Why a Wayne Jacobsen Book?

I am appreciative to all of you who weighed in on my dilemma as to what to title my new book. There were a lot of great suggestions, and I appreciate being able to think this through alongside your input.  At this point I think I’m going to go with:  Beyond Sundays: Why Those Giving up on Organized Religion May Not Be Bad for the Church. Of course no title is final until the book is sent to the printers!

Now I want to ask for a bit more help.

And this is riskier, at least for me.

It realize this could be misinterpreted as an exercise in self-aggrandizement. I hope it isn’t that. Many books include endorsements from other authors and celebrities about the content of the book. I have in the past included “endorsements” from normal, every-day people instead of celebrities because that’s the lifeblood of this family. And endorsements of the content really help those who are not familiar with my stuff to have an idea whether or not a book is worth their time.

For this book, however, rather than commenting on the content, I’d like to have comments from readers about the author. In other words, if a friend of yours asked, why they might find a book by me helpful, how would you answer them?  How has God used them to encourage your journey or how do I come off as a person or writer?

Honestly this isn’t an attempt to get people to say a lot of nice things about me here, or on social media. I’m not fighting off an identity crisis and need people to stoke my ego for a few days. I just want to have something different in the front of the book.  You can post here, or send them to me personally. I’m planning to select about 20 of them to include in the front of the book, and maybe on the cover copy.

So, try to answer this question, “Why would I want to read a book by Wayne Jacobsen?” Keep them short. The more creative the better. Don’t overstate it. If you know me personally you might have something to say that will help the reader think beyond the book itself. Two or three sentences will do. Please include how you would like to be identified, e.g. “Pam a third-grade teacher in Wisconsin”, or “Matt, a father of two in Port Elizabeth, SA”.

I hope that makes sense. You have no idea how such recommendations open a door for people who are considering a book, but are not quite sure if the author is worth their time. I hope this is different enough to be a bit of fun for you.



37 thoughts on “Why a Wayne Jacobsen Book?”

  1. For golly sake Wayne, you’ve proven yourself beyond a shadow of a doubt that you’re the world’s most
    unassuming and non-presumptive chap. You know that it’s God working in and through you and I believe other readers would agree. If you’re following His call upon your life, then his (lowly) nature will surely be displayed in every aspect of your being “out there” in what ever media form or format you are led to use.

    It’s never been you, it never will be you, it’s all been God. He has given you grace upon grace to follow His call.

    One last point, if you’re where God wants you to be, and I believe you are, you are in the cross hairs of our enemy John 15:4. The Lord gave that to me many years ago. He literally said, “‘Above all else’, maintain your relationship with me”.

  2. Wayne articulates what the Holy Spirit has already been speaking to me and is a man of great character even taking the time to counsel and Victoria answer emails from people he doesn’t even know. It doesn’t get more real and authentic than Wayne Jacobsen.

    Victoria, homeschooling mom in small town Iowa

  3. I am always interested in what Wayne Jacobsen has to say. When I met him in person about nine years ago in Victoria, BC he quickly helped me to sort out a dilemma that was weighing heavily on my mind at the time. The solution was simple — it involved God’s love, learning to live “loved” and knowing that we are all loved.
    – Bev Anne
    A Free Range Believer in Nanaimo, BC

  4. While there are perhaps a wide variety of “things” that a person who tries to represent God to us could do…. i.e. teach, exhort, comfort, etc. … there is really only one thing that is necessary, bring us to Christ and let Him teach, exhort, comfort, etc. Wayne does this as well or better than most…
    He doesn’t present the latest 12 Step Program or give you 21 Ways to Pray Effectively… He simply uses the Scriptures and the experience of a life surrendered to his Savior, Brother, Friend. God isn’t “out there” and uninvolved… He’s closer than your own breath and wants to make Himself know to you… Wayne finds numerous ways to handle the introductions. This is what Wayne does best.

