The Exhilaration of the Heart

I continue to be blessed and amazed by the early feedback from many reading Finding Church.  Thanks for letting me know how this book has impacted you.  Today we have revamped our website to help support this growing conversation, both for those inside out and outside of congregational settings.  I’ll be blogging over there from time to time, as well as blogging here.  If you want to keep up with that conversation, you might bookmark that page, or subscribe to the email updates from there.  I want to get back to blogging here about people who are on a journey learning to live inside the reality of Father’s affection and share that freely with others. 

Since we are publishing this book ourselves, the only place you can order the hard copy right now is through and  However, over the last couple of days the e-book is now available from Kindle, iBooks, Nook, and most other e-book outlets.  We do have books here available at bulk discount in quantities of 12 or a carton of 46.   And, please, if you are ordering from overseas, email our office for a shipping quote.  The calculator on the website adds exorbitant pricing. provides tools, links and encouragement to help expand the conversation on the web.  There are ideas and images there you can post on your website as well as ideas about sharing the book in your circle of friendships if you want to do so.  We also have a new Facebook page to help facilitate that conversatio and you can “like it” if you want to follow the conversation there.  I’m not sure how long we’ll host these additional resources.  It will depend on how well they work and how much time I have for it, but I am excited.  

This is today’s post at  I will include some posts in both places while people are still getting used to following this conversation in both locations:   

When a friend of mine was reading an advance copy of Finding Church, he told me the phrase that kept coming to his mind was “an exhilaration of the heart.”  With every turn of the page he would find his own hopes for a church more real than he had yet known could be in the world.  That’s one of the best comments I’d had on this book.  We’ve let our human institutions co-opt the word “church” for so long, that we define it based on how well they are doing, instead of looking for the church whose builder is Jesus and transcends all the institutions we know.  She is all he promised she would be and as we begin to see her, I hope it exhilarates all our hearts.

Then, last week while I was in Ohio, I got this email from someone who had just started reading it:

Oh Wayne, the words fail.  Great doesn’t even come close.  Even while I am reading your new book I am thinking the thrill is very hard to communicate—the thrill and the freedom.  Sometimes its just too much and I think my heart will literally explode.

I hope that’s a good thing!  His church is that amazing, “a bride without spot or wrinkle”, “the fullness of him who fills everything in every way”,”the temple in which God dwells by his Spirit”.

What could be more exhilarating than that?

2 thoughts on “The Exhilaration of the Heart”

  1. Samuel Junoi Samuel

    I enjoy more specifically, your books, especially ‘so you don’t want to go to Church anymore’. Thanks for the increddible draw of our Father’s life.

  2. Samuel Junoi Samuel

    I enjoy more specifically, your books, especially ‘so you don’t want to go to Church anymore’. Thanks for the increddible draw of our Father’s life.

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