Lifestream Audio Close-Out

We will no longer be selling CDs of Wayne’s audio teachings here at Lifestream. Over the years the income we have derived from these sales has helped us pay for our websites and some of our other projects in the world, but the time of CD audio is passing so we’re going to discontinue the infrastructure we’ve needed to keep this going.

You can access the free recordings on-line here.

So beginning today the audio teachings we think are the most helpful will be joining the free side of our website. You can listen to them online, or download them to include in your mp3 player. We will not continue to make and sell CDs.  However, for those who would prefer a CD, we are having a close-out sale of those remaining in stock. If you would like to have them, you’ll need to write to our office and let us know which ones you want. We will be selling them at half-price, plus postage.  Because supply is limited you’ll need to claim yours by writing Sara ( and she will let you know if they are still in stock, and what the cost will be including shipping.  Then you can go to our On-line Giving Page and pay for your order there.

The CD collections we still have in stock are:
  • Transition (8 CDs)
  • Combo Book Disc (1 mp3 disc) HE LOVES ME and SO YOU DON’T WANT TO GO TO CHURCH ANYMORE in mp3 files with Wayne reading
  • Heart of Relational Church Life (4 CD)
  • Letting Jesus Perfect Your Faith (4 CD)
  • Letting Jesus Take Shape in You (4 CD)
  • Living in Father’s Delight (4 CD)
  • Abiding in the Vine (1 CD)
  • Seasons of the Vineyard (4 CD)
  • Essentials of the Journey (4 CD)
  • Finding Your Place in the Body  (4 CD)
  • Get real! Get Free! Get Holy!  (3 CD)
  • Living in God’s Reality  (4 CD)
  • Living in His Kingdom  (4 CD)
  • Power of the Cross  (4 CD)
  • Security of Father’s Love  (4 CD)
  •  Sharing the journey (2 CD)
  • Thinking Outside the Box (4 CD)
  • Will the Real You Please Stand Up  (3 CD)
  • Superdisc (mp3 files of all audio recordings)

When these are gone, they’re gone. We’re not going to be printing any more CDs. I remember when we stopped audio cassettes, and now CDs…. Technology just keeps shifting. Downloadable audio is so much easier, and now it’s free as our gift from Lifestream!

4 thoughts on “Lifestream Audio Close-Out”

  1. Pastor Jacobsen:
    I am sorry to hear about your discontinuing McD’s. I never knew they were available. I have no way of downloading them to an mp3 player, as I only have a smartphone, and no computer. I wish I did, so I could listen to your teachings. I am particularly interested in the “So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore/ He Loves Me” teachings. However, since I live on a small disability income, I probably can’t afford them anyway. Those of us who cannot download your teachings will, unfortunately be out of luck.
    That is unfortunate.

  2. I haven’t gotten any reply from my email. Will there be any reply?
    I would like to know.

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