We’ve Added A Night in Austin

Early in November I’m headed for South Texas.  Though I’d announced it earlier, we just shifted the schedule to add a night in Austin.  Some people there wanted to know if I could stop by and my host in San Antonio was willing to give up an evening to bless them.  So on Monday, November 3, I’m going to be in Austin with any who would like to join us.  

The reason I don’t publishing times of meetings and locations is because my visits are not about attending meetings whre I speak, but hanging out together and seeing what God does. This means that our times are somewhat flexible, and we leave open times for the connections and relationships that God might want us to explore.  So while anyone is invited to come, it’s important to check with the host about the arrangements and be flexible enough to see what God has in mind while I’m there.  Often the biggest blessing in my coming somewhere is that people get to meet others on this journey from their own area, whom they may not already know.  

So, now my Texas schedule looks like this:

  • Houston, TX  –  November 1-2
  • Austin, TX  – November 3
  • San Antonio, TX  – November 4-6
  • Corpus Christi, TX – November 7-9

Please see out Travel Page for contact information.  

I’ll also be bringing some copies of Finding Church for those that want some copies and haven’t ordered them yet.