  5. Great idea Wayne…..

    “For the past 20 years I have been consistently and greatly encouraged by Wayne Jacobsen through his podcasts, articles and books. I believe he has an ear finely tuned to “hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches”, and is able to articulate very clearly those things that the Spirit is also whispering to others like myself whose journey finds them half a step behind him!”

    Sue, grandmother and refugee support worker in Western Australia

  6. A former pastor, but still Christ-follower who gets “it’–the institutionalization of the Church, the false beliefs that under-serve many Christians or keep them hopelessly bound versus living the abundant life, and so much more that detracts from really, authentically following Jesus and doing so in freedom. He and his writings are a breath of fresh air and offer hope beyond the institution and the endless hamster wheel of performance Christianity. His weekly podcast is also refreshing as he and his co-host do not shy away from tough topics, but rather wrestle with them without offering pat, formulaic answers.

  7. I have enjoyed Wayne’s podcasts, books, and articles for a number of years. When Father nudged us in the direction of leaving the IC, it was Wayne’s book “So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore” that made us start to realize that we were and are not alone in the journey. We had the privilege of being a part of Wayne’s second trip to Israel, gosh we had a great time!! And, in getting to know the man behind the books, I found him unassuming, ‘real’, down to earth, and all about Jesus. He lives what he writes…what a concept!

    Pamela, CHRIST follower, from the Ozarks!!

  8. For most of my life I struggled to accept that God really did love me just as I am, without all the hard work to improve and the apologies for failing. Then I read two words from Wayne’s writings ‘Living Loved’! Suddenly all those struggles were gone and I KNEW I was loved no matter what I did or didn’t do. Wayne has a way of exposing God’s love, in a way I had never heard before or since. Do yourself a favour – read ALL his books.

  9. The first thing that struck me about Wayne when I first started to get to know him nine years ago was how gently earnest he was about pointing the attention away from himself (with his podcast and book notoriety) and toward Jesus. I watched him do it with many folks, too. I am blessed to have a friendship now with Wayne and his family. Wayne has been a friend, a big brother, mentor, cheerleader, and an “Aaron”(holding up my arms in moments I didn’t think I could alone one more second). He has been a living example of “coming alongside” another human being, doing life, showing what it means to be part of God’s Church. My interactions with those I bump into on this wild journey through this galaxy have more depth and less personal agenda attached. There was no magic formula, or 19 step plan. My friend Wayne simply followed Jesus and shared his journey with me and others. In the years since, I have found Jesus’ Church everywhere, (in some of the oddest places, really). I treasure my friendship with Wayne, his nutty and funny sarcasm, wit, tenderness and honesty. I love how I can hear him in his writings as I read them. Talk about truth in advertising! Book Wayne is real life Wayne. And my kids love him too. (Of course the boat rides MIGHT have a lot to do with that…)
    Amy L. Horn
    Mother of two and wife to the best husband on the planet
    Clovis, CA

  10. The first time I picked up a book by Wayne Jacobsen I was at a very low point of my faith journey, I was struggling with all things to do with faith then I found So You Don’t Want to Go To Church Anymore. It was life changing for me. Since then I have followed his writing in books and blog and regularly listen to to him through his blog. His simple, honest, open wisdom has helped me understand so many of the real issues of faith and life. This man loves God and points people to Jesus in a most unassuming and beautiful manner, he is, for me the epitome of what being a disciple of Jesus is.

    Pete, a free believer, husband, father and grandfather from the U.K.

