In Recovery Again

Just when I thought I’d survived my birthday and was getting back to a more normal routine, a medical emergency again intervened. I woke up on March 22 in the middle of the night with severe abdominal pain. Thinking it was food poisoning from the night before I tried to ride it out. By 5:30 am, I knew that wasn’t possible and woke up Sara to head for the Emergency Room. Being so close to my heart surgery, the doctors’ first concern was that summon the sac around my heart had either ruptured or become infected. Early tests indicated otherwise, which sent them down another track. After two days of testing the discovered that I needed my gall bladder removed, which was done on Friday morning by laparoscopic surgery that took four different small incisions to do the deed. I returned home later that afternoon to begin recovery.


Welcome to my life! What a crazy four months it has been since my last surgery, recovery, two-week trip to Jordan and Israel, back for THE SHACK opening and then quick trips to Wyoming and Montana. I thought I was getting my groove back. In fact, I had finally scheduled the make-up trip that my heart surgery cancelled, to Michigan and Wisconsin at the end of April and early May.

I just got a call from the hospital doctor that the biopsy showed no bacteria and no malignancies, so I’m grateful for that. But honestly, I’d rather be in Vermont tonight, which was my original plan than sitting home nursing a very sore abdomen. I was supposed to be on the east coast between Boston and Baltimore with lots of people I was looking forward to seeing. It’s hard to be on the bench again, or should I say couch and I am feeling a bit too badly at the moment to even make use of the time to write. Hopefully that will change by the end of the week. And guess what, I’ve got to start walking again for a couple of weeks until more strenuous activity is allowed.

There are times when things like this come up and I can see how God wonderfully spins these things together. Even my heart surgery with its cancellations seemed important to take care of a congenital need I had and the fact that it didn’t keep me from the Israel trip was a bonus. This last week, however, has seemed more like an attack of some kind, as if the enemy thwarted something God was about. That happens too. Paul wrote to the Thessalonians about his attempt to visit them again, “For we wanted to come to you — I, Paul, more than once — and yet Satan thwarted us.” I don’t know that it was Satan in my case. I’m sure a lessor demon would have done, but I’ve been feeling a bit robbed this week.

Oh, we’ll reschedule the time back east, already looking to nail down early June, but it’s more than that. And will God make better use of Plan B? Of course he will. He’s just like that. But that doesn’t mean that his way always unfolds without conflict. That’s why he calls us to be faithful stewards, praying and responding as we are able.

and praying for others too. One of the hardest things to do with growing trust in Father’s affection is not to become fatalistic, and assume that whatever happens is what God wants. There are two kingdoms at war around us. Sometimes because of the obedience and prayers of the saints Father’s will happens, and sometimes the enemy has his way. I have greatly appreciated all those who have written my through this second surgery with prayers for my recovery. Also pray for God’s will to unfold in the places he wants to send me these days. I don’t claim to know for sure, but there seems to be some resistance.

And I know that while we may not win every battle, we do win the war. Victory is guaranteed, I only want to ensure that my heart is yielding every day his lead and that I am brimming full of his life and power.

And I pray that for you, too!

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  1. Not sure if you’ve heard of David L Roper, Wayne, but, like you, he’s written innumerable books
    on life as a believer, etc., including “A Man to Match the Mountain”. He’s in his ’80’s now, but
    is the Founder of Idaho Mountain Ministries, designed as a garden of Eden for people of God needing
    respite from their toils. There’s something in there for you, guaranteed!

    Full version down loadable at or you can read it on line.
    Mostly a chronology men in the Bible who overcame great obstacles to become even greater!

    May his blessings immeasurable continue to abide on you.

  2. Thanks for the update, Wayne, you have been in our thoughts and prayers. So glad you’re on the mend…again…hopefully, this will be the end of your medical problems for a long while. I have no idea what Father is doing or allowing in your life, but I know He is intimately involved in what is happening to you, protecting, guarding, using this time to grow you in your walk with Him. Praying for you to grow in physical strength as well as spiritual strength to face the spiritual foes that we know are arrayed against the servants of the LORD most high. (Please tell Sara hi for me!)

  3. Dear Sara,
    I met Wayne when he was in England and was very impressed by just how much he loves you. His phone call, face-time (I am not very techie!) with you was the high spot of his day!
    The only nice thing about Wayne’s indisposition is that you get him all to yourself, for a little while!
    Praying for you both! 💐
    Kind regards, Janet

  4. Hello, dear Brother,

    I haven’t written you since our visit last year in Charlotte. But the wonderful truths that first began touching my spirit through God’s use of you have continued.

    The disciple whom Jesus loves helped me accept that we all have two choices each time we meet a challenge. We first can choose to accept that most fundamental truth that He DOES love me, no matter what it happening. The second is that we can choose to TRUST Him through that challenge – Trust that He will use even the worst things that come our way for His Kingdom purposes and our lives within it..

    You are that disciple whom Jesus loves. And the earthshaking, life changing truths that the Father imparted to me using you, I now send back. As the scripture says, we should comfort others with the comfort that we have ourselves received.

    Thank you that you continue to represent Jesus in the way you do. Though you are a wise theologian, you impart deep truths in simple ways that any person can understand. Though your name is known around the world, you talk to the individual in kind, personal ways, keeping the message about Jesus rather than yourself.

    And He uses you continually to remind us that each Believer is himself or herself, “the disciple Jesus loves.”

    Terry Prince

  5. Wayne, my first thought when I heard of your emergency surgery and the cancellation of your trip to the east coast, was the enemy is not happy about the attention The Shack is bringing to the truth of intimate fellowship with Papa. I am meeting people all over who have had a new awakening to the tenderness of Father’s affection. So we are praying for your protection, as well as, Brad’s. Enjoy the down time with Papa as you recover.

  6. I am praying God’s sovereign will and timing permeate your life (and mine) as we seek to be open to loving others. I ask my Father to send His warrior angels to go before you, beneath you, above you and beside you and envelop you in His truth and protect you from the darts of the enemy. I pray Ephesians 1:17-19 on your behalf “…that you may know what is the hope of His calling and what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance and what is the surpassing greatness of His power toward us who believe according to the working of His mighty power”.

  7. Thanks for all the love, prayers, and encouragement. It means more than you know. Woke up today in much less pain, so perhaps we’re on the downside of this one too…

  8. Hey Wayne, I’m so sorry for your “adjusted” plans but Father’s got this, too. Get better and know that is at least one group of 16 or so folks getting together tonight to Live Loved with the Father and hear a bit of your Q & A Video RE: The Shack and how Papa brought you to this place at this time in your life.
    Peace, my friend!

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