A Little Help Please!

I found out a few weeks ago that we were running out of So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore, and have spent the last few days getting that manuscript back to the printer with some corrections made and a new publisher logo on it. Hopefully we’ll get those back before we run out of our existing supply.

One of the valuable things we did on that book was put quotes on the first few pages from readers who were impacted by it. We have heard over and over again how much those encouraged others to dive deeply into the book.

We want to do that with the next edition of He Loves Me, which we will also have to print in the next few months because we are running out of those as well. If any of you would like to write a blurb for that book for us? We need short, pithy comments about the book, much like you find in the early pages of the Jake book, talking about how it impacted you. We wanted normal folks, not celebrities to let others know what they think of this book.

You can either email those directly to me or leave them here as comments. Please include your first name, a two or three word descriptor of you (electrician, university professor, father of two, high school student, unemployed musician, mother of 18, something like that) and your hometown. That will make you seem like a real person and that we didn’t make those up here one afternoon. We can’t promise to use them all, but will use those we think best taps the hunger of future readers. Thanks for the help. Blessings!