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My Friend Luis Episode 3

Episode 3 of My Friend Luis dropped this morning. This is one of my favorite episodes of the story of the friendship Luis and I have shared, and it sets up a lot that’s still to come. One incredible story told over twelve episodes in an immersive format. What it shows about God and his ability to walk with us, even when we’re unaware at times, makes this story so compelling.

Here’s what some people have written me about My Friend Luis.

“It was a real treat to hear the first episode of My Friend Louis. We listened like we were in a movie. We were both disappointed to actually reach our destination before it ended. We wanted to keep it going. You guys did a fantastic job with this.” — Jeff

“You cannot listen to his story without being impacted on how unfair the world is and how lucky some of us are.” —Dwight

“Loved this!!! Can’t wait to hear the next one!” — Harvey

“I heard two voices in my head while I was listening. The first voice said: “It’s his own fault, he tried to come here illegally and suffered the consequences. This is the voice I used to believe was God’s (standing up for justice). The second voice said: “This is my son, with whom I am well pleased and love dearly.”  This is the voice I now know is Father’s and the voice of grace, which his true justice. I can’t wait for the rest of the story and see God unfolding through it!” — Isaac

“I am just captivated by this story! Now I think I see why Wayne was excited about 2021… This is much more than a podcast! I’m sending the website link to friends and family.” — Jack

“Oh, love it!  It’s going to be a great story … Planning on listening with my sisters. Didn’t realize it was going to be so professionally done!”  — Jaq

“I am so looking forward to hearing his whole story! Maybe people would have different perspectives, hearing the life of someone who comes from a country where there’s a lot of corruption and seems like surviving is a daily struggle! Wayne, so glad you’re sharing Luis’s story with us.”  — Nellie

You can listen to My Friend Luis on the website, or subscribe from your favorite podcast feed.

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What Others Are Saying about BEYOND SUNDAYS

I love the emails and comments I’ve been receiving about Beyond Sundays. I’m so grateful for those of you who have ordered it, and also for those who are recommending it to friends and family or posting reviews online.  All that really helps this book find the people it will help most.

And the conversations I’m having with people about it assures me that it is doing what I hoped it would do, open up the conversation between all of God’s children about what it means to follow Jesus in the 21st century, whether they are part of a traditional congregation or find fellowship in other ways.  It’s not as important where your body is at 10:00 on Sunday morning, but where your heart lives all week long.

Here are a few of the comments I’ve been getting and some of the reviews posted at

 “I loved it. It was informative, challenging and gracious. Without being preachy it opens the door of opportunity for loving discourse and “true” discussion. By that I mean all viewpoints are sought for and legitimate. How rare!”  Tom Mohn, Tulsa, OK

“This is a really good book!  I’ve have read some of your other things in times past, but it seems as though this was just ‘the time’ to say these things with a greater weight behind them.” Quentin in Florida

“It is really, really good.  My wife has not read a book in a long time and she could not put it down.  Another friend wants to use it in her next small group study. It’s funny how much those chapters speak loudly to many who are still attend a traditional congregation. This book is a great sequel to Finding Church. My only question, which I know is unsolicited is, “How in the world did you figure out the order of the chapters?”  I would read one and think, well Wayne I would have put this chapter first.  Then read another and think the same thing. I thank you for that labor of love.  I’m looking forward to your next one!” Jack from South Carolina:

“Thank you for writing a very encouraging and helpful book that reminds us to trust, relax and enjoy our Father’s love. Thank you for reminding us that Christianity isn’t a spectator sport and that “The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself in love.” (Gal 5:6). Your lived wisdom and intentional Jesus approach is refreshing –and necessary. I appreciated your practical suggestions, your heart for both those who worship traditionally within church building walls and those who don’t. You befriended me on the page and challenged me and comforted me. I look forward to gifting Beyond Sundays with many!” 1Thing on

“This book, and the wisdom God has spoken through Wayne Jacobsen, has helped me see the heart of God for his true Church. I’ve layed aside legalism, religiousness and performance/production-based Christianity for a more genuine, intimate walk with my Jesus and am learning to love others more authentically.” Skyflyer on

“A great read for God-hungry souls!” David O on

“Wayne again prompts the reader to think, to evaluate his walk with Jesus. He underscores the bottom line that love trumps law every time. A clear call to love those who God calls to a different path.” John on

“Loved this book! Finally, someone has articulated what I’ve felt for years about the institutional church. Wayne has revealed the freedom we have as believers to put meaningful relationships with the Lord and those who make up His Body before institutions, positions and man-made doctrines.” Gerard on

“For years I have contemplated this new journey. Even leaving a position in a prominent institution. Yet to my dismay as I sought to find others like myself I became once again caught in the web of institutionalism. It would have been s relief to have had such a book as this to help navigate my yearnings. And now that I have read Beyond Sunday I have many questions, but at least there is a guide from someone who has walked this path and has given freely of his wisdom and his pain that sheds hope for fellow travelers. Thanks Wayne.” Cpatch on

176 pages, available in print and e-book.  

