Language of Healing Live!

I will be doing a live Zoom session today at 2:00 pm PDT with my coauthors of A Language of Healing for a Polarized Nation, Bob Prater and Arnita Taylor.  Today’s conversation will focus on themes from Chapter 2 and asks why we might want to learn to speak a language of healing into the rancor and discord we see all around us.  Now more than ever we need forces that avoid the extreme rhetoric of either side and find a more generous way to engage those around us, especially with people who view the world differently than we do.

This is a continuing series of bi-weekly video conversations to help people learn to live more generously in this divided world. You can view previous ones here.  Today’s session will be moderated by Arleana Frink Waller, the founder of ShePower Academy in Bakersfield, CA and we’ll be joined by panelists from Ohio, Indiana, Texas, and California.  We will be streaming live at the Language of Healing Discussion Group on FaceBook, and I will attempt to post that feed on my Wayne Jacobsen Page there as well.

Join there live, or watch the video after, and join us as we seek to change the conversation one person, one relationship at a time.