Some News on the Home Front

I just have some quick notes to let you in on here since many of you have been asking and praying about Sara and what we’re up to this fall.

First, for those interested I’m going to be on The Vince Coakley Radio show tomorrow morning (Friday) at 11:05 Eastern Daylight Time (8:05 PDT) that airs in Greenville, South Carolina on WORD 106.3. Vince is a good friend of mine and has asked me to talk about The Nashville Statement that came out last week and my response to it that caused no small stir on my web page.  You can find out more about the show here, and if you want to listen in you can stream it live using the button at the top right of that page.  You’ve got to listen when it airs; there is no podcast posted later. Sorry.

Also, next week my wife, Sara, will be having hip-replacement surgery at UCLA Medical Center. This has been a long year for her with a number of medical challenges that have hampered her from many of the things she enjoys. Over the last year we have tried every other option and honestly feel this is our next step. We don’t need medical advice and know a number of people who have enjoyed the benefits of this surgery.  We would appreciate your prayers as she goes through this and I will be taking the time to nurse her through the recovery.

There will be new podcasts this Friday and next, though the rest of my pages may be quiet during this time.  Our friends in Pokot can use your help as they are learning to farm their own crops around the wells we drilled them. Remember these tribes have been nomadic for centuries, and are only now learning to grow crops instead of scavenging for food wherever they can.

After this, who knows where the Lord will lead us. If she recovers well from surgery I am planning on being in France and Belgium at the end of October, and though I have other trips to consider, I’m not confirming that or scheduling anything further until we get through surgery. This should give me some time to write and finish up a few things around here.

6 thoughts on “Some News on the Home Front”

  1. Best Blessings to you and Sara and her “New Hip”. You’ll both be amazed at God’s provision..”New Hips” via anointed hands. Be a good nurse, Wayne. xox. Martha & Bill Gibbs of Rutland, Ma.

  2. Jesus Christ, God’s Son, please reach down from heaven, reach down your hand and put you finger on your faithful servent Sara. Please make her surgery go wonderfully well. Please shock and awe the doctors and RN’s and medical staff as they see her recovery and her return to full health.


  3. I’m sure Sara will receive all the love care and tenderness she so readily gives to others through this next phase of restoring her body with the hip replacement. Prayers and love coming your way. Love Jill x

  4. God wants to be our Papa. He wants to live in us, give us life and transform us from the inside. He doesn’t need some of us to lay down outward laws for the rest of us. He wants an individual, intimate relationship with each of us. My best to Sara!

  5. Praying for Sara and thankful you get to be with her through recovery. Thankful to hear the show today and trust it’s helpful to many. I still remember the early stages my family was being led out of the structured system and my husband and I were praying while driving for the Bride, His Body to receive revelation to be free and when we turned the radio on Wayne was talking on a debate show over local structured church…we were elated to hear a voice for His Body on this subject!!!! We went home that day and have been listening to Godjourney and Lifestream ever since:)! I pray today is helpful for many as well. Prayers and blessings:)!

    I really liked the excerpt about Jesus saying not to pull weeds out as we might pull some of the real ones out too…the scriptures take on more meaning once experiencing that…Galatians for example takes on a whole new level/standards after being told the law approves you to be a true Christian.

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