I Lift My Eyes To the Mountains!

When I was a little boy our family always vacationed in the Sierra Nevada mountains above Fresno. No place on earth rejuvenates my heart and soul as much as some time spent in the pines, alpine lakes, and rocky outcroppings of the Sierras. That’s where we are headed today to visit my dad and to enjoy a two-week vacation. Some of that will be with our extended family who will join us for a week, and some of that will be Sara and I just relaxing together. This past year has been brutal physically for us. I’ve undergone two surgeries and Sara one. And Sara will have one more in the next month or so. She has been in constant pain since last year at this time and we’re hopeful that hip-replacement surgery will soon provide the relief she needs. It seems we’ve spent most of the last year in hospitals or in recovery, or in my case being on the road to the midwest, east coast, and most recently South Africa.

So you can expect these pages to be quiet for the next few weeks.  After I get home I’ll be helping my son move to Denver where he’s taken a new job at the University of Denver, and it happens to coincide with the solar eclipse in late August. You can also expect me to get hopelessly behind on my email, so it might be best not to write me until August 15 if you need an intelligent answer.  At the end of the month I’ll be in Amarillo, TX. I’m not sure where else I’ll end up this fall. There’s talk of going to North Carolina and possibly to France, but we’ve got to get Sara’s surgery sorted out first, and then I’ll be announcing what other travel I’ll be able to get in this year.

However, during this time book orders will still go out, since we have people covering that for us.

Until then…

Blessings and love to al our friends around the world,

4 thoughts on “I Lift My Eyes To the Mountains!”

  1. Wayne:

    I walked my Mom through two hip surgeries in a year. Trust me on this one.. you need to be with your wife 100% to get her through the first week for sure. Mom was on her walker for 6 weeks after the surgery and was faithful with her exercises every day… and she recovered well. She would tell people… stay on the walker for at least the 6 recommended weeks … it definitely helps with recovery. A friend of hers had the same surgery went right to the cane after a couple of weeks… and his recovery wasn’t as good and took much longer.

    A little advice from someone in the world of plumbing… If you don’t have one yet… Get a high boy toilet. Your wife will thank you. The high boy toilet (ADA) has the bowl at least 17-18 inches off the floor. Much easier for a woman who can’t bend her body more than 75-85 degrees.

    And please don’t fret about us… we will all be okay!!!! Please take the time you need to be with your wife. She needs you!!!

    Ruby from Calmar, Alberta, Canada!!!

    1. Thanks, Ruby. I appreciate the info. I’ll be there for sure as long as she needs me and we’ve been well advised by friends who’ve had the same operation as to what to expect and how best to prepare….

  2. My prayers are with you both. I have had both hips replaced (within 2 weeks of each other) and the difference is amazing! I have to remind myself that they aren’t “original equipment”! My surgeries were in 1999 and I have never had any problems. In fact, hip replacement is one of the most successful surgeries one can have! No reply necessary. Just wanted to send encouragement!

  3. You are in our prayers for rejuvenation and for Sara’s better health! Blessings to you both as you recharge the batteries.

    Jay from MA (formerly LA)

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