Into the Wind

Here are two important items I want my friends to know:

First, the next gathering of the Jake Colsen Book Club will be next Saturday, August 20, at 1:00 pm PDT. I know that’s a bit early in Australia and a bit late for Europe, but I’ve got people from both asking to be included. So, we’re trying a different time. It will stream live on my Wayne Jacobsen Author page on Facebook, but if you want to be in the Zoom room and part of the discussion, email me so I can send you the link.  We’ll be looking at Chapter Five: Love with a Hook, how religious people often put demands and expectations on love, which make it something other than the love God has for us. How do we live authentic lives in a world that often punishes honesty and vulnerability?

Second, I want to invite you to a retreat in Westcliffe, Colorado the weekend of August 26-29, to spend the weekend with Sara and me as we begin this next phase of our lives. For those who have been listening to Redeeming Love at The God Journey, you know the incredible journey we’ve been on these past four months, with the enemy’s attempts to twist Sara’s trauma to destroy her, then, failing that, set out to destroy our marriage. The first five weeks were the most excruciating season of my life, but in the last eleven weeks, I’ve had a ringside seat to watch the most incredible miracle I’ve ever seen in Father resurrecting our love and resolving the trauma that has preyed on Sara since she was four years old.

I told you this would change the trajectory of my life, though I had no idea what that meant when I said it, and to be honest, I still don’t. But, Sara has wanted to go on an adventure, embrace her newfound innocence and explore God’s work in her in this phase of our life. So, we’ve sold our home, something we’ve talked about doing for a long time, even before this trauma hit. We will live out of the apartment Sara rented for the time being and explore the world with an RV we have purchased and our two big dogs—Zoey and Abby. We’re calling it our Return to Innocence Tour, and we’re going to kick it off with a gathering in Westcliffe, CO, where we have been offered a ranch in the Rockies as a place to invite our friends to come and be with us for the weekend.

The camp only holds about thirty, and it’s coming up very quickly, so you’ll need to sign up with me if you want to come. The cost is $100 per night per person, which includes meals. We’ll start on Friday night and stay over until Monday. You’re welcome to join us for all that or leave on Sunday if you need to. Anyone who feels so stirred is welcome to join us. We have no plans for the weekend other than to be with each other and before the Lord together to see how he might enlighten and encourage all of our journeys. It will be a place to be loved and be refreshed in this wondrous love, which he has invited us to share with him. (If you are flying, Colorado Springs is the closest airport, but you can use Denver (usually much cheaper) and have about a three-hour drive to the ranch.)

After the retreat, Sara and I are going “into the wind” for a season. We’re not setting up an itinerary but will allow the Spirit to blow us as we sense he desires. We are going to celebrate this phase of our journey with some sightseeing, meeting with people along the way who want to interact with us, and taking some time in some beautiful spaces to work on the book I’ve been writing. We’re not going to be in a hurry, and we’re not going to plan very far ahead. After Westcliffe, we will spend some time in Denver with our son, probably head to Wyoming to spend a few days with Kyle and Jess, and then turn east and see where the wind takes us. I have some folks in Michigan and Indiana I’d planned on visiting before the days of my unforeseen circumstances began, so we’re going to aim that way, but only God knows if we end up that far or even get to go beyond that.

Please let me know if you’re in those areas and want to connect with us should we pass through. We will update people with our progress as we go on my Wayne Jacobsen Author Facebook Page and this blog as well as the spontaneous opportunities that might await as we travel. And if we can’t make it to your place, maybe you can meet us somewhere where we are. Come sit with us under the awning of the RV and share God’s goodness.

Plans now include returning in November for some surgical procedures Sara and I need to attend to before striking out again as the Spirit might lead. We really have no plans other than those. We know God is inviting us to an uncertain journey, where we flow with his Spirit rather than fit him around our schedules. Even that was tested in the last few days. On the day our house was sold, another home appeared on the market, just what Sara and I had been looking for. We put in an offer, but when the owners countered back, we both had concluded that as wonderful as it was, the process of buying it now was a distraction from the freedom God wanted us to revel in. So, for the first time in 44 years, Sara and I will not own any real estate on the planet, and we’ll be free to go wherever Father might send us for as long as he might want us there. I’m still amazed at how easy it was to let that home go when we knew God was inviting us on an uncertain adventure and that we didn’t need to nail down a new home before we left.

Two days later, someone sent me a quote of mine from a few years back: “If you’re looking for certainty, you’re living in the wrong kingdom.”

It’s fun when your own words come back to encourage you. We are grateful that at this season of our lives, we can spend some quality time together and discover who God wants us to meet and encourage along the way.

Perhaps even you!


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  1. Valerie Gartshore

    If Ontario makes it into your tour, I know we would love to meet you both. We only discovered your podcast about six weeks ago, but what a ride it’s been! Your story has blessed our family and we are appreciating listening back through the archives as we wait for each new episode.

    Safe travels!

