Another Israel Trip on the Horizon?

My photography site reminded me that six years ago today, I was in Israel with this team, including my daughter and my niece, a host of good friends, and some brand new people to get to know. We had a fantastic time, first in Petra with a smaller group, then ten more days up the coast, into Galilee, and then finishing up in Jerusalem with others who joined us. I look at this wonderful group of people and am so grateful that God wanted us to spend a few days together six years ago and that those relationships have continued to bear fruit in the years that followed.

Ten days in a bus, sharing hotels and meals, and focusing on this incredible land where God revealed himself to the world, allows for rich fellowship and growth. The laughter and the tears, the discoveries people make, and even negotiating lost luggage and the occasional lost person become memories and friendships that last a lifetime.

Interestingly enough, Sara asked me a couple of days ago what it might be like to go to Israel now, no longer influenced by her trauma. Then two days later, out of the blue, a couple told me that if I ever planned another trip to Israel, they would like to go. So, I’m wondering if God might have us do it again.


We usually go in late January/early February because the weather is not as hot, and the lines at the sites we visit are much less congested. If we decide to do this again, would you like to go with us? If so, email me, and I’ll keep a list of potentially interested people should that begin to come together. You won’t regret it, and you’ll never read Scripture again the same way when you’ve seen the geography where those things took place.

Also . . .

The next gathering of the Jake Colsen Book Club will be on Saturday, February 18, at 11:00 am. We will discuss Chapter 9 of So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore. We will explore Chapter 9: A Box by Any Other Name as we talk about humanity’s relentless attempts to put the living, breathing Church of Jesus Christ into a box we think we can manage for him. You can email me if you’d like a link to join us for the discussion. Anyone is welcome to join in; we only ask that you re-read that chapter, so it’s fresh in your mind. You can also listen live (or afterward) as we stream it on my Wayne Jacobsen Author Page on Facebook.

You can listen here to our conversation about Chapter 8 from this past weekend.

8 thoughts on “Another Israel Trip on the Horizon?”

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  2. Wayne,
    It’s Richard Capps from Bradenton Florida. YES I would be interested in traveling to the “Holy Land” with you and Sara. I’m thinking you probably have connections there but if you need another option for a guide I may have one. It’s a couple who have traveled to Anna Maria Island and joined with us in the Upper Room a couple times over the past 2 years. Please keep me posted on the trip and IF I make the cut I’ll be sure to “tithe on it:-).”

  3. Mardie Engelhardt

    My husband, Richard Engelhardt is insterested in the Israel trip. Please send us information and costs. Thank you, Mardie

  4. Hi Wayne!

    Hello from Canada! This would be a trip of a lifetime! Would love to go! Please send costs and we’ll see if we can work out the details!

    Thanks! Colleen

  5. Would love to be on the list and receive details please. Have been several times before but never with people on the same Journey of discovering how to live in the Father’s love. Thank you for your ministry.

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