succinct. When I read the word ‘Dones’ I read it with a long ‘a’ sound such that it rhymes with drones. Thus, if I had never heard you use the word in person and explain it, I would be wondering what dones (sounding like doans or drones) means. (Substitute possibilities in the same vein as your first option….The Phenomenon of the Nevers….or….The Phenomenon of Those Who are Done)

    Of the two you pose, I like the second title (Beyond Sundays) better.

  30. Sandy Bennett Logan

    I like “Beyond Sundays”. The term “Dones” seems to have a negative slant and I chuckle as I write this because I’m one of those in a lot of ways. However, I am not out of the walls of the “walled church” because of anything negative. It’s due to seeking LOTS more positives in my walk with Christ. That took me way beyond Sundays. I think a lot of people would be drawn to pursuing a life lived in the Love of The Father, without necessarily being “done” with traditional church.

  31. I’m so accustomed to hearing the 1st one and I have loved it for such a long time, that it’s hard to think outside of that box… However, I could see why some people might consider it as slightly leaning toward being a little abrasive or cutting against the grain (so to speak).

    I could also see why some people would mistake the 1st title and subtitle as meaning that it’s good to give up on God and the church (which I know isn’t your intent whatsoever). I know you [Wayne] are still loving our loving God and his people known as the church.

    I think that most of the people in your niche market would like both, but to appeal to those that are still in IC’s and a broader spectrum of people, the 2nd may appeal to more of that broad spectrum (without immediately turning them off or leaving a bad taste in their mouth, so to speak). However, in my opinion, the 1st is more descriptive as to what’s in the book… especially since I have read all those articles and loved them…. You might try to see if you could blend them both and re-word the title and subtitle… if that’s possible… “Beyond Sundays – why the phenomenon of the dones leaving traditional congregations might be a good thing”… Maybe I’m dreaming a bit too much with that one… since it might be a bit long. LOL…

    I wish you all the best Wayne…

  32. I like the second option. I don’t really care for the term ‘Dones’. I am a ‘done’ in many ways and will never go back to all that the traditional church entails. I have been set free and don’t intend to go back into captivity! However, that doesn’t mean I will never be a part of a congregation again. Three years ago I left my home church of over 17 yrs. Did not attend any church at all , but now I find myself involved in several ‘churches’ at one time. I go to a bible study at one, an exercise group at another, a Sunday morning event at another and a monthly event at another one that hosts women of all faiths. I have relationships in all of them and do not feel bound and gagged by any of them! I fell into most of this by accident but find I am enjoying them all. Who knows what is next!

  33. I like Beyond Sundays because it speaks to me what you are writing about and it is easier to understand if you are not familiar with the term Doners.

  34. I like the suggestions of using the “Dones” title with the “Sundays” subtitle. Though it’s definitely true that “Beyond Sundays” is more positive in general. That might appeal to a wider audience, in different places in their journeys. (It would appear to be true, just based on the comments above.)

    Can’t wait to hold a paperback copy in my hands. Thanks for working hard to put all these thoughts into well-crafted words!

  35. I’m leaning more toward ‘Beyond Sundays’ because to me the title gives a visual of transition and transformation as opposed to ‘dones.’

  36. I agree with Ashley Perks post at 12:18 pm. (Beyond Sundays with “Done” subtitle.) It makes more sense to me and does not sound like it is criticising others choices. Sadly, I have family members who are “done” with the Church because it is too liberal, imperfect, and pagan. Their rigidity is frightening since I can discover no common ground. They feel that staying at home and communing with the KJV Bible is all they need. They are not open to any Christian authors or commentators. It reminds me of the bumper sticker: “If you think it, it’s right.”

  37. Hi Wayne, I like Option 2. I’m done with the done’s! I believe those inside organize congregations view the done terminology in a negative light. Beyond Sundays is catchy, makes me want to know more. Either way, please use the subtitle: Pursuing a Life in Jesus Outside the Traditional Congregation…I really like how it presents the essence of our walk…Life in Jesus!

    Thanks for your many hours at pulling this together.

