Wayne Appears Saturday on Up For Debate

First thing first. If you’ve not heard yet, I had a slight problem around here that forced me to postpone the trip I had planned to the East Coast over the next ten days.  I woke up early Wednesday morning with excruciating stomach pains, and thought I’d had food poisoning from dinner out the night before for my birthday. The pain only worsened, however and by 5:30 am Sara and I were headed to the emergency room.  It took two days to diagnose the problem as a gallbladder attack and that it needed to be removed. This morning at 7:30 we did the deed, only four months after my heart surgery. How crazy is that????? Well,it had to be done. All went well and I just got home a few minutes ago, very grateful for God’s provision and his love expressed through many of you during this ordeal. Now, I got two weeks of recovery.

However, I was already scheduled to appear on Moody Radio’s “Up For Debate” show with July Roys tomorrow (Saturday) at 11:00 am Central Daylight Time and according to everyone I’ll be fine to do the show by phone from home. Of course that will depend on how much meds I’m on then.

They are having a panel discussion about “The Shack” and whether or not people should take the theology to heart. The host seems to have enjoyed the movie, though she thought it flawed. You can read her blog about it here.  One other guest loved the movie and the other two did not.  Should be fun.  You can listen in live here at 12:00 n Eastern Time, 9:00 Pacific Time. Those in other time zones can figure it out from there.

I was on this show a couple of years ago about my new Book “Finding Church” on “Is Attendance Is Mandatory?”

For those of you reading this after the fact, you can listen to it here.

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  1. So sorry to hear about the pain you suffered! Glad you were diagnosed and taking care of. Praying for a quick recovery!

  2. I just want to express how much I loved The Shack. I read the book a long time ago but had a hard time with it. However, I read it again just after Christmas and fell in love with it. In fact there were tears every time I read, not because of the situation but because of the love of the Father and the full impact of that. It was very needed in my life at that time. When I saw the movie I was so moved again. I just do not understand the nick picking about it and I could care less about the “theology”. It was about our wonderful God’s love and a wonderful visual of the trinity. I so wish there were more such movies. The most important thing in a Christian’s life is their intimacy with God, knowing His love and loving Him back. For me that is what this story showed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this as well as the other books you have written that have helped me so much.

  3. So sorry to hear you’ve had another medical problem. Praying for a swift recovery. 😊

  4. Gail RussellBaker

    I had my gall bladder out. A few years ago. It is a quick recovery if you don’t lift anything.
    Go gently you will be fine.
    Gail from Oz

  5. So very glad that this was quickly diagnosed and remedied. My wife had this same condition about 25 years ago after leaving LA for Massachusetts to plant a church. With a 6 month old baby and at least a dozen midnight trips to the ER it was finally diagnosed and removed. Although we had no insurance at the time every penny of it was covered and the nurse attending her turned out to be from a neighboring church that I had just preached at. We felt cared for by Papa! So sorry that we will have missed your trip here to New England. I had planned to be at the Sunday AM gathering but it looks like Father had other plans. I connected with Steve who was one of the facilitators of the gatherings and we will plan to meet face to face soon. Feel better Wayne and we are looking forward to listening in on the interview today!

  6. Wowzers Wayne! I can relate to you. Heart surg in 2011 (mechanical valve) and in 2012 2 ops on skin cancer.
    Surg failed 1st time around but the radiation and chemo cured it 2nd time around. What I found in all that is that God’s wastes nothing. In everything there is a purpose. The Lord is Our Healer. Jehovah Rapha. I’m mostly a mole on the blogs, but do follow and will pray with complete confidence for you full recovery. God’s not done with any of us yet.

  7. Good Luck, Wayne… I vaguely remember how your last visit on the show went. Hope it’s not another ambush. I will tune in 10 am Alberta time (Mountain time) … We always have to do the math here. -2 from the East, +1 from the West.

    I hope you are overwhelmed with the positive responses… and that they greatly overshadow the nitpicking.

