Jesus Is Not Coming This Saturday Night

I just found out today that Jesus is coming back this Saturday night at 11:30, though I’m not sure what time zone that’s calibrated for. It has something to do with the star alignment and Revelation 12:1-2. I


This stuff comes up every few years with someone mixing a dangerous amount of Scripture (far too little) with a bit of cosmic wizardry and sends people into a tizzy. Some have even quit jobs in times past to “prepare” for the return of Christ, and been disappointed and sometimes economically devastated when such dates prove untrue. I’ve watched this go on for the last 50 years and hate what it does to people. All it does is create a lot of attention from someone, often sells a lot of books, and in its failed aftermath creates a wake of people disillusioned with God and weary of waiting for his promises.

As much as I would love for Jesus to come this Saturday, and I would be the first to cheer if he does, this whole approach certainly does not have the fragrance of Father about it. The way they twisted Scripture and the constellations to get the date is absurd on the face of it. I actually laughed when I read the reasoning behind this weekend. When Jesus said his coming would be “like a thief in the night”, he was telling us to ignore any so called Bible or cosmic expert that would set a date. It only provokes fear and really, really poor planning. If he comes, great! He will some day.He said those who would be most prepared for his coming would already be faithfully doing the things God has put in their heart to do. They don’t need a date. Even Jesus didn’t have a date, but entrusted all that to his Father.

So, please don’t quit your job, or sell your possessions. You’re going to need some of that on Monday morning. And don’t freak out your friends or family with your fears and anxieties.

If you’re already living like he could come any time, why would you need a date? Especially dates that prove over and over again to be completely misguided. Remember, The 88 Reasons Jesus Is Coming in 1988? Oops! Missed that!  But the author of that book immediately turned around and wrote 89 Reasons Jesus Is Coming in 1989.  The math was off.  Both books sold well, but the body of Christ was not served well. Remember when one author staked “his entire reputation” on Y2K ushering in a worldwide depression that would precede the coming of Christ?  Wrong again!

So don’t take your direction from soothsayers who twist history, Bible, and astronomy to set dates and seek for notoriety. If the same Spirit who raised Christ from the dead dwells in you, then you have all you need to follow him today. And if you’re following him, the knowledge that he would come on Saturday night would not change one thing about how you’re living today.

And that is as he desired it to be.

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  1. I think if people really understood John 17, they would realize that Christ is already here. We are not distant and separate. We are ONE – here and now. There is no one else coming. We are already saved and empowered as the Body of Christ to carry the mission of bringing the Kingdom to earth as it is in heaven by loving each other and our neighbors as ourselves.

    1. I agree he is already here living in us and we can share that kingdom in the way we love others. But I also believe he was clear that he would come again with a new heaven and anew earth that would fulfill all his desires for Creation.

      1. Thanks for sharing your belief Wayne. I respect it and understand where you are coming from because I used to believe exactly the same thing. But, after further reflection, I will believe in what the scripture tell us Christ actually said – that the kingdom comes without observation (Luke 17:20), which directly contradicts some imagined future physical reality, but is “within you” (Luke 17:21). This seems to indicate that His “coming” was spiritual and not at all physical. “We once regarded Him in the flesh but we regard Him in the flesh no longer” (2 Cor 5:17). Maybe the kingdom is in our hearts NOW instead of some future “coming”? Maybe he has conquered sin at the cross and we are raised with him already in His resurrection (Col 2:12)? Paul also stated that flesh and blood will not inherit the kingdom (1 Cor 15:50). I fail to see where any scripture points to Christ’s former physical presence appearing again at some time in the future and don’t understand why He would need to if we who follow Him already constitute His Body here on earth. I could be wrong, though. What do I know? All I really want to know is Christ and Him crucified. That is the only thing I am certain of.

        1. I think all of that is true, Skip. I see lots of Scriptures that indicate a bodily return, because when Jesus became human, he became human for all time and we’re going to need him to resolve this age and recreate a new heaven and new earth to enjoy with him. Without that, what do you see beyond death? Wayne

          1. Just as the first Adam was told that eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil would result in his death, the second Adam (Christ) told us that those who believe on Him would NEVER die (John 11:26). Since we know the first Adam did not die a physical death that day and we all eventually die a physical death in our day, I think we can agree that these references to death are both spiritual in nature. I don’t believe that any fleshly creature was ever meant to be physically immortal. Our whole journey is from flesh to spirit and always has been, but I agree with Paul, when he states that we would “rather be away from the body and at home with the Lord” (2 Cor 5:8). In other words, I believe that when this fleshly body has run its course, we will have our final resting place in perfect union with our Savior – the Alpha and Omega. In this fleshly existence we are His Holy Temple and He is the Cornerstone. He became flesh for us to lead the way from flesh to spirit – to show us that freely giving, forgiving and self-sacrifice is the way of love. It makes no sense to me to go from flesh to spirit and then back to flesh. Acknowledging this union now has the added benefit of understanding fully God’s loving care and our duty to love others as he has loved us and be good stewards of His creation. Many who want to see some future coming and perfect physical universe think that this present reality is unredeemable and so wait for a God that is just a bigger version of themselves to place them in a their own personal “heaven”, while wasting God’s precious gifts that he has already given us to enjoy now. Many blessings are overlooked and missed in the waiting for some imaginary future “event”.