  38. Definitely, beyond Sunday has a better sound and is more intriguing. The Dones one has an obscure meaning for me

  39. Both subtitles are more eye-catching and explain what the book will be about. As one person said, I like the first title Done with the second subtitle …outside the traditional congregation. It helps explains what Dones means. Dones conveys frustration with regular church and then an alternative is suggested with the second subtitle. Geez. A lot of people have already commented. Maybe the book will sell 🙂

  40. Option 1:

    The Phenomenon of the Dones
    Why Those Giving Up on the Traditional Congregation May Not Be Bad News for the Church

    This one has my vote, Wayne. This title looks like it is more inviting a conversation from the club people… vs the second title seems something like Finding Church… for those of us who have left the business side of Christianity. I would like to see this as a book I can give to my pastor friends to invite them into a conversation.
    If you are concerned that the word “Dones” hasn’t taken off yet. Maybe it will take off after books like this are circulated.
    I’m not a fan of labels either, but those still in the club house seem to identify more with them. There needs to be something made clear. We aren’t all “NONES” If that label is circulating.. we need to circulate the “DONE” label too.
    I really want to have a conversation with some pastor friends and I think this book is the open door for that conversation.

    Thank you

    Ruby from Calmar, Alberta

  41. I love option 2! Not many people I know are familiar with the term The Dones, even those who are *Done*. I think the second title will draw a greater audience.

  42. I like ‘The Phenomenon of the Dones’ because it seems more to the point for those who are done and raises the question ‘what is a done’ to those who do not understand.

  43. Option 2: Beyond Sundays ….it sounds inviting and has a little intrigue to it! Makes you want to see what it is about.

  44. Beyond Sunday makes me think of “in addition to” as opposed to instead of Sunday. Done is much more accurate, though it does come with a negative connotation . I found that I was tired of expending energy to keep the church running, all the while missing out on sharing intimate encounters with Jesus with my fellow Christians. I feel that Done is the better of the two suggestions. I am so thankful for your books and blog. Your willingness to lead this has brought tremendous freedom and healing to me and my friends. I tell every burned out Christian that I know about your books and your Transition Series. They are like a cool drink in a dry and barren land.

  45. I’m not sure. ‘Beyond Sunday’ as a phrase that is already used frequently in church institutions and missions describing extended programs, discipleship, personal development from the central teaching of the Sunday services etc etc… google ‘Beyond Sunday’ and see… at the same time I don’t think ‘The Phenomenon of the Dones’ catches the imagination as to the pursuit of God’s brimming life and love at the core of this…. ‘Done’ can be pejorative in its finality, but the journey you are describing is a new beginning. I remember telling a friend that when I was a child, going to 3-4 services and sunday schools on a Sunday and no ‘non-christian’ activities permitted, that ‘I loved God but hated Sundays’…. could ‘Done with Sunday’ capture the disillusionment with the Sunday ‘stuff’ but not God….

  46. Even though I come from a sabbatarian background I like “Beyond Sundays” because I think more people will be intrigued by the title and at least pick it up and have a closer look. Most people aren’t familiar with the term “dones” and I don’t think it would catch their eyes. It’s all about the marketing not what we might personally like.

  47. Hi Wayne,
    My husband I met you when our family was still young 9 years ago whilebexpevying our first daughter. We met in Georgia when you visited the Land in Woodstock Ga. I personally have seen and heard a lot of negative approach and perspectives from Gtace teachers. I believe if the revelation you are receiving is conveyed to believers with a positive undertone like the second option, you will reach more people with your heart. The book sounds great!

    Thanks Johanna Munroe

  48. Christian enslavement consumed me 7 days a week. Nothing was ever enough. It was always way Beyond Sunday for me and it left me exhausted. Beyond Sundays just hits me right off the wrong way even before I can read the second line for clarification. The Phenomenon of the Dones intrigues me more. But I am not sure it is quite the right title either. Just that I have grown comfortable with seeing the title of The Dones over the time you have been writing it. Sorry, not much help here. Maybe you should call it So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore 2 LOL.

    1. My heart does resonate with John’s comments here, Wayne, having spent years in a cultist type home education program & ‘church’ institutions who were constantly hounding us to be more active everyday.
      So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore 2 is a reasonable option. However, these ideas are also appealing:
      “Abandoning Ship? Believers Are finding life in Jesus outside of the traditional structure.” (I’ve added a question mark &the word ‘are’ in this suggestion of Jeff Vinyard’s)
      ” Life outside the Walls…..enjoying a life in Jesus…” stealing ideas from a couple of other’s suggestions.

  49. I put on Facebook my pick is beyond Sunday’s. A little clearer, softer, and more loving for those still in organized church. Might invite them in more.

  50. Beyond Sundays feels like a title that may peak the interest of mainstream Christians. It’s somehow less “antagonistic” I guess than the word Done. Once we are done we are kind of written off. I could see some Christians actually being afraid to read or disinterested in that. Of course, if it’s for the encouragement of the Done’s more than an explanation of them, then I like Phenomenon. So I guess it depends on who this is for.