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Early Reviews for Beyond Sundays

As I prepare to leave for Phoenix this weekend, I also found out a podcast aired today that I appeared on for Reports from the Spiritual Frontier.  Love that name, by the way. It’s an extensive interview on my journey and the passion behind Beyond Sundays.

I’ve been deeply touched by the conversations I’ve had with many about this new book, and the comments others have been making about the book and how it is touching their hearts.  I am grateful to those who have written to share their thoughts.  Here’s a sampling:

From Lisa in South Carolina:

I just finished Beyond Sundays.  God touched my heart so many times while reading it, bringing to mind times from the very beginning of my Christian walk that He brought people into my life and the relationships ran deep almost immediately and still do to this day!  Then He brought to mind those that He brought along side of us through our college days, preparing for full time ministry and we were blessed with deep friendships again that have remained. And when my husband got his first position as pastor, we were blessed to gain more deep relationships and quite a few of them felt the urge to walkway from organized religion when we did. Those friendships are still vibrant today. As I finished reading this book, I thought how blessed we have been to have been living relationally with others all along, it made the transition to the freedom He has given us easier than others have had who that felt that hunger for more and only had surface level relationships to draw from for support. Thank you for putting the heart God gives you down in print to encourage the faithful and to explain His pull on our heartstrings to those who don’t understand but are curious enough to read!!

Diana on Facebook:

I truly believe this is your best work. This book spoke to my heart in a very special way. It confirmed things I’d been thinking. You spoke the truth in a clear, simple, yet elegant way, not only about the church at large, but about walking in the Spirit and in the Kingdom. I encourage everyone to read this book. (I have ordered a case to share as God leads).

Amy on my blog:

I can’t put this book down! I read the first 8 chapter the first night! It’s such a great summary of what the Holy Spirit was beginning to show me over the past few years. Jesus used this book to stir up a fresh Love for people in my soul. Time well spent for sure!

Jeremy on

In light of the ground-breaking and church-altering study by Packard and Hope in their book about the so-called (but poorly named) “Dones,” Wayne Jacobsen’s book encourages these “Dones” to continue following Jesus outside the four walls of institutional Christianity.

While many are using the research and ideas in “Church Refugees” to change the way Sunday morning church is done so that the “Dones” might come back and start attending again, Wayne Jacobsen praises the “Dones” for leaving so that they might better follow Jesus, love others, and live in a daily relationship with God and others, as we were called to do.

Note very carefully that Wayne is NOT saying that the “Dones” are right and everyone who stays in the Sunday morning church service is wrong. He is saying that both can be right, and both should celebrate and rejoice the choices of the others to follow Jesus. He wants both groups to stop looking down their noses at each other and judging one another.

Toward this end, Wayne addresses many of the issues and concerns that people have about no longer attending the Sunday church service, and ultimately encourages people to follow Jesus and loves others within their relationships, whether this is in a pew on Sunday morning, or by hanging out with friends during the week.

If you are a “Done,” or feel that Jesus is leading you to something more than just the Sunday morning church service … read this book.

If you still enjoy and benefit from the Sunday morning service, but wonder why others are leaving, it is also important that you read this book. It will help you understand that they are not leaving the church, nor are they abandoning Jesus.

Oh, and by the way… one of the things I loved MOST about the book was the long list of Endorsements at the front … none of which were best-selling authors, mega-church pastors, or popular bloggers and podcasters. I assume they are all “Dones.”

You can find out how to order Beyond Sundays here, in print or e-book.

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Look What Arrived Today!

They’re here and we’ll begin shipping tomorrow. Beyond Sundays arrived from the printer’s today and it’s always a fun day to open the boxes and look at stacks and stacks of books that I’ve been working on for two years.  However, our day took an unforeseeable turn. We are caring for my daughter’s three children since she is in Mexico at a business conference with her husband. Sara dropped two of the kids off at school and wasn’t five minutes away when she got a call that Lindsay, the ten-year-old, had fallen from the monkey bars and broken her arm. Sara returned to get her and take her to emergency. I joined her there for most of the middle part of the day.  The things that happen when the parents are gone….   But she’s home now and doing very well.

