Free Book: Living Beyond the Borders

Living Beyond the Borders, a new book by a friend of mine, John Langford in the UK. It is a feast for any hungry heart looking for the boundless joy of living in the Father’s reality. Too often we live hemmed in by manmade borders that reduce our freedom in Christ to a set of empty rituals. This book will help you set your sights beyond those borders and embrace the mystery and joy of a journey of growing intimacy and friendship with Jesus. This strikes to the very heart of salvation—access to him and a growing relationship that makes every day an adventure. Simply, powerfully, and honestly written.

Since it’s horribly expensive to ship this book overseas, John has made it available as a FREE PDF download until August 15, 2017. This is the first book in a trilogy John is writing about knowing God’s love and life in limitless ways.  Just go here and click on the image of the front cover. If you find the book valuable and you want to share a contribution to help them with the work God’s called them to do, please feel free.

I’ve known John and Jenny Langford for well over a decade, visiting them in their home in England and crossing paths with them at gatherings with other friends in Ireland and France. John even shared a bit of his story with me on a GodJourney podcast, What’s In Your Heart?  John and Jenny are native South Africans but moved to the UK many years ago. He is a businessman with a heart to help other people connect with Jesus and help them grow.  He posts his thoughts and other resources on a website called His Life. John and Jenny are some of the true elders of the faith that I’ve met in my travels. I’m excited to see him make some of his thoughts available in book form, and making their lives more available to help others find the life in Christ they have discovered.  I’m so glad I can share this book with readers here at Lifestream. You’ll find it a great encouragement with practical insight and heart. He really lives the things he writes about.

You can read more comments about the book HERE.  John would also love your thoughts about the book if you’d like to send them.  

Now available in Kindle.


3 thoughts on “Free Book: Living Beyond the Borders”

  1. I’m surprised Wayne endorses this. Seems to be unaware of much that Wayne has been & is demonstrating. Hint: it’s all about loving God first & foremost (as He first did ), which then empowers love of neighbor as self. That will ‘automatically’ move one away from sin, instead of giving sin emphasis & focus of programs ( the agenda of religion & borders ! )

    1. I’m not sure what you’re reacting to in the book, Thom. I personally found lots of encouragement in it to look beyond the borders and find a transformative life in Jesus. Does that mean he words everything exactly like I would, or that we see everything the same way? Of course not. That wouldn’t be true of any writer I know. But I like looking at the gifts and insights others bring to my life and toss out the occasional bone when I find it. That’s what I hope people do with my stuff.

      1. Thanks, Wayne for comments. You’ve been down more roads with folks than I. You’ve been a great blessing to me, & I’ve thanked the Lord & praised your work.
        In one of your writings on your ‘previous life’, you commented on someone not remembering a single point in what he called a ‘great sermon’ by you. This writing seems like a series of such great sermons ….. not the clarity I associate with you. But that’s me, the student ….. still learning ..

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