Uhh… You Might Have that Story Wrong

I guess this meme made the rounds on the Internet but somehow I missed it. It was posted as a blog comment yesterday at The God Journey in our spirited discussion about what salvation really means.

Jesus knocks on the door saying, “Let me in.”

The voice from inside replies, “Why?”

Jesus says, “So I can save you.”

“From what?” asks the voice inside.

“From what I’m going to do to you if you don’t let me in!”

I laughed of ten minutes when I read that. I know that world. I grew up in it and how ridiculous that whole story seems to me now! We need to be saved from Jesus or his irate Father? No we need to be saved from the sin and shame that devour our lives and leave us helpless to our own affectations and appetites.

Salvation is real. He saves us from a world of darkness, fear and torment and brings us into a new creation of light, love, and liberty. That’s a better story because it’s a more accurate story.

4 thoughts on “Uhh… You Might Have that Story Wrong”

  1. Patricia Dangel

    Amen! It’s the better story because it’s His story. Thank you, Jesus and Father for choosing us even while we were yet sinners. I’m tempted to think we are still sinners, however, “sin” no longer defines us – we may choose to live as sinners, but in Him we are righteous, and redeemed at a precious cost.

  2. But how is that salvation worked out? On a cross? What happened on the cross? Did he take me sin on it? Did he give me his righteousness in a great exchange? Pleas help me understand?

  3. Hello Albert,
    I’m sure that Wayne and a host of others can answer your questions just fine. I’ll certainly offer my understanding about these things if you which to engage in emails. Sincerely, Daniel

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