Heading Home

This. Has. Been. So. Much. Fun.

The return to innocence tour has been an absolute delight on a personal level. It has given me extended time with Sara and our dogs, the healing that keeps flowing from Father’s heart, and the fantastic conversations and friendships Jesus keeps letting us explore. We are both so grateful for this trip in this season of our lives and how his glory just keeps unfolding each day. However, it is time to move more deliberately westward and get home before the Thanksgiving holiday. That’s the plan, anyway.

What a joyful trip we had to Atlanta yesterday, through the peak foliage between Chattanooga and Atlanta, topped off with our gathering that afternoon. It was so good to catch up with people caring for the people of Ukraine or taking some children from troubled homes into their own. Rich conversation, great laughs, and wonderful encouragement filled our day.

Now we’re in Chattanooga for two more days before heading to Nashville for November 2-4. If you want to join us there, there’s a Wednesday night gathering, write me for details.

After that, we may head to Paducah, KY, on Saturday, November 5, and then on to Mountain Home, Arkansas, on November 6 and 7.

We’re not clear exactly where we are going from there. We may go to Branson for a night or two, but we’re also sorting out where it might be best to gather in the area where NW Arkansas, NE Oklahoma, SW Kansas, and SE Missouri all converge. We’ve had a lot of contacts from that region. We can’t stay long, so we’re looking for places that others can get to easily since all of this will mostly be during the week of November 7-11. If you have any ideas that can help us sort that out, please write me.

Eight months ago, neither of us would have conceived of this trip or what the last three months have held for us. I guess that’s why he asked us to follow him, not make plans and ask him to bless them. That’s probably been the most recurring lesson of my spiritual journey. I’ve always done lots of planning, hoping and praying God would use it. Learning to live in God’s unfolding plans has been quite a journey.

Somehow I thought that I had the excellent ideas God needed to get his work done in the world, and I’m sure I carelessly walked by some more amazing trails he was inviting me down if I hadn’t been so preoccupied with my planning. Now, we are seeing more of those roads and enjoying them immensely.

Father has already purposed everything he wants to accomplish in Christ in this broken Creation. He just invites us to come alongside him and be part of his fantastic work. Now, I do far less planning, even on this trip, and yet watch the amazing opportunities he unfolds without my needing to have it planned weeks in advance.

It all seems so simple now, perhaps too simple for those of us who wanted to do things for him (as ineffective as they might be) rather than with him.



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  2. Called to donate money a couple weeks ago and was so surprised to get you on the phone. So blessed by your ministry and openness to share what God is doing in you and Sarah’s life. I believe we all have some trams in our life that effect us when we believe the lies the enemy places there
    So good to hear of the love and redemption God has in store for us in this life time So much is hidden from our own consciousness
    Still passing out your books as the Lord shows me who might be ready in their journey to benefit
    If I get to vote I believe you did hear from God on the word about doing what you want and he will be with you. He works in us to will and to do his good pleasure. He also gives us the desires of our heart as we delight in him Psalms 37:4

    1. Hi Ken, I appreciate your post and your encouragements. Thanks so much for taking the time to share with us. Thanks for sharing with others what has been meaningful to you.

  3. Wayne, as y’all turn toward home – in a meandering sort of way – the insights you’re sharing continue to help me see Lovely Holy Spirit’s path of truth and beauty, love and growing for me. Thank you both.

  4. Simply wanted to say, thank you. Your insight has been helping me for quite some time. If only I could just get past Robin, I know things would be much better…so please, just keep doing what you’re doing…and may the Lord continue to guide you,Sara, and us all…. 🙂

    1. Let Jesus get past “Robin” and walk you into his life. I know what you meant by that, but he doesn’t want you to get past Robin; he wants Robin to become all that he created her to be—one step at a time. It’s a marvelous journey.

  5. Good afternoon,
    So excited that you will be in Mountain Home, Arkansas on November 6-7. We are only 60 miles away and would love the opportunity to gather with you there.
    Please let us know the schedule, time and place. We’re thrilled to know there are like minded people in the area.
    Thank you for the update and continued blessings on your westward journey.
    Judy ~ Jim Spradley

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