I’m Headed to Michigan and Wisconsin

This is the trip we planned for last year and never got to take.  I was supposed to fly out November 11 to Appleton and move across Michigan until I ended in Flint.  However, my doctors had other ideas and two days before I was supposed to leave they ordered me to cancel the trip and schedule open-heart surgery to do a valve replacement.  That surgery happened on November 10. So we are rebooting this visit to Michigan and Wisconsin for April 27 – May7.

It has not been easy to reschedule this trip, but I think we finally have it done, Lord willing, and no more surprise surgeries. We also had to make a few changes in the trip. We’re starting in Michigan this time and working our way west to Wisconsin. And unfortunately I won’t be stopping in Flint since the people who invited me have moved away. So, instead I’m starting in Grand Rapids, working my way up to the Upper Peninsula and then across to Appleton. I’m really excited at how this came together. In fact, we just added Grand Rapids this morning with a Thursday night meeting at a coffee shop there and a Friday gathering for those interested.

You can get the full schedule here.  I’ve also re-scheduled the East Coast trip I’d had planned a few weeks ago, before I needed a second surgery for my gallbladder.  Sheesh!  Maybe I’m done traveling. Who knows? But we’ve re-scheduled that for June 2 – 12 and are working on a trip to South Africa in early July.  You can see how those trips are shaping up as well.

If you’re nearby and want to come join us for some conversation and getting a chance to meet others who are on a similar journey of learning to live in the Father’s love, shoot an email off to the hosts nearest you. These are informal gatherings and you’re welcome to be with us.

4 thoughts on “I’m Headed to Michigan and Wisconsin”

  1. Hi Wayne,
    I’m sorry you won’t be coming to the Flint area. Maybe someone else who was planning on attending the original meeting could have picked up the organizing. Too late now. I can’t put you up (9 cats and no guest bedroom with a door), but maybe I can help with the organization of your next trip to Michigan. Anyway, I wish you a great time in western an northern Michigan.
    Patricia (ex-missionary to Albania)

    1. Hi Patricia. I’m sorry it didn’t work out too. When the people inviting me cancelled, they said they didn’t know of anyone who could host it. I’m so sorry it didn’t work out to return. These things happen because someone invites me and has some idea of where/how people can connect… If you know some others who want to get together we can always look toward the future. Blessings.

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