What Others Are Saying about BEYOND SUNDAYS

I love the emails and comments I’ve been receiving about Beyond Sundays. I’m so grateful for those of you who have ordered it, and also for those who are recommending it to friends and family or posting reviews online.  All that really helps this book find the people it will help most.

And the conversations I’m having with people about it assures me that it is doing what I hoped it would do, open up the conversation between all of God’s children about what it means to follow Jesus in the 21st century, whether they are part of a traditional congregation or find fellowship in other ways.  It’s not as important where your body is at 10:00 on Sunday morning, but where your heart lives all week long.

Here are a few of the comments I’ve been getting and some of the reviews posted at Amazon.com.

 “I loved it. It was informative, challenging and gracious. Without being preachy it opens the door of opportunity for loving discourse and “true” discussion. By that I mean all viewpoints are sought for and legitimate. How rare!”  Tom Mohn, Tulsa, OK

“This is a really good book!  I’ve have read some of your other things in times past, but it seems as though this was just ‘the time’ to say these things with a greater weight behind them.” Quentin in Florida

“It is really, really good.  My wife has not read a book in a long time and she could not put it down.  Another friend wants to use it in her next small group study. It’s funny how much those chapters speak loudly to many who are still attend a traditional congregation. This book is a great sequel to Finding Church. My only question, which I know is unsolicited is, “How in the world did you figure out the order of the chapters?”  I would read one and think, well Wayne I would have put this chapter first.  Then read another and think the same thing. I thank you for that labor of love.  I’m looking forward to your next one!” Jack from South Carolina:

“Thank you for writing a very encouraging and helpful book that reminds us to trust, relax and enjoy our Father’s love. Thank you for reminding us that Christianity isn’t a spectator sport and that “The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself in love.” (Gal 5:6). Your lived wisdom and intentional Jesus approach is refreshing –and necessary. I appreciated your practical suggestions, your heart for both those who worship traditionally within church building walls and those who don’t. You befriended me on the page and challenged me and comforted me. I look forward to gifting Beyond Sundays with many!” 1Thing on Amazon.com

“This book, and the wisdom God has spoken through Wayne Jacobsen, has helped me see the heart of God for his true Church. I’ve layed aside legalism, religiousness and performance/production-based Christianity for a more genuine, intimate walk with my Jesus and am learning to love others more authentically.” Skyflyer on Amazon.com.

“A great read for God-hungry souls!” David O on Amazon.com

“Wayne again prompts the reader to think, to evaluate his walk with Jesus. He underscores the bottom line that love trumps law every time. A clear call to love those who God calls to a different path.” John on Amazon.com

“Loved this book! Finally, someone has articulated what I’ve felt for years about the institutional church. Wayne has revealed the freedom we have as believers to put meaningful relationships with the Lord and those who make up His Body before institutions, positions and man-made doctrines.” Gerard on Amazon.com.

“For years I have contemplated this new journey. Even leaving a position in a prominent institution. Yet to my dismay as I sought to find others like myself I became once again caught in the web of institutionalism. It would have been s relief to have had such a book as this to help navigate my yearnings. And now that I have read Beyond Sunday I have many questions, but at least there is a guide from someone who has walked this path and has given freely of his wisdom and his pain that sheds hope for fellow travelers. Thanks Wayne.” Cpatch on Amazon.com

176 pages, available in print and e-book.  

2 thoughts on “What Others Are Saying about BEYOND SUNDAYS”

  1. Is there a way to be able to provide Beyond Sundays in audio form? I have as friends a blind couple who have recently endured a Weaponized Love attack and are seeking a new congregation life. I believe it would be a good if they could have the opportunity to “read” your fabulous book.

    1. I don’t know if we’ll do an audio version of this book or not. It’s a huge expense and takes a ton of time. But maybe you could read it to them over a series of weeks and have some discussion with them too. That might be a blessing to all of you.

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