Off-Grid Christianity

Here’s what happens when a journalist from Ireland wants to talk to me about my life outside the traditional boundaries of Christianity and asks some intensely personal questions. You can listen to the podcast here, which released yesterday.

Martin Purnell is the host of this series of podcasts for those who feel disconnected from church-as-we’ve-come-to-know-it. They may still attend but don’t feel as if they fit in anymore.  Martin and I discuss trauma, the Dones, the Shack implosion, and so much more.

Also, the Jake Colsen Book Club got together yesterday to discuss chapter nine of So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore. The chapter is called, A Box by Any Other Name and discusses what happens when we try to stuff the living, breathing bride of Christ into a box of human origins.  We also talk about the desperation of so many looking for the latest revival and how the freedom to think outside those boxes can be incredibly threatening to some people. You can watch it here if you’d like. 

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  2. Thank you as always… you’re my hero (alive)… an inspiration and a reminder for freedom that Christ has set us free… praying for your marriage and mine… Is there a specific day you do review the chapters?

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