    1. Of course it’s a bit of an ambush. You have to know what Moody is about and work from there. Fortunately the host liked the movie overall, so the helps…

  8. The key to a great recovery is—- you know, with the great super duper Physician and his helpers — earth bound Dr.s and nurses.. of which I am one. retired. Do not overdo. Nor do not underdo. Windshielf wipers…. Mind your Doctors instructions. Laugh… not too hard. –Seriously, take it easy.. Even the best of riders take time to dust the dirt off before getting back on the horse. The horse doesn’t mind waiting. Martha in MA.

  9. Thank you Wayne for going on the debate show…I was not able to listen to all of it but thankful for your gracious and reasonable responses. The one you were on a couple years ago was timely for us as my husband and I were in the car and praying for the Bride to understand and receive the revelation of His Church not being a building but His people and then we turned on the radio and heard you for the first time and was SO happy the conversation was happening on the radio and it also greatly encouraged us being newly led out of the common structured setting and being defriended for it. All your responses today made so much sense and thankful you had this opportunity…and thankful He is touching masses with His Love through this movie! Hallelujah!

  10. Yea, dear friend! So very glad to hear you are home and doing so well. I have every confidence Sara is taking good care of you. ;D
    I am believing for the Holy Spirit to strengthen you to be on that broadcast with increased clarity and sharp focus. You are made for this! Your were born with a superior God given intellect and love for debate, hitting the target God puts in your line of vision. Casting down vain imaginations and arguments born of fear based legalism is who you are in what He has called you to BE.

    Always a fan with much love, Betty

  11. Thanks, Betty. It’s a difficult venue to be sure. I’m not much on “debates” these days. Always prefer a conversation. Debates at the end leave everyone in the same place and don’t give people a chance to discover and change. But I’m not thinking those two theologians were looking for anything other than to make their point. I think their demeanor does more to turn off people to Christianity than they know… But I appreciate your love and sentiments. Thanks for your encouragement. Blessings and love back…

  12. Hi Wayne – I listened to the program and was praying for you to give direct and concise answers. You did. It’s too bad that some folks look at The Shack through the lens of theology (and applying “good stuff” to our lives) instead of a life-giving, vibrant relationship with the One who loves us with an everlasting love. In all fairness, I was in that camp once upon a time. I am so grateful to Father for what He shown us and done for us in recent years – absolutely amazing. We’re praying for a speedy and full recovery for you. Looking forward to when you can reschedule your visit with us in Massachusetts.

    1. Thanks Steve. I’m still sorry we had to postpone this trip. I was really excited. It had come together so well and I’m still sitting here wishing I was back there and seeing what God had for us. This feels less to me like God’s timing as it did Satan thwarting something. i’m just glad God will win in the end and we’ll get this trip in. I’ll email you some possible dates in a few days. But I want you to know that I felt horrible that I had to do this to you guys after so much preparation…

  13. Dear Wayne,
    I pray you continue to recover speedily.
    I thank Trinity for the light that you are in this generation. I thank the Godhead for the humility with which you serve the body of Christ in the earth. The simplicity, the warmth, the love and the authenticity is divine. I find myself thinking every now again when I am in a fix, “I wonder how Wayne would have handled this”. This is proof to me that enough of the life of Christ flows through you to make you stand out as a mentor to many across the globe without your needing to be aware of this.
    Thank you. Sending you lots of love and prayers for speedy recovery.

  14. It was interesting how the host referred to you as a former pastor…in my mind I recognize you as a pastor/elder according to the Bible but not according to the religious system. Your life is example of how scripture describes pastor and elders.

  15. Glad you were able to get the surgery taken care of quickly and praying for a speedy recovery. About 15 minutes into the audio and don’t think I will make it to the end…..
    Peace to you and thanks for *trying* 🙂

  16. I am glad you are recovering. Saw the movie twice; Diane & I loved it. Was very disappointed to hear Geisler’s remarks. I did not take him to be like that; I have followed him a long time. There is another group in MD to meet with you if we can on the reschedule. GSS, AIA but using a different email address.

    1. Yes Geisler didn’t make the best representative for his own side, unfortunately. Not sure what GSS or AIA means. Sorry. But if you’re interested in taking into the Maryland trip when it reschedules, email me at waynej@lifestream.org and let me know what you have in mind. Thanks.

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