Alaska, Virginia, and Maryland

I used to get frustrated when things didn’t work out the way I had planned. Not anymore. I’ve seen God open up so many other opportunities when original plans go awry that now I find myself a bit excited when something doesn’t work out the way I thought it would. I find myself excited to see what else he might have in mind that wasn’t yet in my field of vision. Whether its at home or out on a trip somewhere else, I know his purpose continues to unfold and it fascinates me how else he will make use of that time.

Especially in this age of COVID, travel planning is a bit of a challenge.  I was supposed to leave Thursday to spend this coming weekend in Alaska with people who are freshly considering the difference between the church humans build and the one in which Jesus is breathing his life. I was really excited to be with them, but I’ve been waved off by my hosts. The home I was to stay in is battling COVID and the pandemic has gone wild in Alaska.  Hospitals having to refuse patients for lack of space and there was even a call out this morning for health workers to come to Alaska and help with the overwhelming onslaught of cases.

So, that has shifted my plans accordingly. I will be going to Alaska eventually, just not now.  It looks like I’ll have some extra time at home before heading to Norfolk, VA on October 21 for that weekend, then spend some time Richmond, VA in the early part of the week and finish that trip in Sykesville, MD the following weekend.  I still have a few days in the middle of the week available if anything is on someone’s heart between Richmond and Sykesville.  Just let me know.

Sara and I are on a brief getaway, so my Travel Page has not been updated to reflect this opportunities, but they will be by the end of the week. After that, I’ll be going to Amarillo, TX in early November and then to Florida just before Thanksgiving.  Then, on December 3-5 Kyle Rice and I will be holding The God Journey Gathering for 20 and 30-somethings near Colorado Springs.


4 thoughts on “Alaska, Virginia, and Maryland”

  1. Sorry to hear the household in Alaska is dealing with Covid. By the way, hospitals aren’t rationing care. Providence hospital is taking advantage of getting some FEMA paid nurses. It’s all political. Anyway, I would love to hear you when finally do get to come hear.

    Richard Baum

    1. Thanks for the info, Richard. It’s amazing how much the media gets wrong, or just wants to hype the tragedy. Unless there’s one hospital somewhere without enough beds…

  2. Hi Wayne. Chuck and I would love to buy you dinner while you are in MD. Would your schedule allow something like that?


    1. I’ll see what I can do. I think things are pretty well booked at this point, but I’ll keep you in mind if there’s an opening. We could perhaps grab a meal around one of the gatherings if you were planning on coming. Write me at so we can firm up plans that way.

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