  11. The first book written by Wayne Jacobsen that popped up in my Kindle had me captivated. I surely came upon it by Providence at a time when I was seeking something more after 50 or so years of being a Christian. Suddenly here was an author who was answering my deepest questions. The Father’s Love and Grace became real as I poured over Wayne’s books.
    (Grandmother from country town Australia)

  12. Daniel du Plessis

    There are times that we need a wider understanding of the process God is accompanying us through; bringing the connecting points of so many threads of our own story together.
    By God’s Grace, I was set free from a homosexual lifestyle and the struggle that comes with that journey but the abandonment of the church in my darkest hours took the longest to heal.
    God led me to read Wayne’s book “He loves me”. Through Wayne’s wonderful way with words, truly anointed words, I experienced God healing old wounds, restoring my trust in godly men and women again, and the removal of the guilt and shame for not being attached to a church as per say. This book paved the way for me to live and make decisions from my new heart Jesus gave me, and to find total freedom in my relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
    I am looking forward to read “Beyond Sunday” and to continue drink in the heart and anointed words of this humble man of God. A brilliant title and I would continue to recommend any book of Wayne Jacobsen.
    God bless this man of God.
    Daniël Du Plessis – “Free from guilt:

  13. Discipleship is ultimately about hearing the voice of Jesus. When a tidal wave washed me away for the moorings of institutional christianity in 2006, Wayne’s writings helped me to hear God clearly.
    Through the God Journey Podcasts, his voice has articulated the Love of God and just how that love both covers and moves us out into the broken world. Jesus said “my Sheep hear my voice”, and there are times when people are vessels to help find that voice again. Thank you Wayne.

  14. Margaret M Burrow

    When I first discovered the book Finding Church, I was elated to read a book that expressed what I had found so difficult to put into words myself. I shared the book with two sisters and a brother who are still in the institutional church. They began a journey of freedom from legalism. Then four dear friends whom I gathered with to celebrate our relationship with Christ read it. It confirmed what all of us were thinking. Wayne Jacobsen has a way with words that gets to the heart of the matter without condemning anyone. His love for the Lord’s people is evident in all his writings and podcasts. I am no longer performance driven thanks to immersing myself in Wayne’s writings and taking a fresh look at the Word and God’s love for me.

  15. Jonathan Bellingham

    Wayne Jacobsen reminds me very much of Paul of Tarsus, he writes succinctly of the transformation through personal revelation and life as a consequence of that event. I feel his books hold and lead you by the hand to meet and then leave you in the company of the best friend you will ever know.

  16. Wayne doesn’t cling to Utopian fantasies about the Body of Christ or lofty theories of what could be, rather he writes of a reality that he actually lives. In the 17 years I’ve known him, I’ve observed a man who lives in the authenticity of God’s love that is made obvious through the vast number of thriving friendships he has with people all over the world. For me, reading a book by Wayne is like reading a letter from an older brother saying, “Here’s some stuff I’ve lived and experienced in my journey with Father that may encourage you.”

    Loren Rosser
    NBC Broadcast Operations Technician
    Dallas, TX

    1. Daniel du Plessis

      Well put Loren.
      Wayne’s writing brings into perspective what I lived and did not understand.

  17. Wayne has been writing for over 25 years on today’s church structure in light of what we see in the new testament. His insights have brought clarity to what seems to be an ongoing divinely inspired reformation. He is definitely a forerunner in the providential appearance of a theological renewal on how we are to be His people.

  18. UNCLE!!!!! I have way more than I can use and will have to edit down. Please don’t forget to include a location and identifier since I won’t be using last names. Such as, “Bob, a worm wrangler in Northern California”, or “Janine, a brain surgeon in Guatemala.” Thanks.

  19. Sometimes you know deep inside that things aren’t going the way God originally intended for the church. You can’t put it into words, but you just know. I picked up a copy of “So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore” and found myself in the pages. Over time, Wayne has provided those just-on-time words again and again through his books, podcasts and blogs. My focus and purpose have become clear that has begun a ripple effect that touches everyone I come in contact with.

    Joyce from Southern Iowa

  20. Ian, who enjoys a walk on the wild side too

    Wayne came out from a formal church stable. In doing so he discovered an increasing freedom to share the love of the Father with those he ‘bumps into’ each day. He is a follower of Jesus, without the labels, who does not judge those like me still in a regular church. He has a real gift and desire to share the reality of God with others, especially those who are hurting. In his writing and speaking he comes alongside you as a friend and brother. You will be attracted and challenged by his experiences of meeting and serving God in new ways that free and open you up to responding to the love of God for others.

