The Decision Is In

We are nearing peak leaf color here in NW Ohio, and it is fabulous. Sitting out in the backyard with a group of people yesterday with a cascade of leaves occasionally spilling out of the trees around us was nearly magical. The conversations were even better as we shared God’s life together, struggled with issues of trauma, legalism, and abuse, and looked for ways to live deeply in Father’s affection. We were also able to renew dear and deep friendships.

However, it is time to move on from here and continue our journey. Where to next has not been an easy decision to make.  Originally, we thought we might turn home from here, but the beauty of fall is too compelling, and though we’ve had lots of invites east of here, it seems good to us and the Holy Spirit to head toward the Shenandoah Valley and the Blue Ridge while the leaves are moving toward peak there.

It just isn’t time to go home yet. Sara and I are enjoying this journey with our two dogs (you can see them resting in the conversation yesterday in the above photo), and all that Father is revealing to us and healing in our hearts. So, we’re going to move on a bit further and see where this all leads.

So, today we leave Ohio and push eastward.  First, to West Virginia for one night and then on to The Shenandoah Valley for the rest of the week. This is what our schedule looks like:

•  October 10:  Collinsville, PA

•  October 11-13: Shenandoah Valley, PA (Har

•  October 14-18: Charlottesville, VA

•  October 18-22: Lynchburg, VA

There will likely be open meetings in Harrisonburg, Charlottesville and I hope in Lynchburg, VA. We are keeping meetings to a minimum, but we also want to encourage others as we continue this journey. Details will be announced here when we have them.

From there it looks like we’ll begin to work our way west, perhaps through North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and home.  But all of that is subject to change.


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  2. We definitely want to know about LYNCHBURG VA –since we live 30 minutes away at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mts in the quaint little town of BEDFORD.
    AND we definitely want to know who the contact is in Lynchburg!! Please get us in touch with someone there–hubby and I would love to meet those who are on similar journeys!!

  3. Would love to meet with you all if you do end up coming through Arkansas on you’re way home! I live in NW Arkansas near Rogers and Bentonville! I have been on this living loved journey for over five years now and it’s been an amazing, life changing journey for me! I’ve just come out of a dry time and am enjoying what I call “cuddle time” with Papa in the morning that extends through the day! That just seems so much more relational than devotion time! I too have experienced childhood trauma and domestic violence and am still in the healing process from it all! But God has been ever so gently restoring me to wholeness and am enjoying the freedom only He can bring! I’m so happy for Sarah and would love to meet you both! Please let me know if you get close and I will try to come!
    Live loved,

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