  51. Hi Wayne! I cannot wait to read the book, whatever title you decide to go with. If I saw it in a bookstore, the title that would appeal me more would be The Phenomenon of the Dones, Pursuing a Life in Jesus Outside the Traditional Congregation. So it’s a mix of the two titles. Beyond Sundays just sounds to me like another book on how the religious are trying for you to live outside of the church walls, and that pre-judgment of the title would cause me not to even pick up the book to inquire. But that’s just me! Praying you find the best title for your target audience.

  52. Wayne, I love your books, so I’m looking forward to holding, underlining and digesting this one too! While the first title is definitely catchy, I think “Beyond Sundays: Pursuing a Life in Jesus Outside the Traditional Congregation” has a more positive message. It may snag the crowd who are ‘done’ with the demands and incessant activity of the modern church, but not relationship with Abba and His family. The title makes it sound like a transition is doable, positive and hopeful! I love it!

  53. I like option 2. It does not seem to denigrate “church” as it is seen by many folks but leaves open another way of looking at Christian fellowship!

  54. I prefer option #2 although I like the subtitle on #1. Can that be option #3?
    The title on #1 seems clumsy, definitely didn’t capture my attention.

  55. I love the second one

    Beyond Sundays
    Pursuing a Life in Jesus Outside the Traditional Congregation

    It indicates a continuation of pursuing Jesus, apart from Sunday, so those in and those out will still be interested in how to do that. I think that ‘The Dones’ only speaks to those in the know, our own language that doesn’t include the ‘Not Dones’.

  56. I personally like Beyond Sundays. It feels more inclusive rather than excluding. There are some who still attend a congregation for the sake of spouses or other love ones. Also the title of a book someone is reading or just lying around can intrigue or put some one off.

  57. Howard Marshall (NZ)

    Option 2 in my opinon is a better title, relaying more information about what the book is about. It is more catchy and would get my attention anyway. Coming from NZ I don’t understand what the dones are anyway so it would not interest me althought subject does and I would tend to gloss over it. Im looking forward to it.

  58. “Beyond Sundays” is my favorite. Makes sense and feels interesting, where “Phenomenon of the Dones” doesn’t make sense to most people, I don’t think.

  59. I like “Beyond Sundays” because it reminds us that church isn’t about meeting on a certain day in a certain place. I wonder about the subtitle though- “Pursuing a life in Jesus outside the traditional congregation.” I think I’m hung up on the word “pursuing” because it takes me back to that place of trying to find Jesus, to do something! What if instead of pursuing it was “enjoying a life in Jesus…”

  60. #2 – Really like “beyond”. Some of us may be still working within traditional congregations, so not sure about the term “outside”. So grateful for the message Father has entrusted to you!

  61. I like the title of Option 2 but the subtitle of Option 1. I believe that paired together it would grab the attention of those outside of a traditional congregation as well as those within.

  62. Hi Wayne – thank you for your humility in asking us.
    I certainly prefer the second option to the first option as ‘being done’ with something has rather negative connotations. However, I am not convinced by the second option either as “Beyond Sundays” speaks to me of – ‘Don’t think that attendance on Sunday is enough, there are lots of other activities for God that you should be performing the rest of the week’
    As regards the strap line “Why Those Giving Up on the Traditional Congregation May Not Be Bad News for the Church” I noticed that in the mock up pictures in your post you have used this for both – and I think it is the best one. “Pursuing” has a striving feel to it.
    However, dare I ask? Can we could come up with an alternative that addresses the wider question “What do we mean by ‘church’?” In fact could that be a title? With perhaps the strapline “Why Those Giving Up on the traditional church May Not Be Bad News for the Church”. It distinguishes the church as a building and institution from the Church of which the Bible speaks. Do hope that this is helpful. With love Ian

  63. Beyond Sundays, is better as when one leaves ,what now?, free to explore the fullness of what Jesus taught without restling with some church doctrine or tradition.

  64. I like the Dones. It is intriguing and the subtitle is very good. Even though the term did not really catch on. Beyond Sundays limits the scope of the book in my opinion.

  65. I feel your pain because I like both of the titles. Because I am very familiar with the “Dones” as a descriptive term for those seeking authenticity in their spiritual pilgrimage outside of conventional church, I personally would embrace the first option. But there are a significant number of my acquaintances who are unfamiliar with the term, and would likely not even notice or be enticed to read with that title, so my input would be to go with option 2.

    I spent quite some time as a DONE—moving past the pain and betrayal. Father healed all that as I surrendered it to Him, and living BEYOND is more beautiful than I ever could have imagined. Your writings played a major role in that transformation. BEYOND SUNDAYS sounds so full of the hope and promise that He offers.