            As far as I can tell whenever Christ referred to returning, it was in judgement and was always couched in the language of “before this generation passes” (Matt 24:34) and “soon” (Rev 1:1, 3 and Rev 22:20). So, unless you believe that Christ was mistaken, then the event he describes must have taken place in the first century (AD 70?). This is what made the high priest Caiaphas so angry, because he understood Jesus’ reference to “coming in the cloud” as God’s judgement (Matt 26:64), and His claim to be coming as God did in the old covenant (e.g. the Assyrians and Babylonians). He said we would come in the “glory of his Father” and Caiaphas would see Him. Unless Caiaphas is really old, I think this had to take place within the same generation that the other things he said would take place. He spoke numerous times of His “coming in the clouds” (e.g. Matt 16:27), which helps to explain the angel’s statement in Acts 1 to the disciples that he would return in the same way that he left at His Ascension- out of sight, in a cloud. They were still under the old covenant but it was “growing old and getting ready to pass away” (Her 8:13) – two thousand years ago. By the way, Christ’s reference to “only the Father knows the day and hour” is simply referring to an ancient Jewish marriage custom. He is not saying that He doesn’t know the approximate time (within a few days) – just as any groom would. In the Jewish marriage ceremony, the Father of the bride (Christ’s bride being the church) is given, by custom, the power to establish the precise time of the marriage. No mysterious ignorance on Christ’s behalf – just His deference to Jewish custom, as a faithful Jew himself.

            I think heaven is available now for those who have eyes to see. We serve a risen savior! He sent us His Spirit to teach us and show us the way even though we don’t merit a thing. It is finished! He has conquered sin and death! He has promised to never leave us or forsake us. Sure, we have trials and tribulations while we are still in the flesh, but they only serve to strengthen us in our faith (Rom 5:3-5) and enable us to run the race set before us. What more could we need or want? How awesome is that?!!.

            Once again, this is all my humble opinion and I don’t expect anyone to believe as I do. If anyone receives anything of value from what I share, that’s great, but if you have another view, I respect your right to have it. I believe God meets us all where we are and our feeble attempts to understand all that is revealed in scripture should be shared and discussed as we grow in the knowledge of Him and His love. Be a Berean – study and test what I have shared and correct me of error. It’s the Greatest Story Ever Told, but it needs to be told as accurately as we are able. As I said before, I just seek to know Christ and Him crucified. In the end, this is all that really matters.

            Finally, in the spirit of unity (but perhaps for different reasons) I will unequivocally stand with you, to state that a physical Christ will NOT be showing up this Saturday!

        2. Great insights Skip, makes a lot of sense. I have been a “faithful soldier” to all the christian theology that I studied and preached for years. He is, however, dying a slow death and it has been so refreshing to see scripture through a different frame of reference. God is so much bigger and more mysterious then ever. Thanks

  2. I agree with you Wayne that all the date setting when Christ will return is often flawed. Also as you pointed out the Lord said that no-one knows when He will return except the Father and also that He would come like a thief in the night, which means it would probably be a time we least expect.
    However I was thinking of the wise men that came to Bethlehem. They figured out from the stars that a King was born in Israel. I have heard that they may have been aware, from the Jews in Babylon, of Israel’s expectation of a coming Messiah.
    Somehow they knew from some star configuration that a King was born, and that this was a special King.
    Maybe that is what encourages some now to think that some star alignment will indicate when Christ will return.

  3. Jesus said even he wasn’t privy to the date or time- only the Father was. What he told us to do is BE READY – and serving him daily accomplishes that. Besides, when he comes – we get to go to heaven – count me in!

  4. Even if we knew the date and time, would it matter? Would that change anyone’s heart? Or would it just temporarily alter some outward behavior…improve the look of the “storefront”, wash the windows, sweep the sidewalk, while the aisles and shelves inside remain dark, dusty, and empty. When people are or become “bored” or disinterested with loving their neighbor, they cling to the thought of these sorts of dramatic events. I guess I could put myself in that category from time to time though as find myself becoming increasingly dis-satisfied (almost feels unbearable at times) with the “American (Canadian) Dream”, as I long for less, for simplicity, and for the closeness of Father. I know he loves me….but I miss him.

  5. I am just wandering if Jesus has already returned. He has come to live in us. Our obsession with heaven and Jesus’ return can cause us to miss the point of the here and now.

    1. I would LOVE people to be more preoccupied with knowing God in the hear and now instead of being obsessed with heaven and hell. Salvation is about knowing him, not resolving our destiny. But I still have hope in a future Resurrection and re-creation of a new heaven and new earth. If Jesus has already returned, he left that undone. 🙂

  6. They never really seem to be able to indicate the exact time across time zones… I’m not buying it. 😉

  7. Well He hasn’t arrived in NZ yet Wayne and we are already at the 23rd, just thought I would let you know 🙂

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