Live Radio Tomorrow!

As many of you know I’m in North Carolina hanging out with lots of people exploring this amazing life of Christ and how we can live more deeply in his love and grace. I’ve had so many great conversations already and so many more to come in the last four days here.

On Friday at 11:05 Eastern time (8:05 Pacific Time), I’m going to join a good friend of mine, Vince Coakley on his daily radio show.  Vince is a talk show host on 106.3 in Greenville and covers political events and current affairs. He was the Republican Nominee for the House of Representatives last election for one of the districts here.  We have been friends over the last eight years and I appreciate his heart and passion, though we don’t always agree politically.  He is a wise and generous-hearted man.

You can find out more about the show here, and if you want to listen in it streams life using the button at the top right of that page.  I’m not sure what we’re going to talk about but it might include the current controversy in North Carolina about bathroom use by transgendered people.  That could be fun…

2 thoughts on “Live Radio Tomorrow!”

  1. Thank you for speaking the Truth with Vince on the radio today! You drew me closer
    to our Savior when you answered the question, “Why did Jesus have to die?”…
    the Gospel is not a fulfillment of some legal abstract but a loving act; a desire for
    an intimate relationship between sinners and our Heavenly Father!
    Could say a lot more but time does not allow it… Thanks again and keep up the “Good deeds”!

  2. Was able to hear the show yesterday…a lot of what you said I’ve heard before, but I appreciated that Mr. Coakley is a personal friend of yours and it surely had an impact of the positive nature of the show. The only drawback was having to stop to ‘pay the bills’, you seemed to get on a roll in the first segment and then had to stop abruptly for a station break. Still though, anytime you are given a voice and a platform to share that voice, it is a benefit to you, and to those listening.

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