The Visible Becomes Invisible Again

As Jesus’s body ascends to the Father, the disciples could no longer see him as they did before. But it wasn’t long until they discovered that Jesus had come to live in them by his Spirit and now they would be the vessels through whom Jesus would make himself known in the world.  Then the message spread throughout the known world and invited us all into a new adventure, learning to walk with Jesus.

The Jesus Story is an adaption of The Jesus Lens for my grandchildren (ages 9-15) and anyone else that cares to look over my shoulder.  I want to give them an appreciation for the Bible, that has been the most valuable book I know to help me learn to live inside the Father through the work of Jesus.   There will be thirteen episodes in this season as we cover the whole story of Scripture, which is really a story about Jesus.

You can join us live if you like on the Facebook Group we created for this little venture or follow each new video as they appear on The Jesus Story Page here on Lifestream.

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1 thought on “The Visible Becomes Invisible Again”

  1. You’re doing fantastic Wayne and thankful for these classes for my daughters! I love that you explained that the Bible is not the Word but God is, Jesus became flesh. My daughters don’t attend institution church services but did participate in AWANA for some weeks just because their close friends invited them. Well one question was “where can we find God” my 11 year old daughter wrote, “when we play with Him, talk and listen to Him, work with Him etc” and she got the answer wrong…the teacher was very gentle though but told her since she hasn’t been attending like the others she understands she got it wrong but the right answer is in the Word, the Bible. When I asked her how it went that night she said fine but she didn’t know the answer to one of the questions and she felt embarrassed as all the other kids knew…well after she told me I explained to her no she had it right:) that find God within us He is always with us…and now when she hears you talk about the Word she was happy to hear it from another teacher:)!

    On a funny note:
    When we were looking for what versions of the Bible my daughters like best I read from the Message and my 10 year old daughter said, “mom did you write that?? I don’t like that version because it’s like it talks right about what I’m doing that’s wrong” ha ha! The verse was “don’t make a fuss about the meal put on the dinner table, nor worry about fashions in your closet…” the other verse is was, “when we focus on ourselves we don’t have time to focus on God but one who knows God cannot help but focus on God”. The she said, if there is a verse that talks about my blankly next (I’ve been trying to get her to stop having her blanky so often) she said I’m just going crush this Bible. We laughed at the honesty of a child that would rather have a version she doesn’t understand very well then one that confronts things in her life. I told her though that it’s not a bad thing it’s helping us, guiding us how we can experience God’s fullness not condemnation if we are doing something it advises not to:). For example I read in Nahum in the Message Bible the other day , “God does not loose his temper”…she loved that it spoke to me ha ha!
    Anyways thank you so so so much for letting others join!!!

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