  67. Christine McKinley

    I like the title “Beyond Sundays”. To me, the other title is a bit too long and this is much more concise. It also grabs my attention. I read the other title and had to think about what it might mean. Love your heart, ministry and you are a breath of fresh air in my journey right now. Thank you.

  68. I first read the title as the “The Phenomenon of the DRones” and wondered what those little flying machines might have to do with Christians!

    I vote for the second option of “Beyond Sundays”.


  69. Hello,
    I prefer Beyond Sundays. I will tell you why. Quakers never even used the days of the week because they are named after Roman gods. They would just use day 1, day 2 etc. Secondly every day is special because God made it. Why should we exclude every day but the 7th? Every day I praise and worship him. God is not excluded for one day a week because we have a relationship. I don’t know about anyone else, but I need Him everyday. I can’t wait to read it!!! That’s my two cents for whatever its worth.

  70. Beyond Sundays resonates with me. I have been feeling stifled with the traditional Sunday worship and am looking for a way to find Christ in my daily life. The Dones doesn’t speak to me and has a negative rather than positive connotation.

  71. What if your book title was simply “Done!” …with a tag line of :
    Why the exodus from the Traditional Church is good for the Body of Christ.

    This title distinguishes between the Institution of the “Church” model, vs following Jesus and obeying his commands to the ekklesia.

  72. As a recovering Baptist, just saying “Beyond Sunday” doesn’t cover it. It would need a Beyond Sunday Morning, Sunday Night, Tuesday Night, and Wednesday night. Ha!

    Someone else said in earlier posts that when you have trouble working on 2 options adding a third may be in order. In that vein…And since I don’t like following rules like… “2 options, pick one”… What about Abandoning Ship! Believers finding life in Jesus outside of the traditional structure.

    Now that I have had my fun, I would say that I like Beyond Sundays best.

  73. I would ask YOU, what are you trying to convey? Which words shape the content of the book’s message?( I did like the one suggestion of “The Phenomenon of…” with #2’s second line.) I am a “done” and “Beyond Sunday” sounds like I’m still doing Sundays and also more throughout the week…..For me it would be more appropriately, “Instead of Sunday.”

  74. I strongly prefer Beyond Sundays. The “Dones” title bothered me, even before you mentioned it. It sounded negative, and you are NOT a negative person! I fear it will keep people from reading your book. Beyond Sundays speaks to ALL of us—because life in Jesus is about way more than Sundays, no matter WHAT we do with the institution of church.

    Thanks, Wayne. As always, you remain thoughtful in the way you speak to the larger community.

  75. Wayne, you forgot a niche audience… there are some out there who may not know there is
    Life beyond Sabbath.

    Seriously, I’m leaning towards title Option 2 (or 3?):

    (Life) Beyond Sundays
    Pursuing (our) Life in Jesus Outside the Traditional Congregation

  76. Hello Wayne , If you are torn between both of them ,there is a third option, integrate them :
    -life beyond Sundays-

    Or some form of that
    i.e.: “THE DONES”
    -journeying beyond Sunday’s- etc…. why , because this is how my reality is . I am done with God being a Sunday God and discovering the journey of God in me every day .

  77. Hi. New commenter here. Been reading/listening for a while, though.

    I like the “Beyond Sundays” cover.

    The “Dones” cover seems to me to be disjointed. The title and tag line seem almost disparate enough to be different topics. I know they are not and I know how they are not, but that is because I am familiar with your work and views. Otherwise, at least to me, it is not intuitive that they go together. It is much easier to see continuity there being already familiar with your work. If I did not know what you were about I would be a little lost and frustrated and you would probably lose me at “hello.”

    The combination of “Beyond Sundays” and the tag line that follows has (IMO) a better flow of thought and continuity than the “Dones” one. I find the cursive font for “Beyond” to further reinforce the sense of continuity, since the letters are attached to each other. Also, there is a pleasant fluidity to the cursive font since the letters are rounded and not boxy and edgy and sharp like the “Dones” ones are. This is reinforced by the warm light streaming through the open doors. It “feels” good to look at the cover and generates a pleasing interest in your subject. I would definitely pick this book up and look at it. And, knowing your work, I would find the content and general “feel” of the book to agree with the impression I got from the cover.

    So the “Beyond” cover has a sort of integrity within itself and what (since I know your work) I expect would be the content of the book, and also your personality as you come across (to me) in your other writings and podcast.

    It’s not so much that the “Dones” cover doesn’t have this, but (IMO) it struggles to express it, or doesn’t do it with the same grace and elegance that the “Beyond” cover does.