  21. Wayne has an uncommon depth of understanding of the love of God and what it means to be the church that is honest, encouraging, and freeing. He clearly knows and shares the difference between relationship and religion. His teaching has been such a breath of fresh air to me as I have so often wrestled with that which is legalistic, religious, or shallow in church environments.

    Bob from Pennsylvania, a follower of Jesus

  22. Wayne Jacobsen’s approach in presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ has been like that of an unassuming, close friend that is happy to sit with you in the dark places of your life, and firmly but gently point you to Jesus. The result is a return to wonder, and peace of mind and heart. Wayne’s role in my life, through his books, has been deeply influential.

    John from Alberta, Canada, a fellow traveller on The Journey

  23. I met Wayne a few years ago, after I had read a few of his books. Wayne is a man who has become at home in his on skin, no pretense, oozing with grace. His books and conversations with him have a way of uncovering the truth that God has been speaking to your heart, and he encourages you to live in that space.
    David a brother from Alabama.

  24. After reading, “So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore,” I knew I had found my new favorite author. Wayne Jacobsen is the pastor – type that I don’t want to follow, but want to befriend. His writing is the cool cup of water I long for while thirsting after authentic community, as a Christ follower and continued ‘organized church’ goer and pastor’s wife. His words will always point you to a more real space in finding Church. Enjoy this book and the journey to living loved! ~Pastor’s
    Wife in The South

  25. Jonathan Bellingham

    Sorry, I didn’t finish off with who I am on my comment. Should have finished with Jonathan on a hill in Wales.

  26. “Every book by Wayne that I’ve read has been a refreshing shower of life that washes away the grime of dead religion that masquerades as Jesus Christ, drawing me closer, beckoning me into a deeper relationship between my Papa and his son. See for yourself. See if you don’t feel the tugging of your heart by the One Who rent the veil and every religious barrier so that you could know him as he knows you.” Joel, a husband, a father of four, and a friend of God in Bailey, NC

  27. Marshall, 60, father of 5 and husband of one wife 35+ years… Wayne has help me over many years come to grips with my dissatisfaction with organized religion and the well-meaning “christians” who often do damage in their well doing. Wayne through his writings and pod cast has help me to see relationship is more important than religion, Amen!!

  28. A Christian brother

    Wayne’s ruggedly honest approach stands out from the main stream. I have found his expression of the Christian life to be very spiritually encouraging.

  29. In a day when many “Christian” books seem to be just a rearranged version of what others have already written, Wayne’s books include clear and encouraging insights that you won’t read anywhere else. His words will, though, resonate with what the Spirit of God has written in your heart.

    Jeff, a financial advisor and former pastor in Kentucky

    Wayne, I know you cried, “Uncle”, but I still had to write something.

  30. I first encountered Wayne Jacobsen through reading ‘The shack ‘which he edited/co-wrote’ so I searched further & discovered ‘So You don’t Want To Go To Church Anymore?’ & listened to many of his talks series online on his website. I was deeply impressed in finding someone who expressed what I hadI experienced for years about organised church/Religion & the essentiality of just knowing & loving Jesus & letting Him love me without trying so hard!. There is a simplicity yet profound wisdom in the way he writes & lives his Faith. When I met him at a seminar in London 2 years ago I asked him a personal question that was troubling me. He answered in a few simple sentences in a way which cleared the air & freed me from the cloud of condemnation that had hung over me for so long. What a blessing this dear brother is. I thank God for him! His writings are nothing but helpful & enlightening to the realities of God’s solutions to our struggles in life.
    Sheila, a former Missionary in India, Retired Nurse, Single Mother of 7 & Grandmother in the UK.

  31. Bother – I was just about to type my opus magnus on Wayne and saw the red STOP light.
    Wayne, we are in the UK now ( with only a smart phone to type on) but when we get back I shall tell you what I was going to say because I would like you to be encouraged.

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