Beyond Sundays Releases This Week

As I’m finishing up in North Carolina and prepare to head home tomorrow, we have just heard that we will have copies of Beyond Sundays in hand by this Wednesday. We will begin shipping pre-orders as soon as we get them.  If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy yet, you can still do so in the next few days and get our $2.00 pre-publication discount. Just order as many copies as you want here.  The e-book should follow later this week. We’ll post the links when its available at all your favorite e-book outlets.

It is my hope that this book helps the body of Christ be less tribal and open to all the ways that God moves in people and the variety of expressions by which his church takes shape in the world. If we cared more about whether or not someone is finding their life in Jesus rather than where they are (or aren’t) at 10:00 Sunday morning we’d be free to celebrate what God is doing to unify his bride, rather than judging each other for our differences.

Friday morning I did my first extensive interview about Beyond Sundays on the Vince Coakley show on WBT Charlotte. That’s Vince and I above sharing a meal together afterwards. He did a great job getting to the heart of the book. If you missed that interview you can listen to it here:

On another note, I’ve had the most amazing time the last two weeks traveling to Jacksonville, FL and then up through North Carolina from Raleigh to Charlotte. One of the real themes of this trip is the number of people I’ve met, of all ages, who are standing just on the cusp of a new journey outside of religious obligation and  performance and discovering what it means to live in the affection of a gracious Father. Yes, it is disorienting and it may well drive your friends and family crazy, but you were created to know the Father, not to try to impress him with how good you can be.

Living in his love is not the reward of a life well-lived, but the starting gate for the adventure of a lifetime where love slowly but surely wins us into his reality, life, and freedom. And it’s yours for the asking.  Asking him, of course, not me!



6 thoughts on “Beyond Sundays Releases This Week”

  1. Wayne,
    It was such a pleasure meeting with you today. It’s so nice seeing true authenticity in a room of believers. People who just want to know the love of Christ more intimately. Thank you for meeting with people and sharing your stories, including the funny ones! Maybe we will see each other again! Thanks for the chocolate chip cookie!

  2. The postage to Australia is incredibly high. I will wait to order it through another site
    like Amazon or Bookdepository.

    1. The shopping cart doesn’t work well for International destinations, which is why we ask International orders to write first and get a quote. It is MUCH cheaper than what you’re seeing. We can also send four books for the same price as one. For those who do just use the shopping cart, Sara will refund any shipping charge above the actual cost.

  3. Hi Wayne,
    I do believe I have most if not all of your e-books. I guard your Church outside the Walls from
    2006 with great diligence though. Hard copy back ups on external drive, etc., as those videos
    were the final confirmation in our hearts that we weren’t aberrant living in a state of apostasy
    but rather forging ahead on our Quest for Him.
    Loved your comment “less tribal “. So apt. I had been using the term “sick of the labels” but
    yours hits the nail on the head. Have had the privilege of the Lord bringing people into our lives
    who were searching for more and with courage they are finding.
    As Bob Sorge says, mega blessings upon you.

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