What Others Might Think

What a crazy two weeks! We’re trying to get So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore off to the presses for the printed version of Jake’s book. The response to this book has been incredible and I know many of you have waited to see it in print, knowing you can read through the entire story. That is about to be come a reality, though we’ve still got some proofing to do and some corrections to make. It is a ton of work and has overshadowed everything the last few weeks.

I did meet a man for lunch Wednesday from Oregon who was doing business down here in Southern California. On the way down he had been reading He Loves Me on the plane when he said he had a pretty weird moment. Sitting there with a book in his lap that said He Loves Me on it and a daisy on the cover, he began to wonder if other folks around him might have thought he was reading a gay self-help book! And since he was traveling with another man from his office…, well, you know! He said he thought people would think of that before they would think of it being a book he was reading on marriage to be more sensitive to his wife’s point of view.

So he found himself reading the book while trying to keep his hand over the title so no one would have any of those thoughts. Wow! I’ve never heard that before and never thought of that myself. We had a great laugh over it. I told him I never did like that title and when we run out of those books in my garage, we’re going to republish. I like Living in the Father’s Affection. He liked Shattering the Favor Line. Hmmmm… I could like that too. Well, we’ve got time to decide. I still have a few thousand in my garage.

But it’s interesting the kinds of thoughts that can go through our heads when we’re worried about what others might be thinking about us. It’s certainly easier just not to care about that. As the popular saying goes, we wouldn’t waste so much time worried about what others are thinking of us if we realized how little they did.

Sorry there hasn’t been much action on the blog here. Too busy these days. I will get back to it, however, when things settle down.

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