Going Home!

When I traveled without Sara, my favorite day was when I traveled home. That’s not as significant when she is with me because home is wherever Sara is, and right now, that is in an RV outside of San Antonio, TX. Nevertheless, it is time to head home to the place prepared for Sara in Southern California, and we are making plans to leave soon.

But in some sense, we are all on the way home, right? Because now home is wherever our Father is and where we can be at home in him. Yes, we get to taste that every day here, but there is a day coming when we get to behold him face-to-face. That was made very real to me last week in a story I tell at the beginning of this week’s podcast.

Everything now is part of our journey home, both from this trip and, in a larger sense, toward that ultimate expression of living in the Father’s heart. We’re not planning on dying any time soon, but we are aware of those things most important as we traverse this season of our lives. From here, it is easier to see what lies ahead and what is most significant and to remind ourselves to relax along the way because if Father isn’t doing the work, our efforts are in vain.

What a fantastic trip this has been! We have had so many beautiful engagements with people, some easy and some more complicated, but Father seems to be opening eyes and engaging hearts in each of them. What I admire most in people I meet is the freedom to contemplate the difficult questions about God and his reality without protecting their false notions of God or his Church. And I celebrate the courage of people to follow Jesus’ invitation into the light when people close to them have disagreed with them or even disparaged them because they can’t yet see the Truth that will guide them to freedom, too.

This has been a tremendous six-week trip, meeting with so many people and taking some significant time to continue our journey of healing as well as celebrate the victories already won. And, now we finally have a plan to head home, Lord willing!

We have had to change our plans since our big, empathetic dog Zoey had emergency surgery on Saturday morning for a flipped stomach. It was all excruciating and almost cost her life. She is recovering well now, however, and we’ll need to stay a bit longer to get her stitches out and get her final check-up. We are so grateful to have her still with us. She’s only seven and has been such a critical support to Sara on this part of her journey.

Thus, we are extending our stay in the San Antonio/Austin area for a bit longer, which works out well because we’ve found some great hunger here for more conversations and relationships, and we are excited to see what these days might hold for us.

So, our homeward schedule will look a bit like this if you’re in the area:

  • October 18 — Abilene, TX
  • October 19-20 — Amarillo, TX
  • October 21 — Gallup, NM
  • October 22-23 — Flagstaff, AZ
  • October 24 — HOME!

(Notice:  An earlier edition of this blog had all those dates in April because I’m a crazy person. We are actually headed home this month!)

If you’re somewhere along that route and want to connect with us, you can let us know, and we’ll see what we can do.

Wherever life is difficult for you today, remember your true home is not here anyway. You’ll be most at home in the Father’s heart, both as you navigate the challenges of this age and as you look forward to the day when Jesus brings us into the fullness of the Father’s presence.

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  2. Wayne — Just wanted to tell you that our ladies at church are having a retreat next weekend here in PA. We are using your book “In Season” as our jumping off place for the sessions — one season in the vineyard for each of the 4 sessions. It has been one of the most challenging time to be on the retreat committee — the enemy has thrown everything in the book at us during this prep time. I know in my heart that the truth of our identity in Christ and our freedom in His life in us is crucial to my own life. It is a passion of mine to teach this truth — and I’m sure the enemy is not happy about that! God has been faithful to work in and through us all to bring unity for this weekend retreat. A Weekend in the Vineyard is going to be a huge turning point for the ladies ministry here. I am thankful for how the Lord has used your books (He Loves Me and In Season) in my life. Thank you!

    1. Hi Kathryn, thank you for letting me know. I hope your weekend in Father’s vineyard will be everything you hope for and more. I pray that these women will come to know a Father so kind and tender that they can trust him with every thing in their heart that needs his touch. Much blessing and love to all of you.

  3. Your heartfelt words beautifully remind us that home isn’t just a place, but a feeling of being in the Father’s heart. Safe travels on your journey, and may you continue to find meaning and significance in every step along the way. 🏡💖🙏

    1. And not just the feeling, but the reality of being at home in him. Can you imagine the power of that phrase? No fear, no worry, no shame but to be fully at rest in the love of the Father. Such an amazing grace. Thanks for your kind words. We start home today.

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