Anyway, so we were able to get the books unpacked and ready to ship. So pre-orders will go out in the next day or so, well in advance of our release date.  I hope you find it inspiring and helpful.  Also, I noticed that Amazon and Barnes and Noble already have the e-books out, so you can order from those two. They should be up on other e-book sites as well.

Unfortunately, Lifestream is publishing this book so we don’t have access to bookstores here or overseas. If you want the printed version you will either need to get it from us or  Amazon, or take advantage of your favorite e-book outlet. I realize Amazon will not have it available in all countries and that shipping books overseas is incredibly expensive. We have had some changes to our shipping calculator that should be a more accurate representation of the cost.  We do not charge extra for postage and charge only what we are charged. That can still be expensive from overseas, but remember we can usually ship up to four books for the same price as shipping one.  When in doubt, always email our office first and get a quote for international destinations, rather than trusting the calculator. We can usually advise on the best quantity to order and give you the exact cost of shipping.  As always, if you send us more than we need for shipping we will refund any extra.

And if you enjoy the book, please blog about it, comment in social media, or recommend it to your friends. It would be nice to get a conversation going that transcends our fixation with Sunday mornings and focuses instead on the life and love of Jesus growing in us and others. Let’s celebrate the great diversity of the body rather than get caught up in a tribalism that undermines his work in the world.


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First Review of Beyond Sundays

Mike Edwards who blogs at What God May Really Be Like, just posted a review of my new book as a blog comment on my previous post.  I thought those who might miss it there would be interested.

Book Review:  Beyond Sundays

by Mike Edwards

Wayne Jacobsen’s book He Loves Me was a gamechanger in confirming what I thought God was really like versus organized religion’s version. Beyond Sundays can be a similar book for many who sense something isn’t quite right about organized or institutional religion when to comes to God. Wayne’s book confirms that you are not alone but in the company of millions.

This book is for you if you are or have been a churchgoer but discouraged about the ways and message, but you have no desire to leave the faith. This book can also be for those you have never attended church but have a desire or sense a need to have more of a connection with their Creator. You may be right that organized religion has gotten some things wrong.

The style of the book is a definite plus. Each chapter is brief though packed full of food for thought to consider and run with. No extra fluff here! Chapter titles like Why Are People Leaving, Your Attendance Is Not Required, Help When You’re Done, Have We Overplayed The Sermon Card, etc. are packed full of affirmations and insights. Chapter 7 will guide you if you are leaving a church and not sure of next steps.

Wayne provides many biblical insights that you may not always hear in church. Have you been guilted by Hebrews 10:24-25 that you are being judged by God for not attending church regularly?  Wayne explains it not about attending church necessarily but finding bests environments to encourage and be encouraged by others in your faith journey.

Wayne can speak from experience having been a pastor and one whose journey with God over at least the past 20 years has not involved being an active participate in an institutional church. He has traveled the world and has relationships with those who have left traditional congregations but not God.

One also appreciates that the author avoids being judgmental. He doesn’t condemn those who are best encouraged by attending church; he only advocates respecting one’s freedom to discern environments God guides them to grow in their faith. I believe those who have left the church may find their story in Beyond Sundays and be greatly encouraged. You may relate to the many reasons Wayne provides as to why millions have left the church but not God.

Imagine if millions of God seekers or followers respected and celebrated different ways to pursue a relationship with God. As Wayne asks and says: Who is right? Neither. Not a bad marriage tip as well. Wayne challenges us to stop with the language as if there are “innies and outies.”

Wayne Jacobsen’s Beyond Sundays is a voice of reason. What would a caring person or God tell us if organized religion or institutional church didn’t fit their need in their journey with God? I have a hunch Wayne would tell you to relax. Trust and have faith that God is capable and will guide you. None of us need a go-between with God. You are free to follow God as God guides. The challenge after reading this book is if others can handle your new guilt-free freedom but cut them some slack. We all have been judgmental at some time in our lives.

Thanks, Mike. That’s what I hoped people would gain from this book. If you’re  a blogger or podcaster and would like to have an advance pdf review copy of Beyond Sundays, please write me to request one. And if you haven’t heard it yet, I did an hour-long radio interview with a friend in Charlotte last week.

If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy yet, you can still do so in the next few days and get our $2.00 pre-publication discount. Just order as many copies as you want here.  The e-book should also get out later this week. Just found out that is listing the Kindle version.  I suspect Barnes and Noble and other outlets will be soon.

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