Beyond Sundays Hits the Airwaves

Friday morning I will be discussing the release of my newest book with Vince Coakley on his radio show in the Greenville/Charlotte area. If you want to listen in you can do so here through the website. We will go live from 11:05 Eastern Standard Time, 8:05 Pacific.  I always look forward to my lively chats with Vince and his audience.

Beyond Sundays is being finalized at the printers now. We should have them early next week, well ahead of our February 8 release date. We will ship the books just as soon as we have them on hand. The e-book should debut shortly thereafter as well. We’ll provide all the links here, though you can go ahead now and pre-order the printed copy for a $2.00 discount.

I’ll also be hanging out in the Charlotte area for the weekend if you’re nearby and want to join us.  Get details here.



3 thoughts on “Beyond Sundays Hits the Airwaves”

  1. Please Wayne & Sara,
    Is it at all possible for you to explore some different postage methods to New Zealand? $97 to have 2 copies of your new book sent makes it out of reach from down here. I hope our local Christian Bookstore will have it on sale. I we don’t mind if it comes more slowly.
    Blessings to you both.

    1. Trying to compute shipping to international destinations on our shipping calculator comes up with some bizarre results. That’s why we encourage people ordering from foreign countries to email our office ( to get an exact quote. If they don’t, we refund whatever extra there is from the actual charge. Even with that, however, shipping overseas is ridiculously expensive. Keep in mind we can usually ship four books for the same price we can ship one. It’s a nightmare and I apologize for it. But no, BEYOND SUNDAYS won’t be in your bookstores because we publish it ourselves and don’t have access to those markets. The e-book will be out soon, however, and that is probably the best solution of all for overseas readers.

  2. I prefer good old fashioned books as i’m not on line alot these days, and will always prefer a book to
    an ebook. I will get it to Australia somehow.

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