The Audio Book is Now Available

We’ve had some interesting developments with A Language of Healing for a Polarized Nation. For one, the audio book was released yesterday, so those of you who would prefer to have someone read it for you, here it is!  Bob Prater, Arnita Taylor, and I read our own words in the book, which really draws people into the conversation in a unique way. You can download it from Audible or Amazon.

I have loved how my work on this book has shifted so many things in my heart.  I see the fruit of it every week, including my last week in Richmond, VA. So many times this book allowed me to have conversations with parents dealing with an LGBTQ son or daughter, encouraging an African American pastor who had all but given up hope that any white people would ever care about him, and with many others simply how to live more generously in the world as God’s followers. We are called to love, not get caught up in treating people as political enemies because they hold to different views there.

Monday in Washington, DC, I met with an executive of Christian colleges and universities, whose enthusiasm for this book surprised me. She said that during the 2016 elections, animosity and fear tore apart many campuses across various interest groups. She said there was significant concern that it might repeat again this election cycle and she was excited about this book and perhaps Bob’s, Arnita’s, and my availability to help with training and consultation for administrators and student leadership groups.  So, who knows where this roller coaster might take us.

I’m home now only for a week before heading out to make a run through Oklahoma at the end of the month. Come join me if you’re close by.  I’m actually going to hold more of a workshop on Saturday, Feb 29 in Tulsa about How Will God’s Glory Fill the Earth? It combines some of the stuff from He Loves Me, with the transformations in my heart that have come from A Language of Healing for a Polarized Nation.  We’ll also be doing some of that in Edmond on Feb 25-26.  Check out the Travel Schedule if you’re close enough to join us.

5 thoughts on “The Audio Book is Now Available”

  1. Wayne, when you are in Tulsa, will you have time to visit Tom Mohn? I continue to regard Tom as my pastor.

  2. Hi Wayne
    That Oklahoma seminar sounds intriguing. Is there any chance that your OK seminar will be taped or videoed for later availability to those of us from afar?

    1. I doubt it, Ruth. The problem is a lot of my seminars end up with so much conversation in them that they are hard to listen to because you can’t hear what others in the room are saying… So I don’t know that it will be possible, but maybe!

  3. Pat Robinson Trapp

    Thanks for the update that the book is out on audio..and it is read by the 3 of you. That’s great! The audio version will be like being there with you.
    Looking forward to it.
    Safe travels.
    Blessings to you.

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