Good News for Zoey

Many of you were touched by the blog yesterday, and have written to express your love and prayers for us and for Zoey. Thank you. (That’s her above a few days before she tore her ACL.) I hate posting another blog so soon, but so many of you did not see the update I added yesterday after it was sent out, so I thought I’d take a brief moment to update.

Two hours after this posted, we got word from Zoey’s surgeon. Her surgery lasted four hours to repair her ACL and to take a biopsy on the other leg. The surgeon was very surprised when she went to do the biopsy. She did not see any signs of cancer on her bone. It was hard as it should be, so is all but certain that her right leg is NOT cancerous. The day before she was upwards of 80% certain she had cancer and we were just hoping it wasn’t the aggressive kind. She said it didn’t present that way and she is very hopeful that we would get a negative result on the biopsy.

We just heard from the vet while I was finishing this. Zoey had a good night and is doing well on the pain meds. They are going to switch her from IV to oral today and we hope to be able to get her back tomorrow. Both her back legs will be in some pain, so we’ll have to be very careful with her. But we can’t wait to see her again.

We couldn’t be more grateful, and staying in the Pensacola area has opened the door to connect with some dear family friends we have not seen in 25 years who “just happen” to be visiting in the area here. Also, we have had more time to spend with a couple we met here last week and whose friendship we have come to enjoy.

Shortly into our prognosis meeting with the veterinarian on the day before her surgery, she paused mid-sentence and her eyes looked at our dog. “Zoey is a really good dog.”  She was preaching to the choir.

We’ve had seven dogs before Zoey, but this dog is unique among them.  She is a huge dog with a tender heart and an empathetic soul. She has been the perfect dog to get Sara through the unveiling of her trauma and the healing for it. Sara often just lays beside Zoey and follows her breathing pattern, which is deep and soothing, a valuable space for healing. Many people who’ve never had a dog, after meeting Zoey,  tell us they would have had one if it as like her. For Sara, this dog is a treasure and it will be joy to have her back again, even if a bit battered by surgery.

All has worked out well, except for those in South Georgia we were going to visit next week.  We do feel bad for them. We’ll be going straight from Atlanta to Charlotte, then heading north into Virginia. You can see our projected schedule here. 

We are humbled a bit by all of this. We know dozens of families going through really intense physical needs with spouses or families, including cancer. Every time we hold Zoey, we think of all those others and pray for what you’re going through as well. Ours is just a dog—beloved though she is. Our hearts really go out to those who are facing uncertain or disheartening medical conditions yourselves and pray that God will hold you close to his heart and show you the way forward through whatever you’re facing.

7 thoughts on “Good News for Zoey”

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  2. I need therapy. My family makes me feel like I’m crazy and i know some of that is my own insecurities, the devil, etc, etc. I have no money for therapy. I rrally sick, like paralyzed with sickness.

    Is there therapy available here or can anyone point me to good, free. Christian therapy?

    Sorry for the diversion, but i could use an outside opinion that is not related to the situation. An objective point of view.

    1. I’m sorry, Jay, that you’re going through such a rough time. Families can be incredibly cruel sometimes. God does have a resource for you, wherever you are. Ask some Christians you do trust if they know of any counselors or therapists, who might be able to help. Check with your doctor as well. Or, most counties have mental health services that are free of charge. You don’t need a Christian counselor, just some with a kind heart and a listening ear.

      1. Thank you Wayne. I’m too tired to get out there so I’ve done the only thing i know to do, put up boundaries and cut off the relationships for now. I’m mourning my family, but they just don’t seem to understand that what is minor for them, is the tip of the iceberg for me and they won’t stop.

        I love them. They aren’t horrible people. They just don’t see me and the pain they continue to cause me by disregarding my attempts to put boundaries for my own mental health.

        I’m incredibly puzzled. I don’t understand when I’ve communicated over and over, but it’s nothing to them and it’s easier for them so they continue. Tine to cut the cord for now because I’m tired of the emotional roller coaster..

        Thanks. I won’t take up anymore space. Appreciate it

        1. I’m so sorry, Jay, for the situation in which you find yourself with your family. Sometimes setting boundaries from toxic people is all you can do for your own mental health. Hopefully this isn’t the end of the story, and one day God can bring healing for your entire family.

  3. Thanks again Wayne. If you will spare me one more i case it may help someone. One thing i have learned over the years is that, like Joseph, like Job, like Jesus, not everything we go through is all about us.

    I forgot to a degree, but He reminded me of that. Not everything we go through is for us.

    Thank you.

  4. Denise DiGiglia

    I’m praying for you too Jay, that God’s direction will become more evident in this situation and that you will see that path as simple and pure. When we’re feeling overwhelmed and weary everything looks complex. Hang tight brother.

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