Language of Healing

Happy Birthday to Our Little Book

A year ago today, I released my latest book, A Language of Healing for a Polarized Nation, along with my coauthors Arnita Taylor and Bob Prater. In the year since, our culture has only grown more polarized, regretfully.  We’re not blaming the book for that. We always knew a book about peacemaking would be a tough sell in a culture that covets fear and conflict to drive market share and political engagement. We just hope for so much better.

The three of us believe that the issues that divide us wouldn’t seem so insurmountable if we could actually listen to each other, care as much about what others need as much as we do what we need, and create environments to discuss our differences with mutual respect and compassionate hearts. Wherever this book has been read and its encouragements applied, some amazing things have happened in churches, schools, and Zoom conversations. I’m delighted to see so many of my friends finding new ways to care about people who may not think the way they do or look like they do. For the last six weeks, the three of us authors have been helping a college in Texas have a conversation about how to create a new anti-racist institution a team is exploring. We have been amazed at the insightful and reasoned conversation those people are having even though they see the issue very differently. It can be done.

“When you combine courage with compassion, the world can change.” That’s what it says on the back of the book, and we are finding just how true that is. It takes some work. It is easier for many to join the voices of animosity and suspicion in our polarized nation, but the rewards of changing the conversation are worth the risk. We’re excited about those we know personally who are learning to take a different approach to the issues that divide us.

So, if you’ve read and been touched by our little book, and its companion Conversation Guide, would you please help us expand this book’s reach in the world? Consider it a birthday gift for the message in this book.  It is not backed by a major publisher or an advertising budget. No one at NY Times or Christianity Today has reviewed. Bob, Arnita, and I have simply been putting it into the world wherever God gives us voice and opportunity and seeing where word-of-mouth will take it.

What can you do?  Post one of the pictures below on your social feed, and either write a brief paragraph about how this book has changed your thinking, or quote one of your favorite passages from it.  I’ll start.  Here’s one of mine. This is from Arnita on page 193 describing the process of writing this book:

It’s not that we just had eighteen months of holding hands; we have had passionate disagreements! We just have not had conflict that couldn’t be talked through. We were able to be gentle, ask questions, and stay factual, and we didn’t attach excessive emotions to our own point of view. We’ve been honest because whatever concern does not rise to the surface cannot be addressed or healed. Additionally, we’ve been committed to the common goal of finishing this conversation with respect and honor.”

My growing friendship with Bob and Arnita and the content of this book have transformed me in ways I had not imagined. It has changed the way I seek out and interact with people who are different than me, as well as helping my friends realize there is a different conversation to be had about politics, race, religion, and sexuality that the political parties, the media, and even religious leaders try to prevent us from having.

If you haven’t explored this little book, maybe in the aftermath of such a contentious election you, too, might be ready for a different conversation. This book isn’t about changing the culture in Washington or our media but changing our conversation with the people around us. A language of healing will only take hold in the world one person, one conversation, or one engagement at a time.

Feel free to download or copy a picture below and post it somewhere with your own personal story of how this book impacted you or posting a favorite quotation from it. You can link back to this page, our book page, or even Amazon’s listing. If you want to order discounted copies in bulk to start a discussion group or give away for Christmas, you can find them at Blue Sheep Media.

Let’s see if we can grow this conversation and put a different spirit in the wind. We are grateful for whatever you can do to help us.

A Language of Healing with Bob Prater, Arnita Taylor, and Wayne Jacobsen


Language of Healing Live – 2 pm (PDT) Today

In a week or so, this contentious U.S. election will be over and regardless of which side wins the election, how do we recover from the polarization that has been fostered during this campaign?

That will be our topic this afternoon on another episode of Language of Healing Live at 2:00 pm PDT.  I’ll be joined by my coauthors of A Language of Healing for a Polarized Nation, Bob Prater and Arnita Taylor. Paul Swearengin, the author of the edgy novel Jospeh Comes to Town and host of The Non partisan Evangelical Podcast will guide our discussion.

