Kenya: Water Flowing in the Desert…

Can you imagine what it’s like for that man above to stand there with a hose, spraying water on the parched land to begin the first farming operation in this part of Kenya?  These are nomadic people whose life was destroyed by a drought, and now they have the tools and resources to grow their own crops and feed themselves.  This is a dream-come-true for them and its thanks to the generous support of many of you they are able to put two acres of land under cultivation near one of the wells we helped drill for them a couple of years ago. The people of Ngetut Village did all the hard work to prepare the land and help to build the irrigation system that will provide for those two acres. The project is big enough to expand to seven acres in time. If this prototype project goes well, six other villages are hopeful that we will help them too, though the costs are huge. These projects are in addition to the $10,000 we send monthly just to help them with water, food, education, hygiene, and building a new economy.

The cost for tanks, irrigation, land, and fencing to keep out the goats and cattle runs almost $35,000 per tribe. If you’d like to help us expand this project to other villages we would appreciate your help.  Here’s the current report from our first project by Michael and Thomas:

Greetings in Jesus’ name. Thank you very much for standing with us in prayers during our election process, God has done marvelous here in Kenya. The nation is calm and the businesses are return to normal, despite some little misunderstanding, but the people are continue with their lives without problem. The whole world was looking this election and God is faithful for protecting the life and properties.

I can’t hold the joy of tears after hearing the ladies sharing with us how the well has helped this communities Some of them were walking between four to five hours and now they can see the flowing water within some few meters. One woman said, “I have a dream to see the land full of flowing water and others sprinkled. This is really God’s miracle. Many years we were believing the god of mount Muteo and Kadam. Every year we would slaughter a hundreds of goats and some cows crying that they may have mercy with rain and water. But today the whole community believes the living God has answered us with what we are seeing today.” May the lord bless you along with your team. I know this investment it has cost a lot. May the lord reward all of you for this great task. 

Thank you also for the additional money for the fence, we had to change from wooden posts to metal rods because of termites. I have arrived this evening from the site, everything is excellent. The plumbing expert has worked exactly as the first sketch. The water has started flowing to the irrigation tank as the water flows to the farm, this amazing grace. The all land has been covered more two acres, and the water will be enough, even to flow more as you may see in attached pictures. The plumber and his team will be completing the whole work, the end of the week. We have planted the first plantation and we are expecting the community to plant the rest.

The community were so happy, and they see it as a miracle for the first irrigation to be founded in this region.  Surprisingly some people from Chemyon Village  spent the whole day helping the Ngetut village for ploughing and digging the land together. This is so amazing and irrigation might be the last solution of this communities. Thank you also for supporting them with fencing, otherwise the goats and cows might have destroyed the pipes and crops.  Everything is protected and the expert team will complete the work at the end of this week. We will continue updating you the ongoing irrigation project. We have the confidence this first irrigation project will succeed to feed this community. It is our prayer that, God will provide again for the next irrigation in Chemyon Village. Our joy is to see the live of this people has been transformed, thank you for your great concern and the all people who has stood with us to see that irrigation is done.

May the lord bless you for the great help; we thank our almighty God who touched the heart of people so that they were able to respond quickly for this pressing need.

We have had some added expenses to the first plot in helping the people to learn about irrigation and farming, and to have a place to store and distribute the harvest.  We are moving slowly here to make sure this project is successful before branching out to help other villages.

If there ever was a time you wanted to genuinely help poor people, without anyone else siphoning off money for administrative fees or other benefit, this is it. All contributions are tax-deductible in the US.  And as always, every dollar you send goes to the need in Kenya.  We do not (nor do they) take out any administrative or money transfer fees. Please see our Sharing With the World page at Lifestream. You can either donate with a credit card there, or you can mail a check to Lifestream Ministries • 1560 Newbury Rd Ste 1  •  Newbury Park, CA 91320. Or if you prefer, we can take your donation over the phone at (805) 498-7774.

Thank you on behalf of the people of Pokot for your gifts and prayers on their behalf.

