When the Invisible Became Visible

“The Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory…”

Reading about Jesus in The Gospels can help you learn to recognize the voice and the work of the Risen Jesus as he draws you into a relationship with him today. That’s the theme of the second episode of The Jesus Story, now available online.

The Jesus Story is an adaption of The Jesus Lens for my grandchildren (ages 9-15) and anyone else that cares to look over my shoulder.  I want to give them an appreciation for the Bible, that has been the most valuable book I know to help me learn to live inside the Father through the work of Jesus.   There will be thirteen episodes in this season as we cover the whole story of Scripture, which is really a story about Jesus.

You can join us live if you like on the Facebook Group we created for this little venture or follow each new video as they appear on The Jesus Story Page here on Lifestream.

(If you don’t see the video above, please click here.)


4 thoughts on “When the Invisible Became Visible”

    1. I’m sorry this is only in English. We don’t have the resources here to do Spanish subtitles. I’m sure Father has other ways of teaching you these things. (Google Translate: Lo siento, esto es solo en inglés. No tenemos los recursos aquí para hacer subtítulos en español. Estoy seguro de que papá tiene otras formas de enseñarte estas cosas.)

  1. Thanks Wayne for this vidéo.. I loved it..I wish I had this teaching by the time I was as young as your grand children.I would have loved God intead of being scared of him and try to please Him by doing the things I thought He expected me to do or be..thanks God,never too late to Know who He is..I realise that my former way of beleaving in God in the past only could keep my child ,and other people away from Him,and I don’t know now how to talk to them about the God I’ve dicovered because I made them becoming scared about God too,and they don’t want to listen to me anymore,and I understand them!!.. ..yeah, actually,by the way people live,espacially your closest ones,you think God feels the same thing about you..I really heard Him once,beleive it or not:”I’m God,I don’t LOVE the same way as humans.. that’s why I command human beings to Love one another AS I did through Jesus..” because humans,most of the time, don’t love..it’s only power:”I love you IF ,and only,IF you do this or that”just blackmail..it looks like LOVE,but actually it’s not..my question now is:”How can I do with my child and my grand children to tell them about the “new God” I’ve met? I’m not anymore the “appropriate” person to tell them anything about Him because I’ve disgusted them ,at least my child,from Him..so,she doesn’t want me to “poluate ” them with all this “stuff”..so,I pray and beg Him,to put somebody else on their way..because,FAITH is actually THE BEST GIFT one can hope..

    1. The best thing? Just to pray for them, asking God to make himself known. Let them control any conversation about God. When they are ready they will bring it up. And, apologies go a long way. Don’t do it, though as a way to convince them you’re different. Let them see it in you first. But when the time is appropriate, “You know my biggest regret with raising you is the picture I gave you of God. I was really scared and put that on you. I’m really sorry.” Then let it go. Don’t try to convince them there’s a better God, or they will only see the apology as manipulative. Let God lead you here. He loves them more than you do and has ways to get in their heart when we stop trying to “fix: them. I know this isn’t easy, but it allows God to do his best stuff…

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