We will be streaming live at the Language of Healing Discussion Group on Facebook, and I will post that feed on my Wayne Jacobsen Page on Facebook as well. Language of Healing Live is a continuing series of video conversations to help people learn to live more generously in this divided world. You can view previous ones here.

Join us there live, or watch the video after, which I’ll post here when we’ve finished.


Personal note:  If you’ve read A Language of Healing for a Polarized Nation, and find it worthy to pass on to your family and friends, please consider downloading and reposting the graphic above. We are passionate in the mission to help people have a different conversation than the angry and fearful rhetoric we hear from both sides.  Thanks. 

Cultivating Compassion – Live Today

Instead of adding more anger or fear to the turmoil of our times, what if we added more compassion? One of the attributes of a peacemaker is cultivating a compassionate heart for those who are different from us, especially those who are marginalized. Even Jesus said, that “mercy triumphs over justice.”

We’re exploring how we can do that today on Langauge of Healing Live at 2:00 pm PDT.  I’ll be joined by my coauthors of A Language of Healing for a Polarized Nation, Bob Prater and, Arnita Taylor. Anna LeBaron, the author of The Polygamist’s Daughter, will guide our discussion today and others will join us in the Zoom room for a compelling conversation about compassion in a divided world. This conversation is drawn from Chapter 7 of A Language of Healing for a Polarized Nation. If you can, give it a read and come join us. But either way, come join us. This should prove to be a fun and illuminating conversation.

Language of Healing Live is a continuing series of bi-weekly video conversations to help people learn to live more generously in this divided world. You can view previous ones here.  We will be streaming live at the Language of Healing Discussion Group on FaceBook, and I will attempt to post that feed on my Wayne Jacobsen Page on Facebook as well.

Join us there live, or watch the video after, which I’ll post here when we’ve finished.


Also, Part 8 of Embracing His Glory dropped today over at The God Journey. This is a continuing series about learning to live loved and transformed by the work of Christ. If you haven’t been in on it, start at the beginning. It will make more sense.

Language of Healing Live!

I will be doing a live Zoom session today at 2:00 pm PDT with my coauthors of A Language of Healing for a Polarized Nation, Bob Prater and Arnita Taylor.  Today’s conversation will focus on themes from Chapter 2 and asks why we might want to learn to speak a language of healing into the rancor and discord we see all around us.  Now more than ever we need forces that avoid the extreme rhetoric of either side and find a more generous way to engage those around us, especially with people who view the world differently than we do.

This is a continuing series of bi-weekly video conversations to help people learn to live more generously in this divided world. You can view previous ones here.  Today’s session will be moderated by Arleana Frink Waller, the founder of ShePower Academy in Bakersfield, CA and we’ll be joined by panelists from Ohio, Indiana, Texas, and California.  We will be streaming live at the Language of Healing Discussion Group on FaceBook, and I will attempt to post that feed on my Wayne Jacobsen Page there as well.

Join there live, or watch the video after, and join us as we seek to change the conversation one person, one relationship at a time.

Meet the Authors of A Language of Healing

Sara and I are just back from our week away, and it was glorious! Life is full now with getting our new book released and available.  But first, let me assure everyone that Sara and I are doing fine in the face of all the wildfires going on in Southern California since our return. I’ve received numerous texts, emails, and messages asking about how we’re being affected by these fires. Firefighters won the day in our area yesterday and it is much quieter today.  There are very few losses in our county and we are grateful.

For the time being, Sara and I, and Julie and her family are not in danger. We have fires to our east and northeast, with winds blowing toward the southwest.  We got a bit of smoke yesterday, but it is much better today. Your prayers and concern are deeply appreciated. There are some other more dangerous fires burning out on the east side of LA today, but the winds are supposed to end late morning.

Now, let me share with you a new video of Bob Prater, Arnita Taylor, and me, talking about our new book, A Language of Healing for a Polarized Nation that releases November 19. They were also my guests on this week’s episode of The God Journey, in a podcast called Erring on the Side of Love.