    The “Dones” cover seems sort of impersonal and academic and kind of “data-esque.” I’m almost expecting statistics and bean counter info. The “Beyond” cover feels a lot more personal, personally applicable, and relational.

    Hope that is helpful.

  78. Like nearly everyone else, the second title Beyond Sundays is much better. Reminds me of “Star Trek – Beyond.”

  79. HI Wayne,

    You’ve probably received tons of comments by now, but I will add my 2 cents anyway! I like the title, “Beyond Sundays”, but the subtitle you used for “Phenomenon of The Dones”. How about combining those two?

    I also REALLY like the last chapter, “To the Saints Scattered”. So much richness. I was on a flight to Peru when I read it and I had tears streaming down my face and found myself nodding vigorously through many sections. I think the flight attendants were getting concerned!

    I have no doubt you will be given the wisdom you need to make the decision that will draw those who Father is calling.

    With appreciation for all you do,

  80. Hi Wayne – I would not have picked up a book called Beyond Sundays in a Christian bookshop. It sounds way too mild – similar to thousands of titles that promote lifestyle Christianity. Nothing wrong with that, except that the theme has reached a bit of a saturation point. Your content is way too provocative and radical for a title like that. I think you owe your readers a title that will represent the nature of your writing, which is frankly very different to 99% of the stuff out there. (Imagine Viola & Barna’s Pagan Christianity was called Doing Church Differently.) I like Phenomenon of the Dones, as it has an edge to it, but maybe one can look at other titles as well. One word titles are popular nowadays, so I would have been intrigued with something like simply DONE!, with a cartoon of a person walking away from a church building.

  81. My thoughts:
    Beyond Sundays is less negative, less combative, less compartmentalizing. However, it Does immediately take the mind to -“how to be a Christian while waiting for your next weekly fix”. So , like several others, I purpose the Beyond Sundays title with the Dones subtitle. Hope all is well with you and Sara and you have a wonderful, Peaceful Holyday season.

  82. Thank you, Wayne, for creating a new book! While I am eager to read the new book, it is important to have a title that gives Life Abundant and encourages new readers to read the book. For that reason I recommend a third option. Not knowing the goal or outline of the new book make providing a third option somewhat of a guess, but you will know. Some recommendations include: To The Saints (or Followers of Jesus) Scattered. Growing in the Affection of Our Father. Be The Church. The Liberated Christian.

    Moreover, it is important that you know that your work has helped me more than 50 years of seeking that something more we all sensed should be found. Thank you Wayne!

  83. Hi Wayne,
    If your audience is the Dones, use the first title. If you are trying to find a broader audience in institutional Christianity, you could go with the second. I think you could come up with an even better option… something along the lines of “The Christian Diaspora.” I also like Victoria’s idea of “Being Church” and agree with Tobie that “Beyond Sundays” may not grab people’s attention.

  84. “Beyond Sundays” seems to have a positive edge and is more consistent with the positive approach exemplified in your other books. Perhaps the “Dones” title could be used in the same way as “What if there really is something more” is used in the “Finding Church” book (as an expansion of the title).
    Your efforts are very much appreciated.

  85. You want to know which will “find your audience” but you didn’t say who is your target audience. Having read the chapters online, I was attracted to “The Dones” because I am one. If your audience is those who have left church then that title might work fine. If your audience is to those still in churches, then “Beyond Sundays” may work. I would suggest something like “Why I Quit Going to Church” is more provocative.

  86. Haha, I guess you don’t really need more votes but I prefer the second title.
    However it doesn’t matter what the title is….I’ll be reading it! 🙂

  87. I think that ‘Beyond Sundays is the better title. After all, to those who read it. It will and is about this journey of following Christ beyond the traditional organized religion. When I saw my first copy of ‘So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore,’ in a Salvation Army Store, I thought, oh boy, another preacher trying to rake in the bucks off of staying out of church. It wasn’t until a month or so later that I read the same exact book while an employee of Salvation Army. That book stopped me in my tracks. I actually sat and wondered if what I had been doing up to that point. Was even following Jesus? God used it to change my life. Since then, I have talked with Wayne Jacobson on his FB page and printed out everything I could of his teachings. It has been a blessing that few will experience.

  88. I’m sure my comment is too late and it seems like the majority are in favor of “Beyond Sundays”. My question to you….as a millennial the Done appealed to me so much more. I think depending on your target age group for the book the name matters. Beyond Sunday’s to me doesn’t even begin to encapsulate the message you are conveying, but that’s just my humble opinion. The younger generation is going to be drawn to the more extreme draws us and catches our attention.

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