    Luke & Val G

  2. Wayne and Sara, Do you remember me from Palmerston North New Zealand, Mavis? You stayed in our home with us on the way to Wellington. My dear husband Ian has been gone for 6 years, so life is so very different for me now. Sara, I can relate to what you have been experiencing. After being rejected by my mother and alcoholic Father and placed in a children’s home for 10 years. Had no idea of the trauma it caused until at 50 years of age, the Lord challenged me wth praying for my mother. That uncovered all the hurt, rejection, unforgiveness, and pain I had buried for years. Slowly my Heavenly Father took me on a journey of healing till I was finally able to meet her. My Mother had taken a baby called Peter with her, and as I shared with my neighbour my mother’s name, she replied her best friends were Peter and Jill Tapp. He had been visiting there for years, little knowing his sister lived next door. Wow, then so many things began to happen, we met my mother after all those years, and I looked so much like her it was unmistakable. I even had the same mannerisms. I had forgiven her from my heart. And I also learned I had a loving Heavenly Father who had looked after me all the time. Psalm 18:20, 24. Also Psalm 27:9-10 we met and holidayed together and she died suddenly 7 years later.I was shocked at the sudden passing and felt God had let me down again, and so gently He spoke to my heart. “He who receives you receives Him who sent you.” I knew my heavenly Father had sent me to her. So now I rest in His love. There is so much more I could share but all I wanted to say was bless you, Sara, the journey is painful but very sweet and I am so pleased I journeyed that way.

    He chose this path for thee
    No feeble hand, no hard, relentless fate,
    His love has placed your footsteps here
    He knew the way was rough and desolate
    He knew the heart would often sink with fear
    Yet tenderly, He whispers, Child, I see,
    This way is best for thee.

    Love to you both as you journey together with tears and joy. Mavis Hunt, N.Z

    1. Hi Mavis. Of course, we remember you and our stay there. Receive our love and greetings. I’m so sorry you had to deal with this too, but it sounds like Father has done amazing things to bring his healing and freedom to your heart, even though you bore so much pain and grief. Thanks for writing and I pray Father will continue to lead you in his heart of joy.

  3. If you get up to the Pacific NW we live in SeaTac WA and have a place to park a motor home with EW and S you are welcome to stay as long as you want we would love to meet you and Sara

  4. David Higginbotham

    Praying and cheering for you & Sara! If you find yourself traveling through Waco, lunch is on me. 👍😃❤️🙏😎

  5. Enjoy the adventure Wayne and Sara! My late husband and I were led to a similar path in our retirement years when we felt led to sell up our B&B in Australia, and buy a rig and set out on the road. We knew we were being led to something by the Lord and He did eventually show us the work we were to do. We spent 3 years of 24/7 together living in a van and travelling in the outback of Australia with a varying small team of practical workers ( folk came and went as Father led them) who did maintenance work in aboriginal communities, youth camps, old church buildings etc. As many of these ‘jobs’ were in very isolated places it meant fellowship and encouragement to those we helped. Yet we were the ones who felt blessed over and over. Father has an amazing plan mapped out I am sure. He will bless you and the work He has for you to do as surely as He blessed us.

  6. Wow, what an adventure you and Sara are going to experience in this next season of your lives. Would love to have you both come and spend some time in Central Florida. We would love to spend time with you both. I am looking forward to seeing what the effects this journey has in your lives as well as those you impact through your ministry to the Body of Christ. Blessings to you and staying hopeful you make it this way soon.

  7. Inspired by your journey into a journey
    as in the seed you sowed into us 20 years ago
    Control, is an illusion and a lie.
    The illusion is that you can have control
    and the lie is that you need it.
    Gary, in Nottingham UK

  8. Marie Monique Horngren

    The Wind be with you!!He is surprising!!yes,indeed”the Answer, my friend,is blowing in the Wind, the Answer is bowling in the Wind” sings the Singer..🎸🎼🎹🎶🎵🙋‍♀️🎂🍰🙏

  9. Wayne!
    Your friends in Prince Edward Island have been following along and cheering for you and Sara. Your visit here a few years ago is one we still think of and speak of often. What a gift that time was.
    I have been a listener of the god journey, when you said that Sara was compelled to share her story , my heart leaped. What a brave and beautiful thing she is allowing Father to do, with her and through her. I am already certain that lives have been changed, hearts have been healed, and there are so many more out there that will hear Sara’s voice and Papa will do the rest. Covering your time and message in prayers of protection and love.
    If you ever feel led to travel north again you both have a place here.

  10. It is wonderful that you and Sara are taking some time to blow in the wind, if your ever close to North Idaho I would love to know. I am in Canada just above the panhandle.
    Your are both amazing people, I have been blessed by your books your pod casts……now here the both of you are sharing your lives in a greater way, allowing your listening friends to join you on this amazing journey of healing as you process what is going on in your lives with us. AMAZING! May you be blessed beyond your imagination. Encourage, healed, built up, filled to over flowing with His great love. Wishing you both every blessing!! Sue

    1. We’ll be putting information out wherever we wander. It would be lovely to meet you, and I appreciate your kind thoughts on our behalf. We may even make a run across Canada some year because we are in touch with so many people from Vancouver Island all the way out to Prince Edward Island. Who knows where this journey may lead?

  11. I have loved listening to yours and Sara’s journey of restoration. I so appreciate this podcast and the vulnerability with which you both share. It’s heartbreaking what you both went through and so refreshing all at the same time!
    If you make it down to San Antonio, I would love to spend some time with y’all! (Wow, could I possibly sound more Texan?😂)

  12. So excited to see where Papa will take you both! Please give Sara my love and encouragement. I’ve walked the path of healing from similar circumstances. It is surely a path full of obstacles , but I have met many wonderful encouragers along my journey. If the wind blows you south, we’d love to visit! Chattanooga, TN is lovely in the fall 😉

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