It couldn’t be more timely given the times we live in. Check out the latest Pew Research on the escalating polarization of our nation. We have to have a better conversation that leads to generosity and respect, even to those who don’t see the world the way we do. We hope this book will help generate that conversation. You can pre-order the book here.

The comments in this video were made the weekend we began work on this book, and I can honestly say the process and our engagements with each other were greater than we had hoped.

The video link is here – if you’d like to share it with your friends. And here’s a link to an Instagram-friendly forty-five-second version –

Thanks for helping us get the word out.

Book Launch Events Announced in Dallas and Los Angeles

A Language of Healing for a Polarized Nation is the book we need at this critical moment in our history. At a time when many Americans are reduced to shouting past one another, the authors of this volume—three thoughtful, compassionate citizens—give us a roadmap to restore civility and respect across even our deepest differences. Filled with honest dialogue, inspiring stories, and practical advice, this compelling volume should be required reading for every American committed to seeking a common vision for the common good.

That endorsement was written by Dr. Charles C. Haynes, Founding Director of Religious Freedom Center of the Freedom Forum Institute in Washington, DC. I worked with Dr. Haynes back when I was helping work through social conflicts with BridgeBuilders.  He is a noted constitutional scholar, and I couldn’t be more grateful for his endorsement. I hope people take it to heart.  You can pre-order the book here.

Ok, this news is so hot off the presses, that we don’t even have all the details nailed down yet, but for your planning purposes, I wanted to make you aware of these gatherings in case you want to join us in Dallas or in Southern California.  It will be available November 19, and to celebrate its release we are having two celebrations, one in Dallas where one of the coauthors resides, and one in Southern California at Life Pacific University.  Mark your calendars if you want to join us. All three coauthors—Arnita Taylor, Bob Pater, and I—will be at all of these events and books will be available.

Dallas Book Launch – Sunday, November 17, 2019: We will be meeting at the Eventually Yours Event Venue, in North Hills Village at 7640 NE Loop 820 (at Boulevard 26) Suite 110, North Richland Hills, TX 76180. To accommodate those who want to come, we will be having one from 2:30 – 4:30, and repeat it from 5:00 – 7:30. You must RSVP to guarantee your space since the size is limited.  Click on the link for your preferred time to let us know you’re coming.

Seminar in the Language of Healing:  On the Saturday before, November 16, we will be taking a look at more in-depth skills as to how you can be a bridgebuilder in your own community. We will release details as soon as we have them, but we will host a six-hour training on Saturday from 9:30 – 4:00 pm. in Keller, TX. Arnita, Bob, and I will all be participating in this event. There is no cost for the other events, but we are going to ask for $50.00 for those who want to register for the training to contribute to the expenses involved. When you register you’ll receive an advance PDF copy of the book, and then a free book at the traiining.  Space is limited to the first forty people.  To register, please email me.

The following weekend we’ll be together again in Southern California

Southern California Book Launch will be in the chapel of Life Pacific University in San Dimas, CA on Saturday, November 22 from 1:30 – 4:30. If you’d like to join us, please RSVP here.

In addition, CultureBrave with Lisa Vitello is planning a Sunday Brunch for us to meet with their group on November 23 somewhere in Los Angeles in the late morning. You’d be welcome to join us there, too. We don’t have the weblink for that yet, but you can email me if you’re interested in attending and I’ll get you included.

Finally, it is not too late to join our Launch Team that is gathering right now in a private group on Facebook.  We are looking for five hundred people who will help us start some buzz about the book by pre-reading it and being ready to post reviews, blogs, Instagram and Facebook posts when it launches. We have procured a Launch Team Coordinator well-versed in the ways of using these algorithms to help people know about this book.

  1. Fill out this Google form:
  2. Click this link.  to join the launch team Facebook group!

Bob, Arnita, and I have been both blessed and a bit overwhelmed by the reception this book is getting by those who are pre-reading it and those that endorsed it. It seems like there is a great hunger to move from the animosity of our current national dialogue to conversations more gracious and more enlightening. We hope you will join us.