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  1. Praise God from Whom all blessings FLOW:)
    I am dreaming ahead…my daughter joined her first year of lego league and their theme is hydrodynamics, her team meets Monday to pick a research project and she was hoping to research the engineering behind how Pokot can get water now or something to do with helping Texas…if they chose Pokot I wonder if the kids could interview the engineers on the project…
    Also two of my closest friends are Kenyan and I told them of the ministry in Pokot and I would love for my family to go there someday…my friends said their families can host us and take us up to Pokot:) these are dreams that would be really cool to come to pass. I’ve been to Kenya three times and love it…feels like my second home:). My husband is a civil engineer not sure if he could be of help but I am guessing so if we can make it to Pokot. My one Kenyan friend is planning to return for visit summer of 2019…it would be neat to go back with her.

    1. Victoria, I can put people in touch with those in Kenya if either of these things come to fruition. But let’s do that through my email: Let me know there if you need contact info if any of these hopes move forward. There is much engineering at the moment. We just drilled some wells and are now trying to use some of that water to grow crops. But they could sure use help.

  2. I just heard from Michael, one of our key guys there:

    “Our hearts are being relieved now after seeing this mighty and first time irrigation project to be done in this region… Glory, Honor and praise let it be return to our loving God, let the Glory Of God shine to His people, let them know the living God who have shown his faithfulness to this people and it is our prayer that His name will be praised among his people who did not known Him before. This is the long-term solution in this community.

    “As God provide in future to cover moreprojects, the whole community will have enough food and the relief will be cut off, this is the first time even to see the people in this region to clear the bush and cultivate the land. This is God’s miracle really to see men for the first time of their history work together with their wives. All of this project has brought the great impact and transforming the lives of the community.

    “This people have not yet migrated with their animals; they were seeing that God He might be answering their cry and removing shame of losing their cattle because of the persistent drought. They were seeing the miracle which has not happened before. Now you may see old aged men sitting together in circle sharing and praying together for almighty God for what He has done. There women has also entered new level of life , doing some business as well as selling their commodities while the young men look after the cattle within the borehole. This has taken a long journey and the great sacrifice along with you in order for this community to reach where they have reach now.

    “The first time we visited this region for evangelism with igem local team from Kitale was early 1989. We prayed with a few elders who are already on the way to migrate to Uganda border to search for water and pasture. They reminded me of what I had prayed for them back when they were Pokot warriors. “Men can be tired to give but God’s mercies endure forever. One day he will show his faithfulness and love towards your people and your nomadic life will come to the end. You will settle and God will bring the rushes of rain and you and your animals will water and have food. You will plant your farm and this soil God will heal and will produce every kind of food. Your children will be educated and the lord will destroy the yoke of poverty and he will take away your burden and you will settle your land for all years you will in the land with your children and grand children too.”

    “The farm workers have started the work in farm. The kind of plants which will grow in this region is cassava , sweet potatoes, arrow roots, maize, beans, vegetables, groundnuts and millet. We put the 2 acres of land into sections and every plantation is now being planted. The water overflow is so good and some plantation is coming out and some will be ready as from 2 to 3 up to 4 months.

    “Wayne, I was reminded the prayer I prayed for them in about 30 years ago, this is amazing. Thank you very much for all investment and the resource you have put poured with your brothers and sisters over there and for trusting us to be the useful vessel to help Gods people. We cannot take it for granted or we regard lifeStream as a source of resources, No! You have done this through the great sacrificial with the brethren over there, so that you denied yourselves and sacrifice for the people and the tribe who are unknown even in this country, this is the great love which we have not experienced before.

    “It is our prayer that God will provide for Chemyon village. This people also have been faithful walking long distance to come and help Ngetut community for cultivating and clearing the bush. This next project will also help our school and the community to access variety of food, because our school children has been affected with malnutrition. They are praying and believing God that also they may be able to get the irrigation. This is also the suggestion of the committee and the coaches. They are telling the people that they don’t know how long it will take to reach them but to pray and wait up the lord. Surprisingly the few people who have been coming to help Ngetut have started clearing their bush by faith.

    “So may the lord bless you and pour out unconditional blessing especially financial breakthrough and keep safe, along with your all generation. One day God will permit you to come and you will witness with your eyes and you will see the seed you have planted in Kenya and African soil.

    Let the Glory, honor and praise return to the Lord!”

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